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Official and extended Chicago set report from Michael Bay July 26th, 2010

Michael​Bay​.com has posted an offi­cial (and now extended) set report from Chicago, show­ing off Bumblebee’s Camaro, the weaponized Nascars, a scene under the bridge, lots of fans, the Fer­rari and the Mercedes.

Shockwave spotted on set during Chicago filming July 26th, 2010

More of those card­board cut-out heads, as opposed to a 20ft robot. One dili­gent snap­per (mtoe­set via TLAMB) caught an image of what is pre­sum­ably Shockwave’s head (being a cyclops and all, with a slight pur­ple tinge), next to Sound­wave. Still no hints at his alt mode.

via Trans­form­ers Live

Day 5, Chicago — Explosions and autobot heads July 25th, 2010

The most inter­est­ing aspect of Day 5’s film­ing was the photo of an autobot’s head, a grey haired char­ac­ter sport­ing spec­ta­cles and stand­ing next to Bum­ble­bee. These cards are used to aid the actors with line of sight, etc. Who is this new auto­bot? What is his alt mode? The head of Sound­wave was also spot­ted (Pix­el­Rally got the shot), con­firm­ing his role in the movie.

The day also fea­tured a base jump from Trump Tower and scenes below, much of which has been cap­tured on film. Then of course there are explo­sions, wouldn’t be a Bay film with­out them. Cars flip­ping, Bum­ble­bee skid­ding around, para­chuters fly­ing in. The video playlist below has over 15 videos from the day’s shoot:

Day 4, Chicago — Datsun and autobots July 25th, 2010

Film­ing con­tin­ued on Sat­ur­day, and the ’72 Dat­sun sport­ing Bum­ble­bee colour­ing was spot­ted along­side Shia and Rosie in Chicago, prob­a­bly con­tin­u­ing from the scene in Mil­wau­kee. The auto­bots were also out in full col­ors and a truck sport­ing the word “NEST” has shown up, spark­ing rumors that it’s a mobile HQ unit.

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Day 3, Chicago — Utter destruction July 25th, 2010

Trans­form­ers 3 pro­duc­tion returned to down­town Chicago and the Michi­gan Street Bridge. This time the destruc­tion sets and props went up a notch. Scenes included Sam and Carly run­ning to escape in Bum­ble­bee and more run­ning, this time across the bridge with some soldiers.



Image sets

All Spark

Filming at the Milwaukee Art Museum July 25th, 2010

A short break in the Chicago film­ing saw the crews head to Mil­wau­kee, Wis­con­sin to film scenes at the Mil­wau­kee Art Museum. Spot­ted on set were Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Hunt­ing­ton, along with new­comer Patrick Dempsey in an Aston Mar­tin. There’s also a 1972 yel­low Dat­sun, which breaks down.

Below is a set of videos from the shoot:

And Matt Schilder (flickr) has posted some shots of the Dat­sun, Shia and Rosie from the art museum:

And a fur­ther shot of the Dat­sun bro­ken down via TFW2005:

Day 2 in Chicago — Stunticons and autobots July 25th, 2010

First up, some videos of Opti­mus Prime and the auto bots avoid­ing explo­sions and large piles of rub­ble at intersections:

Seib­ertron have posted 20 or so videos and a huge set of pic­tures from the day’s action, includ­ing close-ups of the auto­bots and “stun­ti­cons” (Nascar vehicles).

Image Gallery
Stun­ti­cons and Auto­bots
Stun­ti­cons in action
Destruc­tion on Chicago’s streets
Wacker drive

Day 1 in Chicago — Skydiving stunt July 25th, 2010

A col­lec­tion of videos from the wing-suit sky­dive, with some excel­lent angles on the action show­ing five para­chuters land­ing in East Shore Lake Park.

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