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Day 5, Chicago — Explosions and autobot heads July 25th, 2010

The most inter­est­ing aspect of Day 5’s film­ing was the photo of an autobot’s head, a grey haired char­ac­ter sport­ing spec­ta­cles and stand­ing next to Bum­ble­bee. These cards are used to aid the actors with line of sight, etc. Who is this new auto­bot? What is his alt mode? The head of Sound­wave was also spot­ted (Pix­el­Rally got the shot), con­firm­ing his role in the movie.

The day also fea­tured a base jump from Trump Tower and scenes below, much of which has been cap­tured on film. Then of course there are explo­sions, wouldn’t be a Bay film with­out them. Cars flip­ping, Bum­ble­bee skid­ding around, para­chuters fly­ing in. The video playlist below has over 15 videos from the day’s shoot:

Awesome Transformers 2 concept art from Ben Procter September 18th, 2009

Trans­form­ers 2 art work from Ben Proc­tor reveals the robots that made the cut, and more inter­est­ingly, those that didn’t. Stealth boats, nuclear subs that take down air­craft car­ri­ers and alter­na­tive con­struc­ti­cons. We also get a look at the inner work­ings of many decep­ti­cons, includ­ing eye details on The Fallen, an early Dev­as­ta­tor design and pre­tender Alice, tongue and all.

Arcee, Chromia and Demolisher concept images June 22nd, 2009

Straight away we have some more from TFG2. The Demol­isher con­cept is incred­i­ble, and the Arcee motor­cy­cles look equally spunky.

Megatron concept images June 22nd, 2009

TFG2 have posted a set of con­cept art for the Trans­form­ers 2 ver­sion of Megatron:

Skids concept art June 17th, 2009

TFG2 keep rolling out the awe­some look­ing con­cept art for Trans­form­ers 2. This time around it’s the ever goofy Skids char­ac­ter in his radioac­tive green.

Purple Arcee bike concept art June 16th, 2009

TFG2 have released another con­cept image, this time of the pur­ple Arcee motor­cy­cle in a great pose. The text on the left arm reads ‘Agusta’ along with a brand image — aka its based on an Agusta motorcycle.

Rampage and Sideways concept art June 14th, 2009

TFG2 have released another set of Trans­form­ers 2 con­cept art, this time we have the Audi R8, “Side­ways” and the bull­dozer “Rampage”.



Concepts of Jetfire & Optimus Prime combined & Mixmaster May 28th, 2009

From those that brought us the Scrap­per con­cept are, we get the most excel­lent con­cept images of Jet­fire and Opti­mus Prime com­bined and a Mix­mas­ter bonus!

And for a lit­tle bit more of Power-up Opti­mus Prime, the pre­quel cover fea­tures a great artis­tic shot stand­ing over a fallen Megatron:

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