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Press visits to the Iron Man 2 set June 4th, 2009

As com­mented on by Jon Favreau in his twitter,

Online press vis­it­ing the set today to speak with Robert and me.

AICN and SHH were two of these. They’ve been asked to hold back their reports until Comic-con, when I’m sure we’ll get some big announce­ments. In the mean time they have pro­vided some pre­view reports which I have included below:

AICN’s Beaks

Yesterday’s trip to the set of IRON MAN 2 at Mar­vel Stu­dios’ head­quar­ters in Man­hat­tan Beach was def­i­nitely more filet than Bernsen.

How much more? I’m not at lib­erty to say. Yet. Para­mount and Mar­vel have asked that we hold our full set visit report until closer to Comic Con. And since I’d like to be invited to the sets of THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE AVENGERS, etc., I’ve decided it’s worth my while to play ball.

They have, how­ever, given us clear­ance to post a brief pre­view piece in which I whip you up into a frenzy by telling you that the sets are elab­o­rate and ultra-sleek (they’re using as many as five sound­stages on the Raleigh Stu­dios lot), the cre­ative team is in a groove, and, as far as I can tell, every­one is extremely pleased with what they’re get­ting thus far. This was appar­ent from the way Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Matthew Liba­tique and oth­ers tweaked and tweaked this one really cool, fairly lengthy take — in which Tony Stark [redacted] — until it was utter, fluid perfection.

Most of the stuff we saw yes­ter­day was set in Stark’s work­shop, which has been mod­i­fied to include some nifty new giz­mos (this includes the floor, oddly enough). There were also a few tan­ta­liz­ing clues left strewn about just to get us worked up over what/who might or might not be appear­ing in the sequel. We were also given an unplanned peek at some­thing stashed away on another sound­stage — and I’m not sure they’re going to let us write about this in our offi­cial write-up next month. Not that my mea­ger words could do it justice.

SHH’s Ryan Rotten

Is Favreau falling into the trap of adding too many ele­ments to his once proven win­ning equa­tion? That’s just one ques­tion Super­hero Hype! had in mind when we ven­tured down to Man­hat­tan Beach where we found Favreau and com­pany back on the sound­stage and in Tony Stark’s lab for a set visit. While there, we toured the remod­eled lab, caught a few glimpses of some very interesting–and revealing–props and drooled over the new Iron Man suit. We also got a chance to speak with Favreau, Downey Jr. and Marvel’s Kevin Feige (the pro­ducer) about Stark’s lat­est adven­ture and the chal­lenges he faces.

We’d love to tell you more, how­ever, we have to remain tight-lipped for now. Sim­ply know Favreau is piec­ing together what sounds like a lay­ered, larger sequel that’s steer­ing Stark in the right emo­tional direc­tion with a few sur­prises in store for the fans. Look for a full set report next month! In the mean­time, “keep the skies clear,” more Iron Man is on the way.