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Production image treats tonight January 26th, 2004

The Neon Gen­e­sis Evan­ge­lion DVD Res­ur­rec­tion pro­duc­tion images have arrived (partly). The con­cept art by Weta Work­shop depicts Units 02 and 00 in much more details, have started the “Ray” dis­cus­sions ablaze and give us an awe­some view of the futur­is­tic land­cape of the aptly named “New City” with Unit 02 as our guardian. Pur­chase DVD

5 more images added

0. Rei/Ray Ayanami in white plug­suit. Blue hair lack­ing.
1. Unit 00 black and white pro­duc­tion image, going berserker.
2. The head of unit 02, black and white.
3. Unit 02 in action, fir­ing at an unknown tar­get.
4. A beau­ti­ful image of unit 02 look­ing across “New City”.

19 more images com­ing soon (thanks to Arkiel)