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Orlando Bloom NOT the Prince April 8th, 2008

Rumors have started cir­cu­lat­ing the net that Orlando Bloom had landed a $40m deal to star as the Prince in the Per­sia tril­ogy. These have spread like wild­fire across our dig­i­tal lands amidst uproar at the pay pack­age and the choice of actor.

Com­ing Soon, wise as ever, did the clever thing of con­tact­ing Dis­ney. Their response? These rumors are plainly false — and Orlando Bloom shall not be fea­tur­ing in the tril­ogy.

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Isis April 12th, 2008

thank good­ness. that would’ve ruined everything.

Far­shad April 14th, 2008

oh thank you lord…i was just about to have a heart attack.…

kate­rina April 15th, 2008

I hope Orlando Bloom will finaly take the role for The prince of Per­sia because he is really so good in action and epic films. :) I’ll be wait­ing to see him again on the screen soon!

Robin­haze April 15th, 2008

Phew, I’m relieved, now.…
.…But I’m really ask­ing who the prince will be. Hard choise!

Net­tle April 17th, 2008

Ya ‚Jake Gyl­len­haal makes a much bet­ter prince (sar­casm). He was just offered the role by Disney.

movies4me April 17th, 2008

These news are very bad. As a long time fan of this game I’m say­ing: Orlando Bloom is PERFECT for that role.

The Celt April 18th, 2008

I knew that was totally bogus. Folks are kinda tired of Mr.Bloom by now, and I think they’d have a hard time try­ing to pass him off as a Per­sian Prince when he’s been almost every­thing else.(Pirate, Elf, Knight, I can’t wait for Ninja-Bloom!)
And another thing, Orlando is sick of play­ing these sort of roles any­way and I don’t blame him. He’s tired of being a pretty boy and said he’d even turn down a sec­ond POTC tril­ogy if it was made.

PS:Whoa whoa did I just read “tril­ogy” up there?! Since when was it decided that the whole PS2 game series was get­ting made? I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again:

Now write that a thou­sand times on a chalk board for me please.

brother askani April 23rd, 2008

both orlando and broke­back moun­tain would have ruined it, i sug­gest a mid­dle east­ern look to the role…like…that guy from enturage.

the dark prince May 15th, 2008

Any­way it has to be pretty skilled actor to per­form those good look­ing acro­batic stunts. I just hope it’ll be some­one that reminds on the prince form the game and not some new guy who doesnt even look like some­one from the east