Movie Chronicles » Evangelion Live Action Movie

Narrowing down the release date March 30th, 2005

From ANN’s Kamikaze­con report:

“As expected, a large por­tion of ques­tions revolved around the live-action ver­sion of Neon Gen­e­sis Evan­ge­lion. Green­field con­firmed that the project was very much alive, and they were cur­rently in the process of find­ing a direc­tor. While nam­ing no names, Green­field did con­firm that inter­est has been shown by sev­eral major direc­tors, includ­ing one who has won an Oscar. He also men­tioned that the prob­a­ble loca­tion of the shoot would be New Zealand, the same coun­try where WETA, the stu­dio slated to cre­ate spe­cial effects for Evan­ge­lion, is located. When asked how soon the movie would be fin­ished, Green­field indi­cated it would be at least a year, most likely 3 or 4.”