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Richard Taylor (Weta) still enthused May 6th, 2008

At the Well­gin­ton Armaged­don Pop Cul­ture Con, Richard Tay­lor spoke about his enthu­si­asm for the Evan­ge­lion live action movie with a fan:

Thanks Tino!

Matt Greenfield Video Interview via Animé North June 3rd, 2007

Our friends over at Ani​mes​ta​tion​.net, have posted a marathon inter­view ses­sion with Matt Green­field which took place a few days ago at Animé North.

The Evan­ge­lion live action stuff starts at the end of video 2. In video 3 you’ll learn about Weta’s involve­ment, designs for “shell retrieval” vehi­cles and Greenfield’s pro­jected time frame. A great inter­view all around.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3


Video 4:

Video 5


You can see the Ani​mes​ta​tion​.net YouTube account here.

Fan’s second live action trailer April 3rd, 2007

Anatael is back with a new incar­na­tion. He has spent the last cou­ple of months work­ing on a new Evan­ge­lion teaser trailer. As fan efforts typ­i­cally go, this is some­thing to behold. See if you can spot Asuka, Rei, etc. With­out fur­ther adieu:

Fan made live action trailers October 25th, 2006

Con­tin­u­ing on the theme of the pre­vi­ous post, here are some fan made live action Neon Gen­e­sis Evan­ge­lion movie trail­ers built from the clips of a few well known movies. They are put together pretty well and I’ll leave you to work out who is cast as each character:

Matt Greenfield at Tekkoshocon April 28th, 2006

I watched this video of a panel from Tekkoshocon, and I’m sur­prised to say that the word on the Live Action Evan­ge­lion Project seems pretty good. I’ve had severe hes­i­ta­tions, and have on more than one occa­sion acted as a sort of har­bin­ger of doom in regards to the project, con­vinced that there is no way in hell that the project would amount in any­thing of sig­nif­i­cance or worth. Based upon some of what is being said by Green­field, I’m start­ing to think dif­fer­ently. His state­ments about how the project is cur­rently pro­gress­ing are actu­ally quite impres­sive, and make me some­what at ease to know that at the very least, some amaz­ing tal­ent will go into real­iz­ing this project. I’m still skep­ti­cal as to whether or not the pro­duc­tion can or will cap­ture the same essence of what Anno expressed through Evan­ge­lion a decade ago. Nev­er­the­less, it seems like some­thing to keep an eye on in the com­ing months more than ever, as Green­field ulti­mately states that a direc­tor will most likely be signed on by the end of the year. Very excit­ing times appear to be ahead in the Live Action Evan­ge­lion Project.

Here are some notes in brief from the panel in regards to the project:

  • Matt Green­field says that Weta approached ADV about approach­ing Gainax to do a live action Eva movie.
  • Three “A List” direc­tors that are also fans of Evan­ge­lion approached ADV about the project, not the other way around.
  • Green­field talks about get­ting their pitch pack­age together and that “the first thing is Robin Williams talk­ing about Evan­ge­lion”, who is appar­ently a big Evan­ge­lion fan, and the appear­ance of the Mass Pro­duc­tion Eva toy in One Hour Photo is entirely his doing.
  • Celebri­ties have been inquir­ing directly to ADV about being involved in Live Action Evangelion.
  • The direc­tor to be signed will most likely be the first to have room in their schedule.
  • Green­field acknowl­edges the uncer­tainty of the final prod­uct due to the nature of film mak­ing being dri­ven by the director.
  • The slug script was writ­ten by a well known writer who has writ­ten sev­eral well known sci-fi movies. The slug script will be re-written to fit the tastes and vision of the direc­tor selected.
  • Green­field acknowl­edges that the chil­dren will most likely be age appro­pri­ate. The kids will be picked and then the adults will be cast to work well with the children.
  • Tiffany Grant asserts that Weta gets 20 times more email about Evan­ge­lion than Lord of the Rings.
  • Green­field says a direc­tor will most likely be signed by the end of the year.
  • Green­filed says they don’t want to make it for profit, but because they want to do it, and they want to do it right, and do it jus­tice in the same way that Lord of the Rings did.


Live Action Concept Sketches Video March 17th, 2004

I decided to put some mys­te­ri­ous GITS music against it, it fits perfectly.