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Nick Fury’s first day of filming, Scarlett wears Black Widow outfit May 6th, 2009

Jon Favreau has twit­tered again today, giv­ing us the juice that Samuel L. Jack­son is on set film­ing his first scenes as Nick Fury, along­side Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark:

Now shoot­ing first scene with Tony Stark and Nick Fury.

Ear­lier he also revealed that Scar­lett Johans­son is in the Black Widow outfit

Scarlett’s first day on set in the Black Widow out­fit. You’ve never heard a crew get so quiet so fast.

Our exclu­sive report yes­ter­day revealed that these scenes were likely to be on 805 W. Man­ches­ter Blvd., Ingle­wood, Ca. 9030.

First official Iron Man 2 pic coming this Friday, more twittering April 29th, 2009

Just in from Jon Favreau’s twitter,

First offi­cial pic from IM2 will run in USA Today on Fri­day. I’ll post a link.

Other recent tid­bits from Favreau’s tweets include:

New on set prac­ti­cal suit is a marked improve­ment. Much lighter and less restric­tive. Downey looks great in it.

Downey is don­ning the suit.

Approved first photo for release. I’ll let you know when it will run and post a link here when it’s up. Stay tuned…

A wel­come day off after a long, pro­duc­tive week on stage. We estab­lished all the rooms in Tony’s house. Next week we bust out the suits.

Kevin James came by the set today. So did Faizon Love.

Big day today. Lots of extras. The shows first pyro gag. I have to admit, it’s fun to blow things up.

Scar­lett and Downey in Stark manor.

Shoot­ing a scene with John Slat­tery.

Shoot­ing in the work­shop with Rhodey and Tony.

Kate Mara and Clark Gregg join Iron Man 2 cast April 23rd, 2009

Clark Gregg will return as Agent Phil Coul­son of S.H.I.E.L.D. Kate Mara’s role remains a mystery.

Favreau continues Iron Man 2 twitter updates April 20th, 2009

Iron Man 2 direc­tor Jon Favreau has kept up his twit­ter­ing despite his now hec­tic sched­ule and odd work­ing hours, here are some of the high­lights over the last week:

Sit­ting in Stark’s foyer wait­ing for the next set up.

Woke up sore from doing stunt work last night. I shoulda known it was com­ing when the stunt­woman said good­bye by say­ing “Take some Advil.”

13 hour work days are pretty much the norm. Film crews are a spe­cial breed.They bust their ass and take a great deal of pride in their work.

Head­ing home. Week 2 com­plete. I’m exhausted.

Just got out of a pre-call mar­ket­ing meet­ing dis­cussing Comi­con. On set get­ting ready to shoot as Happy.

Scarlett’s first day. Very exciting.

Wrapped. Head­ing home. Robert was on fire. We’re hit­ting our stride.

In the work­shop. Explor­ing new Stark tech.

Back from lunch. More Tony and Pep­per in the workshop.

Sit­ting next to Pep­per Potts.

Stand­ing in Tony’s workshop.

Com­plet­ing work in one set today with Mickey, then into Tony’s work­shop tomor­row with RDJ.

Day four begins. More Mickey.

RDJ offers up some Iron Man 2 goodies April 20th, 2009

Robert Downey Jr. says that he is tak­ing Iron Man 2, his first ever sequel, more seri­ously that any film pre­vi­ous (which is “appro­pri­ately ridicu­lous”). The movie itself shall be more artis­tic and dar­ing com­pared to other films in the same genre whilst the Iron Man suit will be bet­ter fit­ted and more ergonomic. The open­ing day’s film­ing (with Garry Shan­dling) was a Sen­ate hear­ing wherein the unnamed Sen­a­tor, played by Shan­dling, wishes that the Iron Man tech­nol­ogy be turned over to the government.

Excerpts from Collider’s interview:

Remem­ber when film­ing began and word leaked that Gary Shan­dling was in the film and no one was really sure what part he played? Robert told us about the first day of film­ing and how Gary plays a Sen­a­tor:
Robert: Day one I’m doing a Sen­ate hear­ing where the gov­ern­ment is say­ing the Iron Man tech needs to be turned over to the Sen­a­tor and the Sen­a­tor is Gary Shan­dling. And we had this fan­tas­tic day that was some­how this con­trolled chaos of a Sen­ate hear­ing where I keep inter­rupt­ing them and dah dah dah.

