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Final Transformers 2 poster lands June 3rd, 2009

Empire have posted the final Trans­form­ers 2 poster which is in a sim­i­lar vein to the exist­ing ones; Shia and Megan Fox are run­ning away, a pyra­mid appears in the back­ground and Opti­mus Prime and Bum­ble­bee stand over the whole affair — although this time their poses are lit­tle more aggressive.

Transfomers 2 IMAX poster, June 10th for IMAX pre-orders May 28th, 2009

Bum­ble­bee and the pyra­mids fea­ture in a new IMAX poster for Revenge of the Fallen. It is sim­i­lar to pre­vi­ous posters but puts Bum­ble­bee in a dif­fer­ent pose with even greater detail.

Addi­tion­ally, pre-order tick­ets for Trans­form­ers 2 at IMAX will be avail­able from June 10th! Be sure to snap them up quickly to grab the best IMAX seats — noth­ing worse than a cramped neck from watch­ing the movie in the bot­tom cor­ner of the theater!

Final Transformers 2 Poster May 8th, 2009

Yahoo have today released the final Trans­form­ers 2 poster. It depicts Shia and Megan Fox clutch­ing each other against a pyra­mid back-drop with Opti­mus Prime and Bum­ble­bee look­ing over them, with the Beth­le­hem Steel works in the top right.

Three Transformers 2 Character Posters May 6th, 2009

Char­ac­ter posters of Bum­ble­bee, Starscream and Opti­mus Prime have today been unveiled via Yahoo. The posters each show an incred­i­bly detailed ren­der­ing of the characters:

New Transformers 2 Poster February 18th, 2009

TLAMB reader Nige spot­ted a new Revenge of the Fallen poster. This one is slightly less mys­te­ri­ous and a lot more cheesy, show­ing Shia and Megan run­ning through explo­sions against a pyra­mids back­drop, with Opti­mus Prime stand­ing behind it all. The most inter­est­ing aspect of the poster is the fig­ure of a Trans­former stand­ing atop of the cen­tral pyra­mid, chan­nel­ing a beam of light upwards, pre­sumed to be The Fallen.

Revenge of the Fallen Teaser poster revealed January 10th, 2009

This poster orig­i­nally showed up on eBay and has since been con­firmed as the offi­cial teaser poster for Trans­form­ers 2, released by Dream­works pic­tures for Yahoo Movies to use.

Michael Bay has posted a com­ment about the poster on his forums under the title ‘Revenge is Coming’:

Okay it’s time to turn up the heat on Trans­form­ers — Revenge of the Fallen. We’ve waited low in the weeds let­ting all the sum­mer movies get their stuff out. We’ve seen the great year end movies, and watched the upcom­ing clips of the upcom­ing sum­mer fare. We’ve seen cer­tain movies com­ing out even try to dupli­cate Trans­former size robots in their ads. Please, come on.

Well, I promise you we will rock your world with Trans­form­ers 2. The fans wanted ROBOTS KICKING ASS — well we got it. Today we are releas­ing the teaser poster and soon the onslaught will con­tinue with a steady drum beat until June 26th.

I’ll keep you informed.


Enhanced Poster

This comes via Bilal and TLAMB and shows the finer details of the poster:


The pre­dom­i­nant the­ory is that this is Jet­fire, judg­ing by the face’s com­par­isons with the Jet­fire toy — note red eyes and the same ridged sides. Another the­ory, that I believe is equally valid, is that this is actu­ally The Fallen, the face also very closely matches the shape of the Decep­ti­con logo:

Offi­cial Site Updated

The offi­cial site has updated to include the poster image, in higher detail than avail­able else­where, I’ve grabbed this and enhanced it:

Possible Revenge of the Fallen poster June 30th, 2008

EDIT: This has been con­firmed a fake.

Seib­ertron have posted a cam­era phone shot of what looks like a Revenge of the Fallen poster, though it is blurry and hard to make out. It is most likely a fake, but on the small off chance that it is not, I have posted it here:

The text at the top seems to read “… begins”. The auto­bot in the fore­front is quite clearly one that we have not seen before, yet it is also dif­fi­cult to identify.

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