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Halo Live Action Short, Part 3 September 25th, 2007

Doesn’t this just make you crave for a Halo Live Action movie? Neill Blomkamp really is some­thing spe­cial, and imag­ine that com­bined with the mas­tery of Peter Jack­son. Why isn’t this being made faster?

Oh, and I hope you are all enjoy­ing Halo 3!

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Sarah May 14th, 2008

hope­fully, because they are mak­ing it into some­thing REALLY spe­cial.. i’m will­ing to wait, i know it’s going to be GREAT!
:o ) i just fin­ished Halo 3 this week­end.. not that some­one ever truly fin­ishes with Halo..

Johnny May 31st, 2008

See­ing a Halo movie would be such a COOL expe­ri­ence; as if the game weren’t enough, right.
I’m still play­ing the game, but with skulls active. Right now I’m try­ing to get through each level with­out dying once. I’m up to level 3 now.


Josh June 16th, 2008

It’s so weird see­ing this made into a movie. I still feel like I’m play­ing the game, it just has bet­ter graphics!

lone wolf June 19th, 2008

it looks great one thing which one is mas­ter chief?

jor­dan June 29th, 2008

i hope they do make the movie cuz they keep going back to it like they stoped mak­ing it in 2006 then picked it up again in late 2007 then ended at the end of 2007 and picked it up again in 2008 i just really freak­ing hope they make it cuz im sure that every­one that is a fan of halo r dieing to see this movie
i know i am lol
but i know if it does (key word “if”) come out itll be the num­ber one movie of the year like think about it how much money did they make on halo,halo2,halo3 alot of fuck­ing money but now ur talk­ing about a movie thatll dou­ble the amount of money
but hey i would not be shocked if it does come out and sorry to say it but itll be a low-cut bud­get movie like “ghost rider” not say­ing ghost rder was a dumb moie like it still is a great movie and all but hey i just want this movie to be the SHIT!!and most likely it will be the shit

“sign­ing off.…..117 mas­ter chief.…”

liat­in­tidge March 20th, 2009

Was ist das?