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Evangelion movie discussions still moving forward February 6th, 2009

Ohay­ocon attendee Chris Adkins has been in touch to inform us that the stu­dio dis­cus­sions and fight for final rights of the Evan­ge­lion adap­ta­tion prop­er­ties are in the midst of tak­ing place, with every­thing still going ahead given the suc­cess of that other big robot movie, Trans­form­ers. Joseph Cho is in charge of the the Gainax/Studio rela­tions and Matt Green­field is hop­ing for some offi­cial announce­ments some­time in the next 9 months.

It cer­tainly is good to see some news, but we really want that announce­ment ASAP, we’re all still wait­ing with bated breath.

The News: In an Evan­ge­lion panel at the Ohay­ocon animé con­ven­tion in Colum­bus Ohio on Jan­u­ary 30th, ADV direc­tor Matt Green­field announced that sev­eral U.S. stu­dios are com­pet­ing for final rights to the project, mean­ing that actual pro­duc­tion should begin soon. The delay on the project is due largely to the Trans­form­ers movie: The stu­dios wanted to make sure that a “giant robot” movie would appeal to an Amer­i­can audi­ence. The nego­ti­a­tions between the U.S. stu­dios and Gainax are being han­dled by Joseph Cho, who assisted in the pro­duc­tion of “Apple­seed: Ex Machina”, an ani­mated film based on the Apple­seed series, so Mr. Cho has pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ence in deal­ing with stu­dio types.

Matt Green­field esti­mates that an offi­cial announce­ment, includ­ing nam­ing the stu­dio, the direc­tor, and per­haps cast­ing infor­ma­tion, would be made within the next 9 months.

Thanks Chris!

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Jason Sawinki February 23rd, 2009

If North Amer­i­can film mak­ers butcher the story of a 14 yr old boys jour­ney in all it’s com­plex­i­ties and churn out a pg13 ver­sion of the film, I’ll shoot myself in the head. I have felt so priv­i­laged to be exposed to some of the great sto­ries to arrive out of manga and the animé genre that hav­ing dirty hol­ly­wood fin­gers rape those ide­olo­gies would bring an era of great sad­ness. Hell, even the Evan­ge­lion story itself would describe the trans­for­ma­tion of this story into another “Amer­i­can Empires” abom­i­na­tion as an act against human­ity. All that said, I agree, a live action Evan­ge­lion is some­thing I’ve envi­sioned in my mind, but in order to main­tain the dig­nity of the story, it would not reach a rat­ing which would cut a huge profit for north amer­i­can film mak­ers. Ques­tion is, what’s more impor­tant, the money, or the shar­ing of this story??

AsinineWhelp February 26th, 2009

It’s about time some news has sur­faced, but I am not get­ting my hopes up. Any­thing with the words, “Green­field” and “mov­ing for­ward” means sev­eral more months of wait­ing and speculation.

I hope this movie is not ruined by any film com­pa­nies involved, though there is this com­mon idea that Amer­i­can fil­mak­ers would ruin this film…When in real­ity, every other coun­try (Even Japan *gasp*) has just as much chance of ruin­ing this film. It all depends on the devo­tion of all the par­ties involved; and all the party’s involved thus far, (ADV and Weta in par­tic­u­lar), seem to be really devoted to expos­ing and per­haps expand the story of Neon Gen­e­sis Evan­ge­lion to a new audi­ence while cater­ing to the long­time fans.

As for a rat­ing. R is NOT required to make a good film. There are many ways to skirt around an R rat­ing and still make it dar­ing, con­tro­ver­sial, and faith­ful to the source. A Pg-13 would be just fine for the first film or two (ASSUMING it’s a tril­ogy or more). Let’s con­sider this: the FIRST HALF of the series was aimed pri­mar­ily at older children(12+), So I don’t see how a PG-13 rat­ing would destroy the integrity of evangelion…Atleast for the “first” film or “two”.

Though an R rat­ing would be expected for a ‘final film’.

Let’s not kid our­selves. While I DON’T believe this will be another ‘speed racer’, I DO believe that they will want to mar­ket it to Adults as well as (dare I say it?) older kids (14+).

I have no doubt it can be done right.

