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Prince of Persia Movie Poster? May 14th, 2008

Cin­ema Notizie has posted an exclu­sive Prince of Per­sia movie poster. Whether this is gen­uine is debat­able, and given the dis­tinct lack of any offi­cial pro­mo­tional mate­r­ial being released, I would guess that this is fake. Although it’s still an inter­est­ing and atmos­pheric poster:

Potential Prince of Persia Movie Poster

Comments 3 Responses to “Prince of Persia Movie Poster?”

Oop September 16th, 2008

Don’t movie poster usu­ally have the month and the year the film was (or will be) released?

younes September 23rd, 2008

great prince in the pic­ture as game and more designed good

per­sia October 3rd, 2010

i think thats the only movie ive seen dur­ing these years that gives a good view of persians.the only thing about it is that per­sias his­tory is full of galants like dastan.