Another bit that Robert told us was how he is tak­ing “Iron Man 2” more seri­ously than any movie he has ever done:
Robert: And I’ve never been in a sequel and it’s very daunt­ing because I feel the expec­ta­tion of the mil­lions of peo­ple who watched it and enjoyed it and told me that it was a lit­tle dif­fer­ent than your usual genre pic­ture and that they expected us to not screw it up. So I actu­ally have taken “Iron Man 2” prob­a­bly more seri­ously than any movie I’ve ever done, which is appro­pri­ately ridicu­lous for Hollywood.

On Jon Favreau post­ing Twit­ter updates from the set:
Jon is my brother and he is the keeper of the “Iron Man” flame and what­ever he wants to do, within rea­son, to keep his anx­i­eties at bay is absolutely fine with me.

On the way the suit has been improved from the first film:
Every­thing has been improved. Every­thing is ergonomic and the story is incred­i­bly risky and artis­tic for a big genre movie.

In which way risky?
The set pieces have to do with things that aren’t your typ­i­cal like bad guy con­flict. The rela­tion­ships are very com­plex and hilar­i­ous. The moti­va­tions Tony has and why he turns around and does things has com­pletely to do with his own inter­nal processes and it really is, I think, as much as we tried to in the first one really see behind the façade of this kind of sto­ry­telling. We really, I think, leav­ing our­selves open to…we’re kind of try­ing to tell a story about how a dys­func­tional fam­ily saves life on Earth as we know it.

For this film you have Mickey Rourke, Sam Rock­well. You have an insane cast.
It’s huge.

Could you talk about work­ing with Mickey?
I could if we shot together. I’ve seen his stuff and it is lit­er­ally remark­able. Lit­er­ally remark­able. He’s so good. And he’s for­mi­da­ble and he’s very much remind­ing me of that kind of charm­ing, con­fi­dent guy that we know. Sam Rock­well, on the first day of shoot­ing I was like “if this guy thinks he’s going to be fun­nier and cooler than me (laugh­ter) and it was a photo-finish. Scar­lett Johans­son, amaz­ing. Don Chea­dle is just rock­ing it.

Favreau Tweet Updates April 9th, 2009

Favreau keeps up his twit­ter power with more updates from Day 2 and 3 of film­ing, includ­ing Mickey Rourke’s first day and some of Garry Shandling’s comments:

Day 2. Slept like a rock. Finally. Not used to these long hours.

Swarm of paparazzi on set.

Garry Shan­dling: “I can’t wait to see the movie to see who I actu­ally play.”

Wrapped day two. Time for some sleep. So great to work with Garry.

Mickey Roarke’s first day.

Rourke does not disappoint.

Stayed late to watch dailies. It’s great to see these char­ac­ters come to life.

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Iron Man 2 on set Video, Sam Rockwell Spotted April 7th, 2009

Lots of shots show­ing Downey Jr., Pal­trow and Favreau mov­ing around, walk­ing, trav­el­ing by car — noth­ing too sen­sa­tional and a lit­tle bit too stalker-ish for my lik­ing. How­ever one inter­est­ing plot point to take into account is that Sam Rock­well is spot­ted on set (fea­tured in the video) — Rock­well is play­ing vil­lain Justin Ham­mer, pos­si­bly putting him at the rumored exten­sion of the “I am Iron Man” scene from the first movie — though this is mere spec­u­la­tion. Video comes via JFX­On­line.

Garry Shandling in Iron Man 2, pictured on set April 7th, 2009

WENN recently con­firmed via Robert Downey Jr. that Garry Shan­dling would be appear­ing in Iron Man 2, and there were reports that he was on set at an ‘undis­closed loca­tion’ yes­ter­day. His role? The IESB com­mented on this:

Shan­dling is a reporter or Sen­a­tor or some sort that appears in a con­tin­u­a­tion of the final scene from the first IRON MAN film, you know that famous “I am Iron Man” scene. We start this film from there is what it looks like.

We have since had an image from Pacific Coast News show­ing Garry Shan­dling on set:

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