I’m hop­ing that this film turns out great. Like many, I’ve waited years to see this film and I want to see it done right. I DON’T want it to be a point for point adap­ta­tion of the orig­i­nal series. I want it to be Faith­ful, but I would also like for it to stand alone, and per­haps (IF pos­si­ble, I’m not assum­ing) build upon and expand the around some of the more sketchy details.

Any­way, here’s to another year of waiting…

Grevlis February 26th, 2009

I agree with both of you. Too me, this animé series(along with the movies) — is Japan­ese Animation’s ‘Godfather’/‘Holy Grail’..if you will..and also ‘ours’…I know one can­not rely on Wiki for the cor­rect infor­ma­tion on this, but when I saw that: Steven Spiel­berg — was in talk. I almost just…you don’t wanna know…He would just ruin it, heck..if there talk­ing about him, why not get the director(that I can­not think of his name) who did the last two Bat­man films(before Dark Knight and Bat­man Begins) — he’ll give the Eva’s nip­ples! him, but it would be like Titan­tic 2 and The Abyss.…(my spelling it hor­rid I know..)

About cram­ming the films…thats another big prob­lem — Look at Lord of the Rings, personally.…I hated the first two and loved the 3rd, yet want­ing to shoot myself at the end…WE do not WANT that.…I think they get every­thing in.…all the episodes and two films into four Break up the Tril­ogy — kinna like with Kill Bill.…but the films will be each 1 hour and 30 minutes.…so say…‘NGE Gen­e­sis I — Part I’.…this just an idea that I had float­ing in my skull…

Back to the directors…Anno needs to be at the helm, personally.…yet I haven’t been that up to date on the news on this — so please cor­rect me.….

My choice of Direc­tors: Rid­ley Scott, David Lynch(he’s ****** nuts), Jerry Bruck­hemier and my mind just went com­pletely blank.…x.x

Grevlis February 26th, 2009

Wachowskis! Thats it! x.x

Mike March 3rd, 2009


lol, Jerry B is a pro­ducer. Id want some­one like Peter Jack­son, Christo­pher Nolan, or Spiel­berg. But that would never ever happen.

Asi­nine Whelp March 3rd, 2009

No to spiel­berg, as a direc­tor! I have noth­ing against him per­son­ally. He makes Awe­some movies! Truth­fully, he is a pio­neer in the industry.

But… He has a ten­dency to dump the char­ac­ter drama and devel­ope­ment in favor of the more imag­ini­tive sequences. Which is great, but it cer­taintly wouldn’t be accept­able for a Live Action film of Evan­ge­lion, whose plot would most likely revolve around and advance through the strug­gles of the characters.

Though I still do hope for many kick-ass action sequences. ‘scuse the french.

I hope they go for a direc­tor who is will­ing to watch the series sev­eral times over, maybe even take notes, come up with some of his own ideas, relay them through anno (not green­field or ADV) to see if it would fit the series and con­sult with the writ­ers about any changes.

Fore­most, I want them to like, or bet­ter yet, love the series.

I DO WANT this to be very much faith­ful to Evan­ge­lion, but I also antic­i­pate some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent as well. Not a live-action-point-to-point adap­ta­tion. Instead I want a faith­ful but stand-alone eva movie(s).

I also can’t wait for cast­ing infor­ma­tion. I hope they would choose *mostly* American-Asian actors (except for Asuka). Not only would that remain faith­ful to the source mate­r­ial, but it would hope­fully give asians a more seri­ous role in the amer­i­can movie industry.

It is sad that asians, to this day, still get type­casted as a mar­tial artist, a nov­elty act, or the sexy woman hang­ing off of the vil­lain. This is the 21st cen­tury. We are (should be) beyond that.

If they do choose to make the film with amer­i­cans of “euro­pean descent”, I will NOT go crazy and say,“O MAI GAWD IM BOICOTTING T3h movie!!!!!!111one”. If they are going to pick white actors, I would hope they would choose actors of other eth­nic­i­ties as well. I’m tired of see­ing just white peo­ple in films (and I’m white…well bi-racial, but I was raised “white”) I say this because I don’t know what would make a white actor any­more capa­ble or qual­i­fied to play an asian char­ac­ter over say, a black or his­panic actor.

Basi­cally, if they choose not to do a film with mostly asians, I would hope that they make some of the main char­ac­ters asian (Shinji, rei, yui, etc.) and the rest a mixed cast. Besides, com­bat with the angels is an inter­na­tional task (with japan tak­ing all of the action of course).

