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Matt Greenfield Answers Questions February 28th, 2004

Orig­i­nally posted by forum mem­ber YUNA. Thanks Yuna.
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At “A Week­end With Tomino”, Matthew Green­field was asked a series of ques­tions regard­ing the live action evan­ge­lion movie. Yuna has posted a tran­script of this ques­tion & answer ses­sion which can be found on the link above.

In sum­mary; Matt states his rea­sons as to why no thoughts on cast meme­bers have been aired yet — par­tic­u­larly because they may be per­fect now, but when film­ing actu­ally starts they may not be (due to age­ing). He also goes on to talk about Lau­rence Fish­burne. With regards to sto­ry­line he men­tions that the movie will stay true to some things but quite obvi­ously not every­thing. (He really reveals a lot! — sar­casm). Oh and Asuka won’t kill whordes of angels.