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O-Chibicon — Matt Greenfield August 9th, 2004

Just got this email, an inter­est­ing read, noth­ing new, A-list directors:


I don’t think any­body is offi­cially cov­er­ing O-Chibicon this week­end (being a new­bie con and small), but
it does so hap­pen that ADV is head­quar­tered in Hous­ton, TX.

ADV, apart from other events they did there, also had a 2 hour panel which included Matt Green­field, Jan­ice Williams,
Tiffany Grant and other ADV staff.

Most of the stuff they cov­ered had already been posted at other cons, but there was, I believe, some new information.

Below are some of the ques­tions and answers of inter­est I cov­ered with Mr. Greenfield:


Q: “Matt, assum­ing I have my infor­ma­tion cor­rect, you are a pro­ducer [live action Evan­ge­lion]. Will you
be mak­ing a cameo in the film? Tra­di­tion­ally this is the case [for producers]

Matt com­mented on what seemed to be an inside joke on his pos­si­ble appear­ance in the film, but he did directly com­ment on:

“We are def­i­nitely try­ing to have all of the VAs involved in the film. Both Japan­ese and Amer­i­can voice actors.
We hope each one can have a cameo of some sort. Of course, this will all depend when we actu­ally get
closer to the project [pro­duc­tion]. Sched­ul­ing and so forth.”


When answer­ing ques­tions on the film, he reit­er­ated, as he did in other cons and venues, that actors are not cur­rently
being seri­ously con­sid­ered as the project is in its ear­li­est pre-production. He cited the kids from Harry Pot­ter as a good exam­ple of what can hap­pen in a few years.

He did com­ment directly on:

“Before any of that we need a Direc­tor. We are cur­rently talk­ing to 7 to 8 direc­tors. These guys are all ‘A lists’”

He went on to say that, of course, cast­ing choices would be made by the Director.

I point­edly asked:

Q: “Matt, what kind of finan­cial risk will the live action Evan­ge­lion be to ADV films?”

Matt went on to say, more or less, that it is not a finan­cial risks because IT IS Evan­ge­lion.
He believes that the high pro­duc­tion val­ues of Weta, the pas­sion for the project and its world­wide
fol­low­ing will guar­an­tee its success.


(Per­son­ally, I asked the above ques­tion because I fear that if the film does flop it could bank­rupt ADV, but anyhow.)

I hope some of the above stuff is useful.

Fer­nando Gon­za­lez Jr.