I will boy­cott the film if it’s cast­ing is any­thing like the upcom­ing drag­onball film. That, my friends, is a good exam­ple of drunken casting.

If I see that over­rated flat singer Miley Cyrus or some other dis­ney pop queens or kings (like the jonas brothers…*shudder) are in this film, I would not only boy­cott such a mon­stros­ity, but I would also…well, I don’t know what…use your imag­i­na­tion. Per­haps I would Pop in some linkin park and slit my wrists like a dis­traught teen girl(?)

Jason March 9th, 2009

Just as long as “Kate Rose” isn’t in this movie…

… still think this whole live action Eva talk is noth­ing but vapour­ware but here’s hop­ing to be wrong.

Grevlis March 10th, 2009

lol, Jerry B is a pro­ducer. Id want some­one like Peter Jack­son, Christo­pher Nolan, or Spiel­berg. But that would never ever happen.

Mike — I know this. Its late hours, my goes kinna foggy. Yes to the first two. Hell no to Spielberg. =)

Asi­nine Whelp — Com­pletely agree! Hon­estly, with every­thing you just said.

Let’s talk to music — Don’t bloody change it, just fuse it. I would love to see..maybe some major Japan­ese singer..honestly can’t think of one right now.…with Diana Krall, who does a lovely ver­sion of Fly me to the Moon. Also, Sarah Brightman..would be lovely.

Give the music more flare, even though it really doesn’t need it — but it would to attracted more peo­ple who don’t know about this series. DJ’s…like Tiesto, BT or Paul Oakenfold…to give things a twist..

Ultra-Eva-Fan March 11th, 2009


Seri­ously, I just marked my cal­en­dar for nine months from now. THEN THE BIRTH OF LIVE-ACTION-EVANGELION WILL (hope­fully) BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!

Asi­nine Whelp March 11th, 2009

I too hope they keep the orig­i­nal music or atleast a sim­i­lar heart pound­ing feel, but per­haps a lit­tle more up to date… Sound has changed in the last 10+ years since the show first aired. lol.

I also antic­i­pate a ‘main theme’ and I hope to God/allah/xenu/raptorjesus/orwhatever, that they do an epic, INSTRUMENTAL ren­di­tion of Cruel Angel’s thesis.

I say stay away from singers or vocal songs. This movie should be an epic one! Not a com­mer­cial one.
Not to men­tion, it would bring in yet another race/culture(japanese Vs. Amer­i­can) debate…and a lan­guage (japan­ese vs. eng­lish) debate…

Ahem, any­way, I have new questions!

–What things should be cut from the series to bet­ter fit the Movie(s)?

–What should be expanded upon, that you felt was neglected?

–Do you think episodes 1–6 would be a great start for a film series that would need to encom­pass a story of 26 episodes, plus, a movie?

GioTTo March 17th, 2009

I think our expec­ta­tions for this movie are so high that it will inevitablly fall below expec­ta­tions. I hope I am wrong but the chances of this hap­pen­ing are very high.
We talk a lot about cast­ing and direc­tors but I would not be sur­prised if a ‘new’ (or rather unheard of by you and me) direc­tor is given a chance to direct this movie. There are many movies that are bril­liant but not churned out by hol­ly­wood. Hol­ly­wood ruines films and is going down the gut­ter. As far as I know the main­stream direc­tors are busy and who knows, they may not give the full effort required to make this movie go above and beyond. I would not be afraid to give a ‘new’ direc­tor the reigns and see how it goes.
I think a key ele­ment to this movie is going to be pace. The animé moves along at a slow and lib­eral pace becuase it is bro­ken up into episodes. The movie can­not afford the same lux­ury becuase it has to stand alone in a much shorter time. Break­ing the movie up into sev­eral would be the best idea but still dif­fer­ent con­cept from episodes. It will be inter­st­ing to see how the direc­tor or screen­play writer devel­opes mood and con­nec­tion to the char­ac­ters over the span on a sin­gle movie (or carry that mood over a tril­ogy). Very hard to do I think.

ail­blentyn March 30th, 2009

if this ever gets made (doubt­ful), i’m pre­pared for it to be dis­ap­point­ing
but what would be good was if it wasn’t a com­plete wast, if there was enough great about it to pull out and savour from time to time. i’d rather have it be a noble dis­as­ter with bril­liant aspects than a pre­dictable block­buster that’s been pressed down into the usual for­mula. and so i’d def­i­nitely like to see the direc­tion job go to some­one risky and excit­ing rather than a reli­able stu­dio man like spielberg.

