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Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and RDJ on Iron Man 2 set May 8th, 2009

On Loca­tion News have posted a selec­tion of overly water­marked ‘for sale’ paparazzi images from the lat­est Randy’s Donuts shoot. Due to the com­mer­cial nature of the images I can­not include them here, but I can give you guys the link and a screen­shot of the thumb­nails. This is our first look at Nick Fury in Iron Man 2, with the famil­iar eye patch and trench coat. There are also many more shots of Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man suit, one includes the hel­met being passed to him.

MAY 6th LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA **EXCLUSIVE** Robert Downey Jr. film­ing Iron Man 2. In this funny scene, Iron Man takes a dough­nut break in the hole of a giant dough­nut shop sign which is an LA land­mark. Samuel L. Jack­son as Nick Fury is below and ask Iron Man if he would like some cof­fee with his doughnuts.