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Online discussion links for debate January 26th, 2004

Every­one is won­der­ing what this movie will be like, who will play who, who will direct, how true will they remain to the story. Ques­tion after ques­tion. And all we can do right now is debate these ques­tions and the pos­si­ble answers. Thus here are some online dis­cus­sions con­cern­ing the Live action EVA movie, Live action animé in gen­eral and other purty things.

Ani​me​boards​.com — Live action Eva is com­ing (30 pages+) Ani​me​boards​.com — More Info on Live action NGE Blade​gash​.net — Big News, Live action Eva EFML — News on Eva live-action movie Slash​dot​.org — ADV Announce Live Action EVA End​less​realms​.com — Neon Gen­e­sis Evan­ge­lion live action movie due

This should do for now.

Gainax gives us dedicated page January 26th, 2004

Gainax “Eva Gone Hol­ly­wood” page
Gainax have put up a page on their site fur­ther con­firm­ing the movie’s exis­tance and creation.