GioTTo April 4th, 2009

This movie will get made, there’s not ques­tion about that. It’s just a mat­ter of time really. It’s about time, recources, a great vision and amaz­ing act­ing. The rest is just luck. I just wish we had some more news!

ail­blentyn April 12th, 2009

but i gather that WETA is no longer involved? is that cor­rect? so a bit of a set­back there…
it doesn’t seem that much of this project is mov­ing along steadily in a for­ward direction.

GioTTo April 18th, 2009

I don’t see how WETA is not involved. I think they have the best chance of get­ting this film. Once the tech­ni­cal issues are set aside then the cre­ative processes can begin and we will have some­thing to really talk about.

ail­blentyn April 19th, 2009

don’t get me wrong — i’m not cheer­ing for WETA to pull out; i thought their designs looked very good, and every­thing they’ve said in inter­views sug­gested that they “got” the show in a way that was promis­ing.
but i notice that there’s noth­ing about the project on WETA’s web­site any­more (is there?). the only men­tion i can find is one boy say­ing that he started work­ing on the EVA project, and then he adds: “Pity it bummed out”.
maybe i’m miss­ing something.

GioTTo April 19th, 2009

It’s too early to draw con­clu­sions. There is a bid­ding going on right now and no solid infor­ma­tion can come before every­thing is final­ized. I’m pretty sure the movie will get made though. Of what qual­ity it will be, too early to tell.

Asi­nine Whelp April 20th, 2009

WETA hasn’t gone any­where since the actual start of this project back in 2003 (That’s about 6 years).

If you look on the news sec­tion of this site, there will be a year old video about Richard Tay­lor (the head of WETA WORKSHOP) express­ing his desire to get this film done.

At the present time (accord­ing to the most recent arti­cal), there are sev­eral stu­dios ‘com­pet­ing’ for the final rights of the film. Most likely do to the suc­cess of Trans­form­ers. And because ADV is nego­ti­at­ing the final rights of the film, it gives WETA noth­ing to do but wait until the movie(s) are green­lighted or not.
They aren’t involved in the nego­ti­a­tions at this point because they are just there for the (Hope­fully mind-blowing) spe­cial effects…

As for the abs­cence of Evan­ge­lion con­cept art on the WETA Work­shop site, I wouldn’t think to much about it. They only had a tiny hand­ful of ‘pub­lic’ con­cept work at the time it WAS on there. Plus, the con­cept art was made about 6 years ago, they might’ve updated most or all of the works by this point as the film seems to be mov­ing forward.

Only time will tell though.

kaye April 23rd, 2009

hmm well i hope this isnt going to be the fail that is the new drag­onball movie

though that said while this could be a tril­ogy or pos­si­bly 5 movies see­ing as the end­ing movie is a movie that should be just that and noth­ing else i really cant see the show get­ting below an R rat­ing which i hope it doesnt. hell past episode 13 this show id hon­estly rate it nc 17 or even the X or XX or XXX by the very end.

and itd have to keep that kind of mad­ness in order to stay true to the show. else really i dont want this show pro­duced if it gets a pg 13 rat­ing cause theres no way this show can retain its true form in that state.

though while id like to see it hap­pen im con­tent with leav­ing it alone rather than risk it. now if done right this could blow my mind but the odds are low but if its just an adap­ta­tion of the actual movie then yes it bet­ter be NC 17 or else i fear vital parts of the movie will be lost not that i want that rat­ing but just say­ing that movie is quite crazy and im not sure how it would appeal to any­body but actual fans of the show which might make it point­less and a gamble.

but start it from episode 1–6 or 7 well i sup­pose that could work but im not sure how youd mar­ket such a thing and it cant be low bud­get which is funny cause the show by episode 18 was done on the low­est of all bud­gets lol.

