Movie Chronicles » Evangelion Live Action Movie

February Issue of Animé Insider January 29th, 2006

In February’s Animé Insider there is a small Arti­cle on The Eva Movie. It doesn’t seem to have any new info but I belive it’s the lat­est printed mate­r­ial on it. Here’s a quote.

“The Project has moved slowly in the years since, but ADV remains com­mit­ted. Accord­ing to a recent arti­cle in For­tune mag­a­zine, ADV has raised half of the $120 mil­lion deemed nec­es­sary for the film, and Weta’s Oscar-winning visual-effects artist Richard Tay­lor has pro­fessed his sin­cere desire to see a live-action Evan­ge­lion. The film may be far from fin­ished, but ADV Pres­i­dent John Led­ford main­tains that it’s still very much alive.
’It would be fool­ish to spec­u­late on when we’ll be ready to move for­ward, since it’s not so much a mat­ter of rais­ing money but mak­ing sure all the other pieces are in place,’ stated Led­ford. ‘It’s mad­den­ing for the fans, but that’s the way it works’”