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Alex Garland’s Script Leaked September 11th, 2007

RUMOR has it that Alex Garland’s treat­ment of the Halo sub­ject has been leaked onto the inter­net, via Bit­Tor­rent in a PDF for­mat. At least this is the case made by 1Up. They claim that the script itself, found via one of their forum mem­bers, shows a num­ber of par­al­lels with the Latino Script review from Decem­ber 2005 (back when the movie was in development).

1Up have pasted some pages from the script show­ing the intro­duc­tion and intended finale and setup for a sequel. Warn­ing, SPOILERS herein.

This ver­sion has since been aban­doned, pro­duc­tion instead opt­ing for a rewrite by D.B.Weiss.