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Awesome Transformers 2 concept art from Ben Procter September 18th, 2009

Trans­form­ers 2 art work from Ben Proc­tor reveals the robots that made the cut, and more inter­est­ingly, those that didn’t. Stealth boats, nuclear subs that take down air­craft car­ri­ers and alter­na­tive con­struc­ti­cons. We also get a look at the inner work­ings of many decep­ti­cons, includ­ing eye details on The Fallen, an early Dev­as­ta­tor design and pre­tender Alice, tongue and all.

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Intress November 5th, 2009

is jet­fire going to be in the next movie too? like get­ting revived and all or is he gone for good? because alot of peo­ple loved jet­fire and haved asked this ques­tion. i dont know if Mr. Bay will do this or not, but i and many oth­ers hope so. per­haps he will some­how put him back into the movie so we can all see him again.