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Richard Taylor (Weta) still enthused May 6th, 2008

At the Well­gin­ton Armaged­don Pop Cul­ture Con, Richard Tay­lor spoke about his enthu­si­asm for the Evan­ge­lion live action movie with a fan:

Thanks Tino!

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mex­full May 15th, 2008

truly I carry fol­low­ing this project for much time waits for that we soon have good news of this mar­vel named [evan­ge­lion live action] hap­pi­ness for [web] this very done if at all I have a com­ment but it is that I would like that the most con­sec­u­tive [actu­al­i­cen] and that they speak of [evan­ge­lion]- r or [eva-r] like him knows.

air­born June 8th, 2008

It’s been over like what 6 months since we had any new news, and yet still there hasn’t been any progress… how many years have we been wait­ing for this project to take off the ground?

Just start it already. It shouldn’t take this long. ADV films is drag­ging their asses, and I have a feel­ing it is a lack of expe­ri­ence from their management.

This live action EVA film should have been in the hands of peo­ple who know how to get things done. Ridiculous.

Tasunara June 16th, 2008

ADV needs to hurry up and find a direc­tor, because we NEED this movie!!!

Annika June 28th, 2008

Hey! let me play the part of Asuka! i’m a down to earth girl who can play a loud­mouth. Pleeeeaase! i love this series and would be hon­ored to play in such a great upcom­ing event. you dont even have to pay me much, seri­ously. But if not i’m just happy that one of the best all time animé is finally going to be real to life.

Tasunara July 26th, 2008

I think I got some­thing new about the EVA movie.é-expo/adv-films

Just try­ing to share.