NotAS­tu­pid­Gringo April 30th, 2009

“The stu­dios wanted to make sure that a “giant robot” movie would appeal to an Amer­i­can audi­ence. ” this is pure bull­sit all they wanna do is change key stuff and make it a “taco gringo” just as they did with dragon ball, there is noth­ing to adapt, the fans like it the way it is for a rea­son, as long as we dont get sur­prises like some rumors of “Ny-3″ or “aliens” instead of angels, i mean why the fuck every­thing need to hap­pens in NY? NY is the worst fking place in this and para­lel uni­verses and only ppl that live in that shit­hole dis­agree, but as for the movie id like to see it on tokyo-3 and just the fking way it is on the animé, there is no need to “adapt” a damm thing

Asi­nine Whelp May 4th, 2009

Great, more peo­ple who don’t under­stand the Rat­ing sys­tem.
The rat­ing isn’t what makes a film great. It’s the script, the actors, and all of those who work together to pro­duce a film.
Most of the series itself could be catago­rized under a PG-13 rating…

An R rat­ing would be scui­cide for this film, even if it turns out great. PG-13 would work just fine ini­tially. The series doesn’t even turn grisly until episode 18+. As for X as a rat­ing… Come on, that’s gen­er­ally reserved for the ‘adult sensibilities’.

The only real part of evan­ge­lion that couldn’t escape a PG-13 rat­ing, is the End of Evangelion…Assuming that they choose to go with that ending.

On another point, they never stated their intent to make Tokyo-3 into New York 3!

As for this state­ment: “The stu­dios wanted to make sure that a “giant robot” movie would appeal to an Amer­i­can audience.this is pure bull­sit all they wanna do is change key stuff and make it a “taco gringo” just as they did with dragon ball ”

Well sorry to break it to you, but We’ve known for over 6 years now that the film(s) were going to be made to appeal to an amer­i­can (west­ern) crowd. But both Anno and Gainax (which anno no longer belongs to) are said to have advi­sory positions…

If you don’t want to see this film, that’s fine, just ignore it and go about your busi­ness.
The Live-Action film is NOT going to be Neon Gen­e­sis evan­ge­lion.
Even if the Live Action film(s) fail, then we will always have the orig­i­nal series.

na May 13th, 2009

please, keep it long about 2 hour and a half. I think that makes me clear of the story because I don’t want to see the movie as short as Harry Pot­ter. I hope that Evan­ge­lion will be the enor­mous film and look for­ward to the movie.

Asi­nine Whelp May 14th, 2009

Harry pot­ter is a short movie? Most movies run about 90–100 min­utes. Harry Pot­ter is about 120 min­utes (2 hours).

2 hours would be just fine for the first in this pos­si­ble film series.

ail­blentyn May 14th, 2009

as far as rat­ings, i would think a cer­tain amount of the action of the series would gen­uinely be too dis­turb­ing to get away with PG13.
when unit 1 eats the angel? i still have night­mares about that all these years later! maybe i’m more sen­si­tive than the stan­dards applied by the rat­ings board though!

Mike May 23rd, 2009

Hi, nice posts there :-) thank’s for the inter­est­ing information

dai­ly­roach June 4th, 2009

i recently watched the new dune series and found myself swear­ing when i noticed that they changed some of the key quotes from the old movie if you go chang­ing things that are set in peo­ples minds, like out­stand­ing sto­rys and more than mem­o­rable quotes
its going to totaly wreck this film imho i hope they dont change a sin­gle word or emo­tion this story has a script i hope they fol­low it to the let­ter or not at all.

Kale­barkab June 9th, 2009

I want to find good pop music. Help me please.

Keifer June 12th, 2009

Pac­ing, eh? Obvi­ously, the episodic “Mon­ster of the Week” approach isn’t going to work, not even for a tril­ogy. That could mean fewer Angels; they will prob­a­bly cut out some of the more ridicu­lous ones. Alter­na­tively, they could make the Angels into a sin­gle species (or sev­eral sub-species), like in Alien, and have hun­dreds or thou­sands of them attack­ing the city in repeated waves. There are some other routes with this aside from these though; no mat­ter what, the angel con­cept in the movie script will prob­a­bly dif­fer sharply from how it was exe­cuted in the animé. It sim­ply can’t be a straight­for­ward adaption.

