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Eva live action director and financing in place? September 28th, 2007

Accord­ing to one of our forum mem­bers, zandor117, who was present at the ADV panel at Animé Week­end Atlanta, ADV’s David Williams said that the Evan­ge­lion live action movie is now mov­ing into pro­duc­tion. We have seen no other report, even though the same panel was used to announce sev­eral animé licenses that have been reported by rep­utable animé news sources.

Accord­ing to zandor117, this is what was said:

Ques­tioner: “Is there any­thing new about the EVA movie?”

David Williams: “The EVA movie is now in Production”

Ques­tioner: “Can you tell us the director?”

David Williams: “I am not allowed to say that yet.”

ADV has not yet com­mented further.

While this does not seem like full pro­duc­tion (i.e. film­ing actors) or even fully fledged pre-production like set build­ing, the main con­crete news seems to be that a direc­tor has signed on, mov­ing the project beyond the pro­posal and devel­op­ment phase. Pre­vi­ously, nego­ti­a­tions were under way with a short­list of direc­tors who had expressed an inter­est, but the deci­sion had not been made yet.

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RaiN01 July 7th, 2008

This was never said, I was at that panel, all he said was that the project was still in early pre-production stages and that he couldn’t say any­thing more. How­ever, he did add at the end of his response, “I assure you will all be pleas­antly suprised with what we have planned”, or some­thing along that line of dialogue.

Eva01 July 26th, 2008

I have just come back from the Otakuthon Con­ven­tion in Mon­tréal where Matt Green­field has said that there is indeed a direc­tor and a A list of Pro­duc­ers. Also he has said, say­ing that it wouldn’t influ­ence any deci­sion that Hideaki Anno would like Emma Wat­son to play the role of Asuka.

Russ­ian fan November 29th, 2008

I am the fan of evan­ge­lion, have casu­ally come on your web site, have seen that you do a film and now very much I wish to see it. But I have 1 remark, you have made EVA 00, 01, 02 and other angels too car­toon and it does not please.

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