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Evangelion Movie Poster — Fan Art March 31st, 2004

Im sure this will be pop­ping up and around the place in the future, claim­ing to be real. So right here and now — this is a fake, it’s also a very nice fake. The best fake so far. So good in fact it gets pride on this page.

Evangelion Fan Made Movie Poster
By Shok Xone Stu­dios — A tb forum member.

Full size ver­sion can be found here: http://​www​.deviantart​.com/​v​i​e​w​/​6​1​7​4​2​40/
There is also another poster he has cre­ated: http://​www​.deviantart​.com/​v​i​e​w​/​1​4​0​7​5​19/

Shok Says:
“Any­way, as part of my grand debut (or imme­di­ate flam­ing, whichever you pre­fer), I’d like to share some fan art­work that I’ve just fin­ished. Just my small part of what I’m sure we all hope the movie will be…that is, really really good. I fig­ure we should be see­ing some kind of pro­mo­tional art­work soon if the project really gets going, but just because I can’t wait that long, I went and beat the stu­dio to it.

The whole thing was made in Pho­to­shop. The EVA-01 head was made with the help of WETA’s draw­ings. Since there’s no cast and no direc­tor — and sur­pris­ingly not even a cred­ited writer(s) — I’ve made no attempt to include them in this teaser…except for Jen­nifer Con­nelly as the mod­est Mis­ato on the right.

This is actu­ally the sec­ond Eva movie poster I’ve made, but I wouldn’t rec­om­mend look­ing at my first try; I fin­ished it long before the real project was announced, and let’s just say that look­ing back, I’m a bit ashamed of my cast­ing choices.”