Fenrir767 June 15th, 2009

Per­son­ally I hope this doesn’t get made because I do not believe Hol­ly­wood can do it jus­tice. I think this is Just Green­field mak­ing a cash Grab. I still have Flash­backs to the hor­ri­ble ADV dub days when all of their voice actors were the same ones. It was weird hear­ing some­one else talk­ing and being like oh that’s Shinji from Eva so glad I switched to subs. In any case if I am wrong I will pray to god for an amaz­ing movie ala Star Trek 11

In any case I think that a lot of these live-action animé projects will be stalling after the dis­as­ter that was Dragon Ball Evo­lu­tion. The live action Akira just got canned and it would not sur­prise me to see some of the other project go belly up for awhile just like this one. Well we’ll see what hap­pen until then I will just me enjoy­ing the New Evan­ge­lion movies

Sparka­mus Prime June 19th, 2009

Between the suc­cess of Watch­men (it’s made over 30 Mil­lion profit so far before DVD) and Trans­form­ers show­ing how good CG has got­ten this will be made. I read some­where the Offi­cial mer­chan­dise, tapes, and DVD’s has made over “one bil­lion dol­lars” world­wide. I see this being R with a very Unrated ver­sion on DVD with an hour more of the scenes that made the MPAA scream “Hell No!”. Again, sim­i­lar to Watchmen…

Direc­tors I’m sure will sur­prise us big time. Hope­fully they will tell us who all approached ADV films say­ing “I want to do this” which means they are fans already and have seen it sev­eral times. David Lynch is very likely one since Evan­ge­lion has sev­eral trippy scenes like in Twin Peaks. It would be hilar­i­ous if one is Quentin Taran­tino since he likes Animé (remem­ber Kill Bill Vol. 1?) and freaky sur­prises which Evan­ge­lion cer­tainly has.

Cast… who knows but I hope the voice actors get cameos. They’ve earned it. Asuka’s mom should be Tiffany Grant and she’s even a red­head! Per­fect. Robin Williams clearly is a fan so make him a come­dian in the bar with Rit­suko, Kaji and Mis­ato jok­ing about the Evan­ge­lions leav­ing 3 meter deep foot­prints in the street. Cameo’s alone with Major stars should be interesting.

Cross your fin­gers Evan­ge­lion fans! Hol­ly­wood isn’t com­pletely a screw up all the time. Look at Watch­men and Transformers.

Mis­ato June 20th, 2009

Direc­tors I’m sure will sur­prise us big time. Hope­fully they will tell us who all approached ADV films say­ing “I want to do this” which means they are fans already and have seen it sev­eral times. David Lynch is very likely one since Evan­ge­lion has sev­eral trippy scenes like in Twin Peaks. It would be hilar­i­ous if one is Quentin Taran­tino since he likes Animé (remem­ber Kill Bill Vol. 1?) and freaky sur­prises which Evan­ge­lion cer­tainly has.

I am going to direct this with my friend jack and we are writ­ing the tril­ogy too…!!!!

GSM-GPS June 23rd, 2009

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Beorvcmy July 19th, 2009


Andy.t August 4th, 2009

My only hope is that the spirit isn’t lost, end­ing up in a big build up to noth­ing… like South­land Tales…

Sparka­mus Prime August 20th, 2009

Just saw Dis­trict 9 and given the direc­tor (Neill Blomkamp) is great friends and worked with Peter Jack­son I would bet he’s one of the direc­tors who came to ADV inter­ested in this. Peter Jack­son prob­a­bly was too.

Dis­trict 9 very much has a look/cinematography that I think a Live action Eva movie would aim for. The alien space­ship hov­er­ing over Johenes­burg looked com­pletely real. Great movie and great job WETA.

joyjoy August 28th, 2009

i think we need to start a peti­tion to make sure they keep it japan­ese and not make it all west­ern­ised.
and pg13?? what kid is going to under­stand the philo­soph­i­cal, psy­cho­log­i­cal, and reli­gious themes that give it such depth
they bet­ter not fuck this up!!

ail­blentyn September 15th, 2009

but you know what? i wouldn’t want to see that “doc­u­men­tary style” shoot­ing in an EVA movie. hand-held cam­eras and fast, blurred action — i’ve had enough of that. i’d want shots like in the animé: long shots where you can see every­thing, and appre­ci­ate how cool every­thing is.

kaoru September 21st, 2009

i’ve been wait­ing 6 years for this. evan­ge­lion changed my life for­ever. Can Hol­ly­wood keep the magic intact? I am cross­ing my fin­gers. This is a story that needs to be told and if done cor­rectly, with an ample bud­get, would eas­ily rival star wars or trans­form­ers in its epic­ness. I am so tired of googling this (for years now) only to find vague state­ments from exec­u­tives at animé conferences.

