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Ultra High Quality Transformers 2 promo shots June 1st, 2009

Here are nine ultra high res­o­lu­tion (~2,000 x 3,000 res) pro­mo­tional shots from Revenge of the Fallen — show­ing the auto­bots, Megan Fox, Shia and sol­diers; clock­ing in at just shy of 45mb in total.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox


Many new Transformers 2 movie stills now online May 28th, 2009

Sets of new movie stills from Trans­form­ers Revenge of the Fallen have been pop­ping up all over the shop. I’m includ­ing the newest ones below (includ­ing an awe­some Opti­mus Prime shot), the oth­ers we have seen before in var­i­ous incarnations:

New official Transformers 2 movie stills May 28th, 2009

Para­mount Pic­tures have released a host of new Trans­form­ers 2 movie stills, I’m sure we’ve seen some of these before, pos­si­bly as screen­shots from HD trail­ers or TV Spots, so I’m post­ing some of the newer ones:

Sideways and Bumblebee CG, new TF2 on set shots May 28th, 2009

Michael Bay’s offi­cial site has posted some new CG shots, includ­ing our first look at Side­ways (the Audi R8). The ren­ders are slightly dif­fer­ent to the ones seen pre­vi­ously, these are more likely to be from the video game:

Side­ways CG Renders

Bum­ble­bee CG Renders

New on set images

Bay’s site have also posted new shots from the set of Trans­form­ers 2, show­ing Shia and Bay work­ing together:

More official Transformers 2 images; Isabel Lucas, Megan Fox May 18th, 2009

Another batch of six offi­cial Revenge of the Fallen snaps have been released, this time show­ing us Megan Fox hid­ing behind a wall, Isabel Lucas look­ing scary with an astron­omy book (kind of like that girl in Men in Black), Shia run­ning from tanks and smoke, Ramon Rodriguez sit­ting in Bum­ble­bee and Shia and Agent Sim­mons in the Smith­son­ian — pre­sum­ably with Wheelie in the bag.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Isabel Lucas

This shot of Isabel Lucas is at a whop­ping 3888 x 2592 pix­els, at 8mb.

Ramon Rodriguez


Josh Duhamel

Sam Witwicky and Agent Simmons

Five new Official Photos; Megan Fox, Optimus Prime May 18th, 2009

Five new Offi­cial Trans­form­ers 2 pho­tos show Megan Fox in a leather jacket, Sam Witwicky in front of Bum­ble­bee, Opti­mus Prime dri­ving off an air­craft, the Auto­bots and Tyrese Gibson.

Opti­mus Prime dri­ving off a large air­craft is par­tic­u­larly inter­est­ing — notably the plane could be the as of yet unnamed (but sim­i­lar to ‘Sil­ver­bot’) air­craft auto­bot that we have seen in toy form.

View more Sil­ver­bot images

Megan Fox

Megan Fox




Thanks for the heads up Jason!

9 New Transformers 2 Wallpapers May 11th, 2009

Has­bro have updated their site with nine new Revenge of the Fallen wall­pa­pers at 1280x1024, 1024x768 and 800x600 resolutions.


New Official Megan Fox Image from ROTF April 30th, 2009

Yahoo have posted a new offi­cial image of Mikaela (Megan Fox) from Trans­form­ers Revenge of the Fallen:

Megan Fox has also been speak­ing to USA Weekend:

Before land­ing high-profile movies and mag­a­zine cov­ers, you were [a] TV sit­com side­kick. Did you ever doubt you’d wind up where you are now?
Megan: …I started act­ing as a way to make money and avoid col­lege. I sort of fell into it hav­ing no idea what I was doing … in “Trans­form­ers” as well.

Is it true that you didn’t know you were the female lead in “Trans­form­ers” until the end of film­ing?
Megan: Yes. Every­thing was on lock­down. The script wasn’t released to any­one. The direc­tor, Michael Bay, was the only one who’d seen it.

Megan, you and “Trans­form­ers” co-star Shia LaBeouf are good friends. Were your make-out scenes uncom­fort­able?
Megan: It’s always weird. That’s not some­thing that’s ever roman­tic or sexy. Doing an on-set kiss is just strange, and know­ing Shia so well makes it even more strange.

OK, but the ladies want to know: How is he?
Megan: [Laughs.] Very good.

In “Revenge,” you flee evil Decep­ti­cons for just about the entire movie. At least your male co-stars hauled butt in comfy sneak­ers — you were in heels!
Megan: Stilet­tos — and for the last part of the film, motor­cy­cle boots. I had major shin­splints and threw out my back a cou­ple times. Beyond that, Michael likes every­one freak­ishly tan, so we were painted maroon, like in the old West­erns when they hired Cau­casians to play Native Amer­i­cans. I had on fake eye­lashes, run­ning through the desert with sand stuck in them, and I’m sweat­ing off all the makeup. It looked like we were mak­ing a tragedy.

For many young actors, Megan, being in “Revenge” would be like the pin­na­cle of their career. But you’ve hinted that, in the end, movies about shape-shifting robots are noth­ing to write home about. How do you define suc­cess?
Megan: I’d like to develop my skills to where I can be rec­og­nized as a good actress. That’s my end goal. It has noth­ing to do with the box office. It’s about peer recog­ni­tion and crit­i­cal acclaim, even on a small level. I mean, I’m not try­ing to take Cate Blanchett down. I just want to improve.

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