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Evangelion slated for a $100m budget January 26th, 2004

Recent Inter­net rumors sug­gest that the Evan­ge­lion movie shall have the bud­get equal to that of a block­buster, being roughly of 100 mil­lion or more. To com­pare this with other top movies; The Matrix had a $63 mil­lion bud­get and LOTR: Fel­low­ship of the Ring had a bud­get of $109 mil­lion. It is unknown where such cash is com­ing from as the income of Animé does not rival that of Hol­ly­wood blockbusters.

Like LOTR, the core of the prin­ci­ple pho­tog­ra­phy will be filmed in New Zealand.

Along the lines of a plot and adap­ta­tion of the series, recent inter­net rumors sug­gest the film will focus on the first half of the 26 episode series — pos­si­bly extend­ing the story with a later sequel — all the con­tent cov­ered within NGE is dif­fi­cult to include yet often too impor­tant to miss out.

Gainax are keep­ing hush hush about details of the flick although they have a busy sched­ule for the movie and its “pro­mo­tion”, so expect to find out more saucy details in the com­ing weeks.

Source: Animé Tourist