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More Rumors August 30th, 2004

Dark Hori­zons has posted some rumors con­cern­ing Tiffany’s thoughts on cast­ing. Note, these are only rumors and cast­ing is still a long way off. Hope­fully we’ll find out who the direc­tor is before the year is out. Any­way, mov­ing on.

Tiffany stated that;

  • If she were to make a cameo in the movie, she would like to play Asuka’s mother
  • She toyed with the ideas of Hugo Weav­ing play­ing Gendo and Jen­nifer Gar­ner play­ing Mis­ato (a good pick IMO)

Still only minis­cule threads of news at the moment folks. A lull in the (live) action.

Thanks to Tero Niemi