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All 29 DVD Concept Art Images are here January 26th, 2004

Pur­chase DVD

29 images from Res­ur­rec­tion DVD

00. Rei/Ray Plug­suit 27.6kb, 218x344
01. Unit 00 Berserker
36.3kb, 582x372
02. Unit 02 Head, 34.5kb, 469x399
03. Unit 02 Shoot­ing, 39.9kb, 643x447
04. Unit 02 Land­scape (beau­ti­ful image), 43.0kb, 624x404
05. Rei/Ray rear view, 32.2kb, 239x413
06. Con­trol Cen­ter Red Alert, view from tower, 55.1kb, 600x480
07. Con­trol Cen­ter, view at tower, 61.8kb, 600x480
08. Nerv Con­trol Cen­ter, 60.1kb, 485x400
09. Another look at the Con­trol Cen­ter, 53.0kb, 600x480
10. First image of an Angel, Ramiel, 30.7kb, 241x396
11. Ramiel’s drilling device, 34.8kb, 233x422
12. Evan­ge­lion Hangar room, 53.3kb, 600x480
13. Another view of the hangar, show­ing all three evas, 58.1kb, 469x392
14. Asuka/Kate Rose in plug­suit front view, 31.6kb, 241x410
15. Asuka/Kate Rose in plug­suit rear view, 32.5kb, 240x411
16. Char­ac­ter pos­si­bly Mis­ato, 33.2kb, 220x404
17. A view of New City with air­craft fly­ing over, 54.6kb, 600x480
18. A view of New City show­ing a mono­rail, 57.2kb, 600x480
19. A view of New City with rem­nants of the past, 47.5kb, 600x480
20. Unit 00 injured, 38.8kb, 230x393
21. Pro­file view of Unit 00, 38.6kb, 245x416
22. Pro­file view of Unit 01, 38.3kb, 242x411
23. Unit 01 head close up, 32.4kb, 243x411
24. Pro­file view of Unit 02, 37.7kb, 236x402
25. Sus­pended Unit, 31.8kb, 212x419
26. Sus­pended Unit, 34.4kb, 248x419
27. Unit 02 head close up, 45.0kb, 479x406
28. Unit being restrained and repaired, 50.7kb, 453x418
29. Evan­ge­lion Weapon Rack, 54.4kb, 463x391

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