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Jake Gyllenhaal offered Prince role April 27th, 2008

Just a quick one to fill you in. In our post about the false Orlando Bloom rumors, some com­menters have pointed out that Dis­ney have recently offered the role to Broke­back Moun­tain star, Jake Gyl­len­haal. Accord­ing to Latino Review and their anony­mous sources, they believe this could hap­pen, we’re doubt­ful for now.

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Dev­ilived April 28th, 2008

Please Jake .. Take the role .. :(

quick­thing .. Jake Gyl­len­haal is not Broke­back Moun­tain star, it’s a black dot in his file ..

he is how ever Donni Darko star .. and that was really something ..

Fran April 30th, 2008

PLEASE Jerry Bruck­heimer!!!!! Jake Gyl­len­haal MUST be the Prince of Per­sia!! He won’t dis­ap­point you, I’m sure!!! He’s per­fect for the role of the prince, and he’s great, amaz­ing, etc.… So, please! Jake = Prince of Per­sia. Love Jake!! xoxoxo

Tim Kruse May 5th, 2008

This truly is a rumor, Besides the fact that Jake.…well he isn’t an action star, nor does he look like the prince. I believe they are find­ing a under­dog to do some­thing new in Hol­ly­wood, that is what they need anyways.

the dark prince May 15th, 2008

dont be silly
he isnt even sim­i­lar with the real prince
well we could find some sim­i­lar­i­ties between him and 2D prince
but i wont talk about that this time

Asim the WW May 17th, 2008

I have just saw the face of Jake Gyl­len­haal. I can’t say exactly that he will be able to act as the prince but one thing is very clear that the fight­ing epe­cially fenc­ing, sword work, foot work, face resem­blance and body lang etc. are the art which is nec­es­sary for a hero to per­form… if some­one can per­form the art i men­tion he can take on the char­ac­ter… oth­er­wise it’ll be weird.

irkaiel July 7th, 2008

Jake will be per­fect for this role, because he’s been per­fect in all the movies he’s been into. Best roles are of course don­nie darko and broke­back moun­tain! but I even can’t say that, I loved him in all his movies, which were totally dif­fer­ent, so I promise you’ll enjoy his act­ing for the prince (because he can act who­ever he wants, kill me if he dis­ap­point you ;) ).

rob­bie June 24th, 2009

me and my friend feel that Jake Gyl­len­haal will do a great job in play­ing the prince, we seen some videos off here that show this is going to be a bril­liant movie
how­ever they should have got­ten some one more asian
it is said bol­ly­wood actor Hrithik Roshan turned down the title role :( that was very unfor­tu­nate I have had the chance to watch Hrithik Roshan in many films and i say he would have been a bet­ter prince than Jake
oh well it still looks awe­some :)