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Latino Script Review December 4th, 2005

Latino Review:
“Yes folks, we at Lati­nore­view got our­selves the multimillion-dollar script of Halo by Alex Gar­land! I had to pull some Sam Fisher Splin­ter Cell moves to get it – but we got it. Let’s see, they paid Alex Gar­land $1 mil­lion bucks to write it, they sold it to Uni­ver­sal and Fox for $5 mil­lion bucks plus 10 per­cent of the gross. And they gave a seven-figure deal to both Peter Jack­son and Fran Walsh to exec pro­duce the movie. A $10 mil­lion dol­lar script – at least. Wow. The ques­tion: Is the script any good? My answer?”

Fake? He says not and indeed swears by it. But as things go we should always take things like this with a grain of salt. I don’t con­done pub­li­cally ‘spoil­ing’ a movie’s con­tent years before it makes it to the big screen and thus I am not going to post any of my thoughts on this. How­ever here is a com­men­tary if you wish to read one (rel­a­tively spoiler free):

Read Mori­arty (of Aint it Cool News) com­men­tary: here

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