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ET’s Iron Man 2 video preview, parts 1 and 2 September 27th, 2009

This ET set visit, unlike pre­vi­ous ones, comes chock full of tasty behind the scenes moments. Whiplash attack­ing a Rolls Royce as Pep­per tries to escape, shots of Natalie (Black Widow/Scarlett Johans­son) in leop­ard skin try­ing on the Iron Man armor, explo­sive For­mula 1 scenes, the love tri­an­gle and plenty more.

In the sec­ond video, there’s a lot of repeated footage, really milk­ing their Robert Downey Jr. inter­view. Still worth a watch as there’s a bit more about the action scenes:

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BetaS­word September 27th, 2009

Did Pep­per throw out the IronMan-Suit out of the Car?
It had the Col­or­ing, and I remem­ber that in ine of the Car­toons, he had the Suit autopacked/autounpacked into a suit­case.
A sen­tence, that speaks for that is at about 2:03–2:09 “Now he has a whole new suit of Armor.”

My Cartoon-Reference: