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Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen — What did you think? June 24th, 2009

With the gen­eral release of Trans­form­ers 2, it’s time to open up the floor to com­ments and find out what you guys thought of it. We’ve already shared our thoughts in our exten­sive review: Movie Chron­i­cles Trans­form­ers 2 review.

Some ques­tions to prompt debate

Did the new robots add to the film?
Which was the best new char­ac­ter?
Which was the worst?
What would you have done dif­fer­ent?
Did the movie fly by too quickly or did you think it was too long?
Were Skids and Mud­flap annoy­ing or gen­uinely funny?
What was your biggest dis­ap­point­ment or favorite part?

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Vapor June 24th, 2009

Spoil­er­free Review
2 out of 5.

Went to the mid­night show­ing, was first in line. Loved the first one, con­sid­ered it a 5 out of 5. Being a long time avid Trans­form­ers fan, I went in expect­ing alot of the throwouts for the long time fans. Well that it had. Unfor­tu­nately, they seemed like throw aways. There was more focus it seemed on the trailer park boys level of humor, then the epic, on the edge of the seat flow that the first had. Every time a good flow did get started, it promptly ended rather melo­dra­mat­i­cally, or was interupted with humor on the level aforementioned.

Now, the first one had humor in it, it really pro­vided a dif­fer­ent flavour and a near nat­ural impli­men­ta­tion in between key moments of the movie. This one, it was any­where but, and was much more exces­sive and crude. On top of that, with an excel­lent cast of pop­u­lar and well per­son­i­fied char­ac­ters from the 80’s, the only ones with any actual char­ac­ter devel­op­ment or major screen time are a pair that par­al­lel that of bevis and butthead.

Sum­ma­tion: If you like ran­dom action with­out any lin­ear devel­op­ment com­bined with trailer park boys, you will enjoy this move. If you enjoyed the first one for a smooth and engross­ing story and series of action mixed with a level of emo­tion and ten­sion; com­pare to michael bay’s epic Ter­mi­na­tor 2, you will most likely not like this and is bet­ter left for the cheap seats.

Arcan­gel June 24th, 2009

Did the new robots add to the film? The new robots was per­fect and suprise tha hell outta me but since its been 2 years it makes sense where they came from,Jolt and Side­swipe was sooooo awe­some even though they didnt have much screen time​.As also the decep­ti­cons can revive or make the same robots cause as they rule cybra­tron so all the ene­mies makes sense.I LOVE THE MOVIE

Which was the best new char­ac­ter? The best new char­ac­ter was Sideswipe,Soldier like,Slick like,Worrior like,he is just sooooo cool.I LOVE THE MOVIE

Which was the worst? The worst is that i wanna watch it again and again hehe.I LOVE THE MOVIE

What would you have done dif­fer­ent? Giv­ing Side­swipe more screen time or Hot Rod com­ing step­ping in.but I STILL LOVE THE MOVIE

Did the movie fly by too quickly or did you think it was too long? The Movie was a per­fect length.perfect to make every under­stand that Michael Bay bet­ter make the new one soon enough coz i cant wait!!!!! OMG i had the best 2 and a half hour of watchin it,sooo much excite­ment and dif­fer­ence. Emo­tions and Happiness,the movie had soooo much suprise that made it sooo well good.I LOVE THE MOVIE

Were Skids and Mud­flap annoy­ing or gen­uinely funny? They where ghetto funny as and also supris­ing how strong they are when they get pissed off,a good twin and team.they did a good job.I LOVE THE MOVIE

What was your biggest dis­ap­point­ment or favorite part? There’s no disappointment,just a lil minor prob­lem with the screen time with Jolt N Side­swipe oh and Side­ways. But my favourite bit was the whole entire movie haha,well to be real,my favourite bit was when Opti­mus Prime says ” then,I’ll take you all on” and the bat­tle sequence as part 1,they made Opti­mus look a lil weak.This one,Optimus was the real deal,also the next favourite bid that made the best end to the movie is the trans­for­ma­tion with Opti­mus and Jetfire.Jolt Resem­bling the parts was just terrific.OMG OMG OMG OMG,the sym­bol like what Sam had in his head,Im get­ting the Movie Images,its sooooo good i can still pic­ture it and once N for all, I LOVE THA MOVIE Trans­form­ers 2:revenge of the fallen

As for most peeps,the movie was very inspi­rated towards direc­tors and pro­duc­ers to make more plat­inum movie like this one. Michael Bay is now in the books for my best Direc­tor. Now Michael Bay should do Drag­onball as they need hope for a good direc­tor. Well any­ways peeps,the movie has been awe­some and its a must to watch if not seen yet,and also its movie you can watch over and over again. thank you

JAk­man June 24th, 2009

I saw it and i loved it!! Loved the part wher Bru­ti­cus turns against dev­as­ta­tor and wher the fallen fights with megazarak

Luis June 24th, 2009

1.) yes, the robots did add to the film, it made the film more inter­est­ing and more actiony and dra­matic which was cool.
2.)ooohhhh, well there were many new char­ac­ters that were awe­some, my oponion remains between side­swipe and dev­as­ta­tor, they were both insane and cool in their own ways.
3.)the worst of the movie that i didnt like would have to be that lit­tle romote con­trolled truck. i just felt like he wasnt sup­pose to be part of the movie.
4.)well i thought the film was done pretty well, but idk what i would change. prob­a­bly given the new auto­bots more screen time.
5.) i thought the movie was in between, it cov­ered what it had to cover in proper tim­ing.
6.)i thought that the twins were per­fect, they were hilar­i­ous and awe­some.
7.)my favorite part would have to be when prime gets an “upgrade” with the parts of that elder robot and kicks the liv­ing crap out of mega­tron and the fallen.

God June 24th, 2009

Ok. The movies is pretty much PERFECT 9.5/10 until jet­fire trans­ports the humans to egypt, Then all of a sud­den, Plot­holes start creep­ing in, And the movie starts going in a slow man­nered, less humour direction!

I loved every miunte untill a lit­tle after the for­est fight. It had good humour, Good bat­tles, And good “girls”.

Wtf were the con­struc­ti­cons doing when Dev­as­ta­tor was formed. How could the big green truck con­struc­ti­con be fight­ing the mil­i­tary when he should be on Dev­as­ta­tors right So now con­struc­ti­cons can be dupli­cated aye? Lame!.

And did you see that decep­ti­con on TF1 where Prime fights him on the high­way? That decepticon(bonecrusher?) is hav­ing a stroll in egypt when they have the big

Poor sound­wave. Not only did he sound like shit. But he only had like 10 lines.

Dev­as­ta­tor was a let down. I guess i just didnt like how they made

If only the fallen got his “power”, Dev­as­ta­tor didnt get oblit­er­ated. Then the writ­ers could have gone in this direction:

Decep­ti­cons dom­i­nate the auto­bots but decide not to kill them in exchange for Sam. But a sev­erly dam­aged Prime tells a fairly injured but mobile bum­ble­bee to take Sam n Megan Fox and try escape from the fallen and co. As bum­ble­bee and co try to escape the decep­ti­cons, Prime yells with a mighty roar, GET GRIMLOCK!!!!. Then the movie stops and says “To be con­tin­ued”!!. Then all of a sud­den there will be so much antic­i­pa­tion for the 3rd movie. It will be crazy!

The third movie will be titled

“Rise Of The Dinobots” Arghhh i can feel the antic­i­pa­tion already. Only to realise it aint gunna hap­pen :(

Louis June 25th, 2009

What hap­pened to SoundWave’s voice? It’s Frank Welker but they need that robot syn­the­sizer from the car­toons to make him sound robotty (same with Cullen, I want my car­toon voices back with the robot twinge in their voice as their is a dif­fer­ence!) I want my Uni­cron for part 3! Now that Opti­mus merged with the Matrix (hence inde­struc­tible) Megs needs an upgrade.….cue Uni­cron mak­ing Galvatron!

James June 25th, 2009

Did the new robots add to the film?To a cer­tain extent I believe they did, the down­side is they added sevral new robots, and only gave a few decent screen time.

Which was the best new character?I have to say, that I really liked whe­lie, and that comes as a suprise to me lol

Which was the worst?Im not really sure to be honest

What would you have done different?I would have incor­pu­rate alot more back story. I felt that was lack­ing in the film, espe­cially con­sid­er­ing The Fallen being in there, I was expect­ing more back story explain­ing more mytholgy of the Transformers

Did the movie fly by too quickly or did you think it was too long?I thought it was a pretty good length and timed fairly well

Were Skids and Mud­flap annoy­ing or gen­uinely funny?They were funny

What was your biggest dis­ap­point­ment or favorite part?lack of story was the biggest dis­s­a­point­ment for me

Danny June 25th, 2009

Saw the movie last night, thought it was awe­some, but at the same time thought there were a few gap­ing holes that didn’t make a lot of sense..

Firstly, the auto­bots — Clearly the finan­cial link with GMC has been expoited to add the new line-up, but they had a rel­a­tively min­i­mal impact in the film. Side­swipe had a cool bat­tle sequence at the begin­ning, slic­ing the Audi R8 in half, and that blue one (Bolt?) had a part to play in com­bin­ing Jet­fire with Prime, but other than that they were pretty irrel­e­vant. I don’t actu­ally think that Side­swipe, the blue one, and the other two bikes were named dur­ing the movie, which is a bit of a shame. Would have like to have seen more empha­sis on the impor­tance of these char­ac­ters dur­ing the fight­ing sequences than con­cen­trat­ing on Sam.

Sec­ondly, the decep­ti­cons — Dur­ing the final show­down in Egypt, three decep­ti­cons appeared that were killed in the first movie — Can’t remem­ber any of there names, but it was the big grey truck with the freaky arm, the heli­copter, and the tank. All of these reap­peared with no expla­na­tion — now given the dif­fi­culty in res­ur­rect­ing Prime and Mega­tron, surely this guys couldn’t have just mag­i­cally respawned?? Also, until the con­struc­ti­cons formed Dev­as­tor, like the new auto­bots, they had a min­i­mal role. Also thor­oughly dis­ap­pointed with Sound­waves con­tri­bu­tion — he appeared 4–5 times just to pass mes­sages on! I appre­ci­ate he was always a recon char­ac­ter, but it would have been good to see him get involved with the bat­tle. Also, what hap­pened to Bar­ri­cade (Mus­tang cop car)? I’m pretty sure he sur­vived the first one, but there was no men­tion of him in the sequel.

Hope­fully more empha­sis will be put on the new char­ac­ters from ROTF in the third one, rather than intro­duc­ing more new char­ac­ters that play bit-parts, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. It’d be good to see more of the orig­i­nal char­ac­ters (Prowl, Sun streaker, Smoke­screen, Hound, Thun­der­cracker etc)

All in all tho, deff loved the film. Con­tem­plat­ing going to see it again tonight, it was that good! Thought it was a lot bet­ter than the first — for me the first film was ruined with the cheesy punch­lines and dialect.

Veronox June 25th, 2009

Did the new robots add to the film? Yes, but I wish Side­ways would have lasted longer.

Which was the best new char­ac­ter? Def­i­nitely Soundwave

Which was the worst? Jet­fire, I didn’t like how he was old and crazy

What would you have done dif­fer­ent? I would’ve gave Sound­wave more screen time

Did the movie fly by too quickly or did you think it was too long? It was a lit­tle longer than I was expecting.

Were Skids and Mud­flap annoy­ing or gen­uinely funny? Pretty funny

What was your biggest dis­ap­point­ment or favorite part? Sound­wave didn’t get enough screen time, Side­ways was killed off early, Jet­fire was old, and I can’t find any pic­tures of Sound­wave on the internet.

Leroy Matthews June 25th, 2009

Did the new robots add to the film?

Yes, the new robots were awe­some in the film. The new addi­tions helped give the robots a per­son­al­ity. Side­swipe was the coolest bot in the movie and Arcee and Chro­mia were really unique in com­par­i­son to the other robots. Sound­wave was pretty intense just hang­ing up in space and even the Fallen was inter­est­ing, it was cool to see what trans­form­ers looked like in the past. Isabel Lucas’ char­ac­ter was pretty inter­est­ing but felt lit­tle too much like Ter­mi­na­tor. Finally, the twins Mud­flap and Skid were both funny and annoy­ing but it wouldn’t mat­ter to me if they show up or not in the next film.

Which was the best new character?

Ha best new char­ac­ter was Side­swipe. His open­ing scene where he splits Side­ways in half was awe­some, the way he slips and slides around was amazing.

Which was the worst?

Hmm this is a hard one but I think Jet­fire. He was a good idea but mak­ing him old and cranky made him unap­peal­ing to me and you only get to see him twice in the movie.

What would you have done different?

Haha well there are a lot of things Iw would change, I would give Side­swipe more time in the movie. I would also make bat­tle scenes longer, the one with Opti­mus Prime and Demol­isher and the final bat­tle with Opti­mus, Mega­tron, and the Fallen. I would also have had a team of Auto­bots bat­tle the Dev­as­ta­tor rather than it be shot down by a naval gun. I would have also described the robots his­tory and how they went from liv­ing on Cybertron to liv­ing on Earth. I would have also had more car chases, that was one of my favorite things about the first movie, they def­i­nitely could have done that with Side­swipe and Sideways.

Did the movie fly by too quickly or did you think it was too long?

Nei­ther, the movie flowed very well but at times the story did drag but not for too long.

Were Skids and Mud­flap annoy­ing or gen­uinely funny?

They were both funny and annoy­ing but just mostly funny. Too much gang­ster slang made them sound dumb and juve­nile, which I’m guess­ing was the point but not a good idea but parts when they start talk­ing smack to other peo­ple, like when they called Leo Spitz a “pussy” was really funny.

What was your biggest dis­ap­point­ment or favorite part?
I’ll give you both, first my dis­ap­point­ment. I didn’t like how the plot was all over the place, putting the focus on so many dif­fer­ent robots for lit­tle amounts of time, espe­cially the new ones that you wanted to get to know (Side­ways, Chro­mia, Arcee, Jolt, Side­swipe). My favorite part was when Opti­mus Prime took Jetfire’s parts and blasted off to bat­tle Mega­tron and the Fallen. Opti­mus looked awe­some and the whole scene had me pumped.

Ryno1 June 25th, 2009

I have been a big fan of TF since I was a kid. Now that I’m 33 with a 3 year old son of my own I’m just as much a fan, plus I get to share it with some­one who gets as excited as I do! With that said, my fam­ily and I went to see Trans­form­ers 2 today — full of ant­i­cap­tion and walked away rather dis­ap­pointed. First of all, I under­stand that it’s next to impos­si­ble to keep 25 year old char­ac­ters the same as I remem­ber them, but the film would have won more favor if the film mak­ers tried a lit­tle harder. There were some really enter­tain­ing parts and story lines, but it got lost in the lack char­ac­ter con­ti­nu­ity from the “Redneck-Jar Jar Binks Twins” to Sound­wave sound­ing like Dr. Claw from Inspec­tor Gad­get. The econo-car twins were stu­pid — lit­er­ally. I was annoyed with their hill­billy ways and bla­tent prod­uct place­ment from Chevy. I under­stand GM is hurt­ing but shov­ing some ugly-assed-misplaced-made up Auto­bots in my face is not going to help! I was wor­ried about watch­ing a 2 1/2 hour GM com­mer­cial and I was right. Okay, Bub­ble Bee is an awe­some Camero-I get it, but show-casing all the Auto­bots as a chevy or GM car vehi­cle — too obvi­ous! I for­gave the first film for exces­sive prod­uct place­ment because Iron­hide, Rachet and Jazz were cool! Unfor­tu­nately, this sec­ond film had new char­ac­ters who never existed in the orig­i­nal show and were seem­ingly cre­ated just to push more prod­ucts from GM! A lit­tle diver­sity goes a long way. Look what Bar­ri­cade did for Trans­fomers 1 — Ford verses Chevy, it worked and was fun to watch! That’s why rival­ries are so great because they keep both sides enter­tained. I was bummed not to see that mean Saleen tak­ing on Bum­ble Bee again.

On a pos­tive side, some of the new Decep­ti­cons were well done. I loved the Con­struc­ti­cons as well as Side­ways — The Audi RS8. It was a great look­ing car but only lasted a few min­utes before Side­swipe split him in two. It would have been nice to see a bit more his­tory or char­ac­ter devel­op­ment from both the Con­struc­ti­cons and Sideways.

Another down­side to the film was the innapro­pri­ate soph­moric humor with sex­ual jokes and cussing trans­form­ers. Auto­bots are sup­pose to be role mod­els and exude cool­ness. For that mat­ter the only excep­tion to cussing was Autobot-Jazz, oth­er­wise it’s rediculous.

As for Jet­fire?! Why they made him look like an old robot santa claus, I’ll never know. I was dis­ap­pointed he resem­bled noth­ing like the orig­i­nal big white and red guy, although his char­ac­ter did grow on me a bit at the end.

My favorites were Opti­mus of course as well as Bum­ble Bee. Side­swipe was fun to watch but cut too short. Too lit­tle on Rachet as well.

Michael Bay and com­pany did well on sev­eral points but over­all missed the mark accord­ing to old school fans like myself. All I can say to the deci­sion mak­ers of the next movie is please read these blogs and do a bet­ter job of stick­ing to the roots of the show next time. Oth­er­wise, my son and I will only watch Trans­form­ers Ani­mated which has a far bet­ter story line and mod­i­fied old school char­ac­ters for a lot less money.

Rated 6 out of 10

MrAaron June 26th, 2009


My take on it is this…It was great and good enough. It is hard to per­fectly take car­toon child­hood iconic fig­ures and “trans­form” them (no pun intended) into live action big movie stars to the lik­ing of the old and new fans.

I liked how they added more humor and ele­ments por­tray­ing all the car­toon series’. Com­bin­ing, slap-stick humor and show­ing how heroic Opti­mus Prime is were major pluses. The only neg­a­tive about the movie is the “GM being shoved down your throat” thing. I love the Camero (Bum­ble Bee) and the Corvette con­cept (Side­swipe) worked too, but It would have been excel­lent to have seen a Jeep, Dodge Viper/Charger/Ram, or even to see the Mus­tang (Bar­ri­cade) back again, etc…

No true Trans­former fan should give this movie a bad review. There is no way to make it how every­body wants it. That is impos­si­ble. As com­plex as it is in cre­at­ing a movie like this, it was well done!

And for the polit­i­cal junkies (aka, lib­er­als and con­ser­v­a­tives), I loved how the movie pointed to the fact that diplo­macy doesn’t work with a crazy, non-life-loving enemy! At all costs, you must fight to ensure free­dom and life in the face of the enemy…even if that means shov­ing the Pres­i­dents’ liai­son out of a fly­ing C-17!

…off to see it a 3rd time!

Flyin11 June 26th, 2009

Well, some­body needs to fix the forums sec­tion here so peo­ple can dis­cuss things about the movie but I saw a com­ment by Danny on here and wanted to maybe clear some things up. I haven’t seen the movie yet so I haven’t posted a review…

Danny: “Sec­ondly, the decep­ti­cons — Dur­ing the final show­down in Egypt, three decep­ti­cons appeared that were killed in the first movie — Can’t remem­ber any of there names, but it was the big grey truck with the freaky arm, the heli­copter, and the tank.”

Not sure on Bonecrusher (The Freky Arm) and the tank…but the helio­copter use to be Black­out but after he was revived along with Mega­tron, he became Grindor. That’s why you see him again in the movie.

“Also thor­oughly dis­ap­pointed with Sound­waves con­tri­bu­tion — he appeared 4–5 times just to pass mes­sages on! I appre­ci­ate he was always a recon char­ac­ter, but it would have been good to see him get involved with the battle.”

Sound­wave is a satel­lite. He is help­ing the Decep­ti­cons from space with intel. I agree with maybe he should have more time on Earth but it just pos­si­bly leads to a big­ger role in the 3rd film.

“Also, what hap­pened to Bar­ri­cade (Mus­tang cop car)? I’m pretty sure he sur­vived the first one, but there was no men­tion of him in the sequel.”

Bar­ri­cade was sup­posely killed by Opti­mus Prime after he defeated Bone Crusher on the high­way bat­tle. That was why he was late to the bat­tle in the city. They put this in the comic book that came out after the movie. Michael Bay sup­posely con­firmed it as well. It was one of those scenes that just never made it into pro­duc­tion I think so it couldn’t be included as a delted scene and peo­ple were look­ing for answers on that so they answered it.

Flyin11 June 26th, 2009

I need to cor­rect myself about Black­out and Grindor…It appears that they are not the same Trans­former. They just say on Wikipedia that he is very sim­i­lar to him, which he is. Prob­a­bly another model heli­copter that resem­bles Bal­ck­out. They just say that “Grindor is not part­ners with Scor­ponok because they never met.” So, maybe that explains a bit more.

Free­dom Fighter One June 27th, 2009

I think those brain-sucking devices need to be set loose on the direc­tor and writ­ers to find out what the fudge they were think­ing when cre­at­ing this film. I’m a huge fan of the Trans­form­ers mythol­ogy, but this film is com­pletely and utterly horrible.

Out of 5 Stars, this film only gets 1/2 a Star.

The only thing ‘Wow’ about the film was the CGI. Spec­tac­u­lar! The rest of the movie sunk to the bot­tom of the abyss like Mega­tron in the first film. Voice-acting, act­ing, dia­logue, sto­ry­line, plot…Two thumbs waaaaaay down (I wish I had more thumbs to truly show how dis­gusted I was with the film). This movie was about quan­tity instead of qual­ity. Boooo! That sad part about it, is that the youth will eat it up like Hal­loween candy.

If you are the type of per­son that likes movies for only the visual-stimulation, then this movie is for You. And for those that like a lit­tle bit of extra meat on their baby-back ribs…STEER CLEAR OF THIS FILM!

AzDrummer9 June 28th, 2009

Some Spoil­ers!!!!

i give it 4 stars out of 5

Did the new robots add to the film?
i thought they really did, the only thing is that i wish they would have shown more of them. Not enough screen time.

Which was the best new char­ac­ter?
The Twins. They were funny and also at the same time they kicked ass!!!. They fought just like any other two brothers.

Which was the worst?
Spoiler!!!!.….….….….i would have to say the Decep­ti­con that trans­formed into a human. i mean come one!!!

What would you have done dif­fer­ent?
i would have slowed it down a bit. felt that it was rushed. and also not have added so many dif­fernt char­ac­ters, i felt a lit­tle overwhelmed.

Did the movie fly by too quickly or did you think it was too long?
im not gonna lie i am a M.B fan and i wish it was longer.

Were Skids and Mud­flap annoy­ing or gen­uinely funny?
heck no they wern’t annoy­ing they were funny as hell best new char­ac­ters of the film.

What was your biggest dis­ap­point­ment or favorite part?
my biggest dis­ap­point­ment was that Iron­hide and Rac­thed didnt get alot of screen time. i mean iron hide got a lit­tle but rac­thed not so much. My Favorite part would have to be when Opti­mus Prime took on 3 Decep­ti­cons at the same time and kicked there ass. Also i liked how M.B showed that the humans and the Auto­bots cre­ated a close rela­tion­ship with one another.

Adrian Q June 28th, 2009

Some Spoil­ers!!!!!

4 out of 5 stars.

Did the new robots add to the film?
Yes they did but they should have got­ten more screen time.

Which was the best new char­ac­ter?
the twins were the best, they were funny as hell and the kicked some mayjor ass. And they fought just like any other 2 brothers.

Which was the worst?
the Decep­ti­con who turned into a human!!!, i mean come on!!! she was hot as hell but that took it too far!

What would you have done dif­fer­ent?
i would have con­ce­trated more on the char­ac­ters from part one, and added only a few new char­ac­ters not a whole bunch. And also slowed the story downed a bit and not rush it so much.

Did the movie fly by too quickly or did you think it was too long?
Im not gonna lie im a M.B fan and i wish the movie was longer.

Were Skids and Mud­flap annoy­ing or gen­uinely funny?
O heck yeah they were funny as hell, the best char­ac­ters of the movie. And this whole thing about M.B being a ras­cist is freakin dumb.

What was your biggest dis­ap­point­ment or favorite part?
my biggest dis­a­point­ment was the fact that they didnt show Rachet and Iron­hide at all!. They show Iron­hide a lit­tle but not nearly as much as i wanted them too and Rachet they only show him a cou­ple times, they prop had an over all screen time of about 35 to 40 sec. My fav part is how M.B por­trayed the bond the humans and the Auto­bots cre­ated over the years work­ing together. And also the fact the Opti­mus Prime kicked more ass then any­one!!!! and took on 3 Decep­ti­cons at once and woop them bad!

Rooney555 June 28th, 2009

PLEASE: if any­one knows the final lines/speech given by Opti­mus on the car­rier please tell me. I can­not find the quotes to it and it was my favorite part of the movie. Even at the end of the first it’s just my favorite right before the main Linkin Park song plays. Please tell me the speech he had.

Flyin11 June 29th, 2009

Did the new robots add to the film? Defiantly…but some were killed off too quickly.

Which was the best new char­ac­ter? I loved Dev­as­ta­tor and Ravage

Which was the worst? Prob­a­bly Jolt. Basi­cally because he didn’t hardly any screen time and no char­ac­ter development.

What would you have done dif­fer­ent? Cut the Trans­form­ers in half and add more charc­ter back­ground and screen­time for the rest. Also, cut out a lot of the sex­ual refrences, some of the humor, and focused more on the storyline.

Did the movie fly by too quickly or did you think it was too long? Per­fect amount of time. The 1st movie was only 10 min­utes shorter and from what I have seen, a lot of movies now com­ing out are around 2 hours or more long.

Were Skids and Mud­flap annoy­ing or gen­uinely funny? They were ok. I had a hard time under­stand­ing what they were say­ing at times and some­times it really made to say “huh?” and I laughed at a cou­ple lines.

What was your biggest dis­ap­point­ment or favorite part?

My favorite part was when Dev­as­ta­tor came together and you saw him tear­ing up the top of the pyramid.

Worst part: I have to say was when I saw Dev­as­ta­tor fight­ing and then they go and show 4 out of the 5 Con­struc­ti­cons fight­ing over in the desert at the same time. That ticked me off. That’s not how it works. Pieces of Dev­as­ta­tor can not be in 2 places at once after he is formed. I would have under­stood it more if they were dif­fer­ent col­ors but they were the same. Also, when I saw Bonecrusher again when he was killed in the first movie.

Here’s my review:

Over­all — B+
Story — B
Act­ing — A
Direc­tion — A
Visu­als — A+

Revenge Of The Fallen was a great movie. I went and saw it early this morn­ing. It was not perfect…hence the B+ rat­ing I gave it. It was not per­fect because there were some errors with the film that I could not get over and even com­pre­hend. There are prob­lems with all movies…There is no such thing as a per­fect movie. The first movie had it’s instances as well.

Let’s see…First of all…Yes, there is cussing in this movie but I feel it’s about the same if not a lit­tle bit more than the first movie as that had cussing as well. That didn’t bother me though. I saw a dad with his daugh­ter that looked 6 years old in the movie so he brought her to the movie and some kids were in the the­atre and they laughed at that sex­ual humor as peo­ple called it so it’s not as bad as peo­ple are mak­ing it to be. It’s PG-13…Not PG and not G. Want to see a kids movie…Go see UP or Ice Age!

Next, I would say the run time is good. It tells the story and fills the void in the mid­dle as most movies are kind of slow in the mid­dle. It’s not too long at all. Come on..Stop com­plain­ing about that peo­ple! The run time in the first movie was only 10min shorter and even the new Harry Pot­ter is the same run­ning time as this movie!

The story was very good. I had no prob­lems under­stand­ing the story.It’s pretty sim­ple and I think A LOT of peo­ple need to do their home­work on the Trans­form­ers (Espe­cially the newer ones)…Especially The Fallen. If peo­ple knew his story, the movie’s story would fall in line. This is called “Revenge Of The Fallen” hint hint. Any­ways, the story was pretty easy to fol­low for me but I was there to see the Transformers.

Visuals…What can I say…A+++. The visu­als and action scenes are awe­some. I don’t get how some peo­ple can’t tell what they are watch­ing and who is who dur­ing the fights. I mean, come on…They slowed down the punches and hits in every fight scene I saw…So you knew who was hit­ting who..DUH!

My favorites in the movie were Dev­as­ta­tor and Rav­age. Rav­age was really cool and I loved how he would jump around like a cat and then shoot and jump again. He was a real baddy! Dev­as­ta­tor was awe­some! I loved how big he was and when he com­bined together, I felt like clap­ping! See­ing him on top of the pyra­mids just brought a huge smile to my face and it was really awe­some to see him rip­ping apart that pyra­mid as he could really do that in real life. He was such a bad a**! Just hated how both these died. Too quick!

This is my complaints…The Con­struc­ti­cons are cool when they form Dev­as­ta­tor but there is no way that you can have Dev­as­ta­tor caus­ing havoc and then show another scene in the desert where Devs­ta­tor sup­posely is, with Long­haul, Mix­mas­ter, Ram­page, and Scrap­per all in the same area while Dev­as­ta­tor is still together! That really ticked me off! Come on Michael Bay…That’s not the way it works! Also, they showed Bonecrusher in auto­mo­bile mode rolling in with the Decep­ti­cons. What’s up with that? He’s dead! Prime cut his head off in the first movie and he shows up in the fight? Some­body screwed up there…Unless it was sup­posed to be being used by the army as they use that vehi­cle but that’s not what it looked like and why would the humans be dri­ving in with the Decep­ti­cons?!? Redicu­lous. These errors are over­look­able though but I just felt they screwed Devs­ta­tor up after I saw all that! Ok…I also agree to that they should have stopped with the hump­ing buis­ness with the dogs…Once was enough and well, I guess they could have stopped with Wheelie as well but it set up the joke with Mekela. A few too many Trans­form­ers in this one though…Even though I liked a lot of the new ones…I would have cut them down from 42 to like 20 and that would have had a chance for a lit­tle more story and devel­op­ment of them as some of them was lack­ing this and it con­fused peo­ple on their pow­ers and rel­e­vance. The Twins were ok…I didn’t find myself laugh­ing at them too much but there was a african amer­i­can cou­ple beside me and they were crack­ing up at them so these racist robot com­ment need to stop! Oth­ers laughed at them and that’s not the way they are! I was glad too that Skids didn’t get killed by Dev­as­ta­tor and he fought with all his might! A really cool scene!

Anyways…These prob­lems and issues lower my rat­ing on it. If these were fixed…It prob­a­bly would have got­ten a A+ from me but I give it a B+ maybe a B rating.…8 out of 10 stars. I still enjoyed the movie a lot and highly rec­om­mend it to peo­ple who enjoyed the first one! This movie does what it is intended to do…Entertain…There is no really big need for a huge sto­ry­line when we were already intro­duced to the Trans­form­ers in the first film and under­stood why they were here on our planet. All you need to do is jump right into the action and go at it now! It’s a great typ­i­cal Trans­former type of story with more action and that’s what every­one wanted so enjoy! Go with a open mind and just have fun and enjoy the visu­als which is what I did and I loved it! Don’t go into it expect­ing a Oscar type movie cause that’s not what it is and you will be dis­ap­pointed. Thanks Michael Bay for a great movie but you need to fix these issues about the dou­ble Trans­form­ers in your next Trans­former movie please!

Dog June 29th, 2009

Worst film ever
I was unset­tled by the fact that Opti­mus, the HERO, defeats one of the bad guys and when the bad guy is lay­ing on the ground, smashed, defeated, and no threat to any­one, the HERO pulls out his gun and shoots it in the face.

Now what does that say about us when our heros hap­pily do some­thing that would be con­sid­ered a war crime?

I will take it fur­ther. The female lead (Plas­tic McOrange-face) glee­fully burns out the eye of a bad guy with a blow torch and threat­ens to burn the other one out too if he doesn’t give her the infor­ma­tion she wants. The bad guy is obvi­ously in pain and dis­tress despite the fact he is a robot because he submits.

What does it say about a cul­ture that hap­pily mur­ders and tor­tures the bad guys? I thought that maybe we were at the stage where our heros have some moral fiber. And yes, it is just a big dumb movie with explo­sions, but isn’t this the place where things should be black and white? Isn’t that what big dumb movies with explo­sions are for? Just paper thin moral­ity tales where the good guys are good and the bad guys are bad and the hero never kills in cold blood? Unless it has sud­denly become 1984 I don’t think so.

Opti­mus Prime is my Hero June 30th, 2009

Dog-Now what does that say about us when our heros hap­pily do some­thing that would be con­sid­ered a war crime?

First off its not a war crime, dip­stick. Sec­ond off it was a decep­ti­con 5 times the size of opti­mus that had just got done brak­ing through a bridge and prob­a­bly killing a cou­ple of peo­ple. Tell me how do you plan on hold­ing that decep­ti­con in cap­tiv­ity. How would killing a decep­ti­con be a war crime?

When Mea­gan hurts Wheelie he was in the act of steeling.What would you do give him what­ever he wanted?

Wow all i have to say is that you must be a tree hug­ger that thinks all life, some how includ­ing made up robots and crim­i­nals, is precious.

Any­ways heres my opinion.

Plot Holes– D Char­ac­ters never should be in two places at once
Story– B– Just wasnt near as good as first ones story
Acting-A Besides when Shia was see­ing the figures/images
Robots-B+ More screen time for more robots, or take out the robots that were never used
Directing-A+ Michael Bay is a Beast
Overall-A(5 out of 5)

Fix the plot holes with the con­struc­ti­cons, robots that died in the first one and that came back, shia’s bad act­ing dur­ing the col­lege time, lose the trailer park humor, the lack of screen time for cer­tain robots or just lose those robots, and lose the mom act­ing like she doesnt know what mar­i­juana is.

Flyin11 June 30th, 2009

I agree with every­thing you said 100% Opti­mus Prime is my Hero…Great review!!

dog June 30th, 2009

In response:
A ‘Grave Breach’ of the Geneva Con­ven­tion includes acts of: will­ful killing, tor­ture or inhu­man treat­ment, will­fully caus­ing great suf­fer­ing or seri­ous injury to body or health. (In this case exe­cut­ing a sub­dued enemy combatant/prisoner of war)
The eight amend­ment of the con­sti­tu­tion pro­hibits the use of “cruel or unusual pun­ish­ments”. (In this case burn­ing a captive’s eye out with a blow torch.)
I don’t give a damn how big or nasty an enemy com­bat­ant is. When it is sub­dued, it is sub­dued. It should have ended there. Fur­ther action would fall under a breach of the Geneva Con­ven­tion. And in the spirit of the film series they already showed that it is pos­si­ble to hold a Decep­ti­con in cap­tiv­ity which would prob­a­bly have been made much eas­ier by the fact that he has been half smashed to pieces.
The appro­pri­ate pun­ish­ment by US law for petty theft is six month impris­on­ment. Hell, grand theft only calls for impris­on­ment for 12 months. In the case of Wheelie I think that there are more than the two choices you present: tor­ture him with a blow torch or ‘give him what he wants’.
Why am I not sur­prised that you think that it is okay for the good guy to do these things. The Amer­i­can mil­i­tary and gov­ern­ment has col­or­ful his­tory com­mit­ting sim­i­lar acts with­out punishment.

willychong8921 July 4th, 2009

Its an awe­some movie. Although it has cer­tain flaws in it. First, they are too many trans­form­ers included into the movie. And pretty cum­ber­some for a movie that last around 2 hours. The sto­ry­line has a lit­tle off ward com­pare to the first movie. I really hate mud­flap & Skip as they fail to actu­ally add on the humor. Most of the funny part belongs to Leo and the Twins vir­tu­ally fail to shine in the movie. I like Demol­isher con­cept as it no longer humanoid than other trans­form­ers. In this movie, the Dicep­ta­cons have bet­ter line off appear­ance com­pare to the Auto­bots and I like the way the Dicep­ta­cons present thier well planned operation.

cole July 4th, 2009

it was pretty good except for the reck­ing balls hump­ing the man thong and all the other crude stuff

wDiaz July 6th, 2009

The movie was per­fect, pretty much bet­ter than the first. For those lo class so called movie crit­ics, first you have to under­stand that movies are made to enter­tain and detache use from our daily lives, and sec­ond movies are mesured by the level of excit­mente not by how bor­ring the are.

Con­cerned Parent July 14th, 2009

I saw the movie and I really enjoyed it. Action from the begin­ning to the end, won­der­ful. My only prob­lem with it is the sex­ual jes­tures with the dogs and the pro­fan­ity. My 8yr old son saw it and if I had known that those scenes were in the movie I probaly would not have let him see the movie. I don’t care about it for myself but when you have young kids that want to see it, you don’t expect for these types of things in a movie. Kids are going to hear pro­fan­ity every­where they go but it would be nice if it could be toned down just a lit­tle. I’m hop­ing that when Trans­former 3 comes that it will be just as good with less pro­fan­ity and no sex­ual jes­tures. Thank you.