Kazuki Mishima September 30th, 2009

I just dis­cov­ered that ADV sold all its assets (includ­ing intel­lec­tual prop­erty) to five dif­fer­ent com­pa­nies ear­lier this month. I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the Evan­ge­lion live-action film project.

mat­tii October 9th, 2009

Well per­son­ally i want to see a good live action of this amaz­ing animé!!

And here is a good cast that prob­a­bly will make a goo live action of evangelion:

Shinji ikari: Logan Ler­man
Asuka: Emma Wat­son
Rei: Chi­aki Kuriyama
Touji: Shawn Ash­more
Kaworu: Cody Lin­ley
Mis­ato: Kate Beck­in­sale
Kaji: Colin Far­rell
Rit­suko: Kristin Chenoweth
Gen­dou Ikari: Hugh Laurie

the images are in http://​rus​sian​rulete​.blogspot​.com

Lilo! October 20th, 2009

@Sparkamus Prime
I too saw Dis­trict 9, and I too agree that this movie was, in essence, what Evan­ge­lion should be in it’s Live Action form — a movie about the peo­ple involved in an inci­dent with­out prece­dents, and a setup so nat­ural that the plot flows as some­thing amaz­ing and plau­si­ble to the audi­ence — even with Aliens, Gods, giant humanoids and the likes lurk­ing above a not-NY-city.

Weta did an AMAZING job on a movie that had (rel­a­tive) lit­tle costs, rapid setup, and, well…

“Jack­son and Blomkamp were work­ing on the Halo movie, and when that attempt col­lapsed, the pair went to work on Dis­trict 9 instead.” (IMDb)

hmmmm… Weta even sneaked some EVA-eske robots into Dis­trict 9… I can’t see an Evan­ge­lion Live Action wouldn’t work, even if the story ends up some­what dif­fer­ent from the source material.

On a side note, Gainax is remak­ing it’s Evan­ge­lion series into 4 (more like 7/2) amaz­ing ani­ma­tion movies that change key aspects of the orig­i­nal series and, EVEN WITH THOSE CHANGES, the fans are going crazy with the qual­ity of the final product…

Gainax will gather more than enough money by the end of those 4 movies to pull Eva’s Live Action with­out need for any­one else, so we will prob­a­bly end up with a movie paid by Gainax, pro­duced by Weta Ltd., and dis­trib­uted / pro­moted by some major stu­dio like Universal… *-*~

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Sparka­mus Prime November 15th, 2009

Saw “South­land Tales” recently. Also mind trippy philo­soph­i­cal like Evan­ge­lion. So was “Don­nie Darko”. Hmmmm Richard Kelly (Direc­tor and writer of those movies) would be good too. Bet you $100 he’s seen Evangelion.

If ADV sold their cat­a­log and rights to some­one or not, there is still a very good chance the Live Action Eva movie will still hap­pen. I read some­where once Evan­ge­lion has made Gainax about $1 Bil­lion over the last 10 years or so. Seems a rea­son­able amount to me. That much $$$ means some stu­dio will make this hap­pen. Just cross your fin­gers they do it right.

divarin December 7th, 2009

here’s my pre­dic­tion, if this movie should ever actu­ally hap­pen.
In the US the chris­t­ian right is going to (with­out even watch­ing the damn thing) glom onto the idea that the “bad guys” are angels and the “good guys” are fight­ing them.

then they’re going to call the movie satanic, and raise a big fuss over it and try to ban it.

what’s even more fright­en­ing is if Hol­ly­wood tries to appease these peo­ple by butcher­ing the story.

There is a good chance I wouldn’t even bother to watch this movie, if for no other rea­son that sim­ply to not taint the mem­ory of a great story.

ail­blentyn December 20th, 2009

at least lind­say lohan is now too old even to be con­sid­ered for the role of asuka.

Lil­ian Hyman December 24th, 2009

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Carvell January 12th, 2010

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Tsou January 12th, 2010

Great read­ing mate­r­ial. I’ve learned a lot by read­ing here. Thanks!

unit_zero February 12th, 2010

a story that needs to be told. the mak­ing of this film will become one of the dead sea scrolls

Kazuki Mishima February 14th, 2010

Well, a full 12 months have elapsed now…

Angel­Dust February 20th, 2010

One Year with­out news…


Green­Dame February 21st, 2010

Well, I think it has been aborted,right?

