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Genesis Reborn Concept Art March 3rd, 2004

Yes, Gen­e­sis Reborn con­tains some all new con­cept art from Weta Work­shop for you to admire and thrust your ruth­less rumor pro­vok­ing opin­ions on. These new pic­tures pro­vide new looks and details con­cern­ing Eva Unit 01, show­ing us a pos­si­ble bio­me­chan­i­cal look for the beast and also giv­ing us a supreme close up of a pre­vi­ous pro­file image. There is also an image of the Eva Unit 00 cock­pit — Throne of the Soul, with and with­out Rei Ayanami. The image sug­gests the con­trols for the pilots will be very sim­i­lar to those within the animé.

Images cour­tesy of Arkiel, once again. ENJOY.

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Nau­fal March 3rd, 2009

how can i enjoy this, tell me how can i !! what the hell is this, do they realy have to change evas look ?? why dont they just change the entire title !!!!! eva 01 is the great­est thing, dont change it to some dinosour in hel­met kinda thing !!! that is so ricoulous !!!!!