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Excellent fan art October 7th, 2006

News seems a lit­tle quiet at the moment, so in the mean­time I thought I might treat you to some fan art based upon WETA’s orig­i­nal con­cept images. This is really quite good, and may in all like­li­hood appear in my inbox in a few weeks claim­ing to be gen­uine WETA, as did that movie poster by Shok Xone Studios.

This image is by r7ll and a large ver­sion can be found Here

New Weta Workshop Concept Art May 31st, 2006

“Plug insert options on EVA 2″ — By Stephen Crowe — Copy­right Weta Workshop

“Line draw­ing show­ing the pro­file of EVA 2″
By Greg Broad­more — Copy­right Weta Work­shop
This is a close up of an image pre­vi­ously seen within a unit 2 pro­file shot.

50 High Resolution Concept Art Images March 5th, 2004

Arkiel has again pro­vided us with some jew­els to feast our eyes upon. This time it’s FIFTY high res­o­lu­tion images of the Director’s Cut DVD con­cept images, in all their detail and glory. These images are MUCH bet­ter than the pre­vi­ous ones and allow us to more thor­oughly pick them with our rumor cre­at­ing needles.

One of the major things to come from this update is the large image of REI’s torso, on it we can see her lower arm and the text writ­ten on it which states, “NERV — Rei Ayanami”. Sug­gest­ing, that for the time being, her name is and still is REI.

High Res­o­lu­tion Images
30. Unit 00 Pro­file: Head | Lower Body | Upper Body
31. Unit 01 Sta­sis: Head | Lower Body | Upper Body
32. Unit 01 Pro­file: Lower Body | Upper Body
33. Gun Rack: Gear | Lower Gear
34. Unit 02 Restraints: Upper Body | Restraints
35. Asuka Pro­file: Lower Back | Upper Back | Lower Front | Upper Front
36. Nerv: The Bridge
37. Nerv: Cen­tral Dogma | Com­mand 01 | Com­mand 02 | Com­mand 03
38. Ramiel: Drill Upper | Drill Lower | Pro­file
39. Unit 00: Berserker
40. Unit 00: Injured | Injured Lower
41. Unit 01: Berserker
42. Unit 02: Onlook­ing
43. Unit 02: Lower Mouth | Upper Mouth | Upper Body | Lower Body
44. Unit 02 Pro­file: Lower Body | Mid Body
45. Nerv: Hold­ing Bay 01 | Hold­ing Bay 02 | Tank Higher | Tank Lower
46. New City: 01 | 02 | 03
47. Rei Pro­file: Upper Back | Upper Front | Mid Front | Lower Front (note text on arm)
48. Susan Whitall: Upper Body | Lower Body

Genesis Reborn Concept Art March 3rd, 2004

Yes, Gen­e­sis Reborn con­tains some all new con­cept art from Weta Work­shop for you to admire and thrust your ruth­less rumor pro­vok­ing opin­ions on. These new pic­tures pro­vide new looks and details con­cern­ing Eva Unit 01, show­ing us a pos­si­ble bio­me­chan­i­cal look for the beast and also giv­ing us a supreme close up of a pre­vi­ous pro­file image. There is also an image of the Eva Unit 00 cock­pit — Throne of the Soul, with and with­out Rei Ayanami. The image sug­gests the con­trols for the pilots will be very sim­i­lar to those within the animé.

Images cour­tesy of Arkiel, once again. ENJOY.

New Image from the Japanese Issue of Newtype January 27th, 2004

Was sent this image in the post (also known as Email). It seems as though it appeared in the lat­est issue of New­Type (japan­ese edi­tion) along side one of the DVD con­cept art images. The bot­tom clearly states it’s an image cre­ated by Weta Work­shop, drawn by Greg Broad­more. I’ll let you start the rumors as to what it is.

Evangelion Movie Concept Art

Initial Weta Artist Impressions have arrived January 26th, 2004

Recently appear­ing in a Japan­ese mag­a­zine are some artis­tic impres­sions of how things shall look in the live action NGE movie.

First impressions of Evangelion Live Action Movie

All 29 DVD Concept Art Images are here January 26th, 2004

Pur­chase DVD

29 images from Res­ur­rec­tion DVD

00. Rei/Ray Plug­suit 27.6kb, 218x344
01. Unit 00 Berserker
36.3kb, 582x372
02. Unit 02 Head, 34.5kb, 469x399
03. Unit 02 Shoot­ing, 39.9kb, 643x447
04. Unit 02 Land­scape (beau­ti­ful image), 43.0kb, 624x404
05. Rei/Ray rear view, 32.2kb, 239x413
06. Con­trol Cen­ter Red Alert, view from tower, 55.1kb, 600x480
07. Con­trol Cen­ter, view at tower, 61.8kb, 600x480
08. Nerv Con­trol Cen­ter, 60.1kb, 485x400
09. Another look at the Con­trol Cen­ter, 53.0kb, 600x480
10. First image of an Angel, Ramiel, 30.7kb, 241x396
11. Ramiel’s drilling device, 34.8kb, 233x422
12. Evan­ge­lion Hangar room, 53.3kb, 600x480
13. Another view of the hangar, show­ing all three evas, 58.1kb, 469x392
14. Asuka/Kate Rose in plug­suit front view, 31.6kb, 241x410
15. Asuka/Kate Rose in plug­suit rear view, 32.5kb, 240x411
16. Char­ac­ter pos­si­bly Mis­ato, 33.2kb, 220x404
17. A view of New City with air­craft fly­ing over, 54.6kb, 600x480
18. A view of New City show­ing a mono­rail, 57.2kb, 600x480
19. A view of New City with rem­nants of the past, 47.5kb, 600x480
20. Unit 00 injured, 38.8kb, 230x393
21. Pro­file view of Unit 00, 38.6kb, 245x416
22. Pro­file view of Unit 01, 38.3kb, 242x411
23. Unit 01 head close up, 32.4kb, 243x411
24. Pro­file view of Unit 02, 37.7kb, 236x402
25. Sus­pended Unit, 31.8kb, 212x419
26. Sus­pended Unit, 34.4kb, 248x419
27. Unit 02 head close up, 45.0kb, 479x406
28. Unit being restrained and repaired, 50.7kb, 453x418
29. Evan­ge­lion Weapon Rack, 54.4kb, 463x391

Production image treats tonight January 26th, 2004

The Neon Gen­e­sis Evan­ge­lion DVD Res­ur­rec­tion pro­duc­tion images have arrived (partly). The con­cept art by Weta Work­shop depicts Units 02 and 00 in much more details, have started the “Ray” dis­cus­sions ablaze and give us an awe­some view of the futur­is­tic land­cape of the aptly named “New City” with Unit 02 as our guardian. Pur­chase DVD

5 more images added

0. Rei/Ray Ayanami in white plug­suit. Blue hair lack­ing.
1. Unit 00 black and white pro­duc­tion image, going berserker.
2. The head of unit 02, black and white.
3. Unit 02 in action, fir­ing at an unknown tar­get.
4. A beau­ti­ful image of unit 02 look­ing across “New City”.

19 more images com­ing soon (thanks to Arkiel)