Kazuki Mishima February 23rd, 2010

Lat­est news (from this month!): accord­ing to Wikipedia, “pro­ducer Joseph Chou said in Feb­ru­ary 2010 that the project was still active, and delays owed more to the gen­eral dete­ri­o­ra­tion of the US animé mar­ket than to ADV’s inter­nal issues.”

The Wikipedia arti­cle sites this 4 Feb­ru­ary 2010 Animé News Net­work story:–02-04/producer/live-action-evangelion-project-still-active

Eva Unit 01 March 2nd, 2010

The first movie grossed 20 mil­lion US dol­lars, the sec­ond 40 mil­lion US dol­lars, only in Japan!, and that’s only in the­aters, the rev­enues from DVD/bluray sales, rentals, mer­chan­dise sales etc. are not included. Just the Japan­ese mar­ket is quite siz­able and they are def­i­nitely mak­ing a lot of dough from the new Eva, and if they wanted they could cer­tain finance them­selves a live action movie.

A live action adap­ta­tion was con­sid­ered very early on, when the series was still on the draw­ing board, in case it would be successful.

Eva Unit 01 March 2nd, 2010

When I said 1st and 2nd movie I was talk­ing about the reboot series of 4 movies that’s cur­rently being made, which is great so far, if movie 3 and 4 keep up the great qual­ity of the 2nd movie, the reboot of Evan­ge­lion may go down in his­tory, and will help to keep the Eva fever alive for at least a decade more, so they’ll be able to sell lots more merchandise.

Bar­bie Tovias March 10th, 2010

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O3O May 21st, 2010

Well, I would like to say that, y’know, some thir­teen year olds out there can under­stand Evan­ge­lion and it’s pyscho­log­i­cal, phil­soph­i­cal what nots. TT3TT I took offence to that…

Any­who~ I do hope they make a movie! Can’t wait to see it, if the trailer ends up look­ing good!

Coy Kezele June 2nd, 2010

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I can’t believe it, I love Lind­sey. How do you feel she is deal­ing with the Linda Lovelace role ?

REAL ROI June 4th, 2010

Oh boy, I love Lind­sey. How do you feel she is han­del­ing the Infeno Movie ?

Adolph June 4th, 2010

I can’t believe it, I love Lind­sey Lohan. How do you feel she is deal­ing with the Linda Lovelace role ?

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Angel­Dust July 29th, 2010

ANN Exclu­sive: On Thursday’s ANNCast pod­cast, pro­ducer Joseph Chou (Halo Leg­ends, Apple­seed: Ex Machina) said that the pro­posed live-action film adap­ta­tion of the Neon Gen­e­sis Evan­ge­lion animé is still “very active.” Chou is listed as a pro­ducer on the project. Chou men­tioned that there is a lot of paper­work to clear, but “once that’s resolved, I think it would be on the fast track, so we’re hop­ing that it’ll start mov­ing even next year.”

Chou dis­cussed the dif­fi­cul­ties of sell­ing the con­cept of the film to stu­dios in Hol­ly­wood, due to the com­plex­ity of the story. How­ever, Chou said that “right now we’re with a pro­ducer and a stu­dio that really under­stands beyond the whole mecha impact.” Chou added, “They’re really look­ing beyond that, and really look­ing at drama, human ele­ments, even to those ele­ments that appeal to otaku.”

Chou also said the rea­son the movie stopped mov­ing for­ward was due to the animé mar­ket crash. Chou said “the rea­son it stopped in its tracks was not because [John Led­ford, co-founder of A.D. Vision and ADV Films] wasn’t pay­ing atten­tion to it … he actu­ally amassed a con­sid­er­able amount of money, financ­ing, for the film … but then I think he just needed to stop, because the whole mar­ket was falling apart at that time,” and as a result the movie “fell on the way­side.” At that time Chou took over the task of pre­sent­ing the film to Hol­ly­wood pro­duc­ers and stu­dios. Chou men­tioned that Led­ford is still a part of the project.

The project was first announced at the 2003 Cannes Film Fes­ti­val as a joint project between Gainax, Weta Work­shop, and ADV Films. At that time, Led­ford had given the project an “aggres­sive timetable.”–02-04/producer/live-action-evangelion-project-still-active

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