Chelle July 19th, 2009

Before I start I want to say that we know this movie is rated PG13. My boyfriend and I took our son today to see it because he is a HUGE Trans­former fan. The first one was Awe­some we really enjoyed it. So we thought that the sec­ond one would be great too… Don’t get me wrong we enjoyed the movie BUT the con­tent was not suit­able for a child to see. The sex­ual jes­tures were not needed at ALL. The dogs, the lit­tle blue robot, and all the cussing was very uncalled for. I agree that chil­dren are going to hear cussing but that movie had way to much in it. The new bots mud­flap and skids were good to add BUT most of the cussing came from them.

Most boy chil­dren around the age 6 and up are going to want to see a movie like this. It keeps them into it and they think it is awe­some with all the fight­ing in it. We stayed on the edge of our seats. If they come out with Trans­former 3, we are uncert­ian if we want our 7yr old watch­ing it. The pro­duc­ers should think about the age gruop that this movie attracts and pro­duce by that.

G-DOG August 1st, 2009

opti­mus Prime is my HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rico August 20th, 2009

It seems like the are too many things going on at the same time. It felt like I had to watch it again so I can fully under­stand the movie. What was really crappy about it was the Wheelie char­ac­ter, and the twins were enough to give it a comedic dose. the effects were awe­some, hats off to that. Prime did not look too much of a wimp and took out what? 3 decepti-chumps? Over all I give it a 3 out 5.

rico August 20th, 2009

Revenge of the Fallen looks more like Revenge of the Auto­bot Wimps… Hail Megatron!!!!!!!!

Olen Ahkcre September 2nd, 2009

Why does Wheelie hump Mikaela’s leg?

To prove that he is a f-ck-ng machine.

Did the new robots add to the film?

They added new robots? Oh yeah, they do show up briefly don’t they. Their appear­ance adds to the back­drop of two war­ring alien fac­tions while the main story focuses on Sam and his quest for the Matrix of Lead­er­ship. Loos­ing sight of the fact he already has an All-Spark frag­ment which could be used to bring Opti­mus Prime back to life.

Which was the best new character?

I would’ve said Side­swipe but he says, “D@mn, I’m good!” Since he can pat him­self on the back with­out break­ing his arms he doesn’t need to be a anyone’s favorite. Jet­fire, but he got more screen time than any of the other new Autobots.

Which was the worst?

The Twins, Mud­flap and Skids.

What would you have done different?

Take out the crude jokes and cheap laughs. They’re more like farts, embar­rass­ing and they stink up an oth­er­wise great movie.

Did the movie fly by too quickly or did you think it was too long?

Too long, because of the crude humor and some use­less scenes. Too short, because we didn’t get enough char­ac­ter devel­op­ment on the Trans­form­ers. So, it’s about the right length.

Were Skids and Mud­flap annoy­ing or gen­uinely funny?
They weren’t annoy­ing so much as redun­dant and basi­cally use­less. Sam’s mom, Sam’s room­mate, Sam’s exchanges with Mikaela, Wheelie, Jet­fire, Sim­mons, way too many clown char­ac­ters. Too much comic relief… it was like the whole movie had diar­rhea. It kept run­ning to the bath­room to relieve itself and it was all crap too.

What was your biggest dis­ap­point­ment or favorite part?
Biggest dis­ap­point­ment was the Fallen. He doesn’t really do much of any­thing. Step on annoy­ing cave­men, wow he is evil incar­nate. Steals the Matrix of Lead­er­ship and acti­vates the sun har­vester. Like none of the other Decep­ti­cons could have done that. Only be defeated by a Prime. Mega­tron was wip­ing the floor with Prime in the first movie and Mega­tron calls the Fallen, mas­ter. They made Mega­tron weaker than Prime in the sec­ond movie in the process. But it brings the movie back into align­ment with the car­toon as far as Prime can defeat Mega­tron in an all out fight.

Dis­s­a­pointed TF Fan February 26th, 2010

I was an avid fan of TF since 1984. I guess the things that inter­est me most was the con­cept of ‘Robots in Disguise’.

Com­ment of Bay’s TF

I like the design of all of the robots design except Mega­tron, Starscream, Pre­tender, ‘Thin-Man’ (sori, I don’t know the name of the robot char­ac­ter that was formed by balls throw out by Rav­age), Rav­age, the Fallen, Devastator.

Except for those specif­i­cally men­tioned, all other robots designs are very real­is­tic & awesome.

How­ever the design of Mega­tron, Rav­age, ‘Thin-Man’ & the Fallen failed to com­ply with the ‘Robots in Dis­guise’ concept.

Starscream’s robot head & body looks very much like a chick!

I don’t like the char­ac­ter of Pre­tender in TF because it made me feel as if I was watch­ing Species or Ter­mi­na­tor 3!

Besides fail­ing to com­ply with the ‘Robots in Dis­guise’ con­cept, Ravage’s Jaguar design sucks!

The design of Devastator’s head is really DEVASTING!

Bay has a very poor sence of humour…He may tried to cre­ate some humour via Sam’s mum but I feel that Sam’s mum char­ac­ter is very ANNOYING!

Despite after 26 years, I feel that TF G1 has bet­ter story line despite of the short run­ning time.