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How much of the movie has been created? January 26th, 2004

Accord­ing to sources from Weta the movie is cur­rently in its pre-production stages. The movie, in its cur­rent form exists as sev­eral hun­dred con­cept images, a few of which have appeared in the New­type mag­a­zine, and a draft screen­play which awaits edit­ing by the cho­sen direc­tor. The project seems to have been in the works now for a solid few months with the Weta team work­ing hard on per­fect­ing visual prepa­ra­tion (Weta appear very ded­i­cated, sources telling us that they have turned down two other projects over this one).

The film will not be directed by Hideaki Anno, nei­ther will it be directed by Peter Jack­son. Rumors have been fly­ing around about who might be involved in a direct­ing sense; who could do the series jus­tice, remain true to the sto­ry­line and still pull off a fan­tas­tic movie? That is the ques­tion that Gainax have to answer.

Source: Animé Tourist