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Interview with Tiffany Grant January 26th, 2004

Tiffany Grant (voice actor for Asuka) has just had an inter­view with Comi­con.

When asked about her views, thoughts and plans for the movie Tiffany says she thinks it will be “INCREDIBLE” and also men­tions that her hus­band Matt Green­field will be on the pro­duc­tion team. Appar­ently she knows a lot about the movie how­ever isn’t allowed to tell any­one any­thing. Accord­ing to Tiffany, a large por­tion of the folks at WETA are fans of Evan­ge­lion as, “the entire show has aired in Aus­tralia at least twice on reg­u­lar tele­vi­sion”. This is good news. She also goes on to men­tion that if the movie is suc­cess­ful we can expect one or two more sequels to cover the whole 26 episode period.
Now for the not so good news. When asked about cast­ing, she stated she had a few ideas about who could play Asuka, but also spec­u­lated that the shoot­ing wont begin for another cou­ple of years. Mean­ing we wont get to see the movie until at least 2006. But we can­not rush these things.

THE PULSE: What do you think of the plans for a live action NGE movie? What have you heard about it?

GRANT: I think it’s going to be INCREDIBLE! Since my hus­band, Matt Green­field, is one of the pro­duc­ers, I know WAY more about it than I am allowed to tell >=)

The folks who pro­duced the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies down in New Zealand, WETA, didn’t want to be out of a job when LOTR finally wraps all its post pro­duc­tion, so they were look­ing for work. Since many of them were Eva fans (real­ize that the entire show has aired in Aus­tralia at least twice on reg­u­lar tele­vi­sion), they thought why not do a live action Eva film?

Rest assured, since ADV and Gainax are both on board for this project, it will be han­dled with kid gloves. And, if it’s suc­cess­ful, you can look for one or two more sequels since it won’t be pos­si­ble to tell the whole 26 episode story in one two-hour movie. If you want to get an idea of the types of tech­niques that will be involved, just watch the behind-the-scenes doc­u­men­taries on the LOTR DVDs. Amaz­ing stuff!
THE PULSE: These char­ac­ters are obvi­ously very near and dear to your heart. Whom would you like to see cast in the film?

GRANT: Funny as it may sound, I haven’t thought about too many of the parts. I do have an idea about a pos­si­ble Asuka, but I don’t think I am at lib­erty to say. How­ever, since the film won’t begin shoot­ing for about two years, keep your eyes out for up-and-coming thirteen-year-olds who will be fif­teen when film­ing begins. ;-)

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