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Transformers 2 — All trailers and all TV Spots June 24th, 2009

A final YouTube playlist fea­tur­ing every sin­gle TV Spot and Trans­form­ers 2 trailer for you to get your teeth into before you head out tonight or this week­end to watch Revenge of the Fallen. That’s 27 videos! You may, by the end of it, be tired of Linkin Park’s New Divide and Shia shout­ing “Opti­mus” or “Bum­ble­bee”, but each one shows off a lit­tle bit of extra footage — you can also see how the CG effects evolve with each new video.

Transformers 2 TV Spot 20 — Sideswipe transformation June 19th, 2009

This TV Spot con­tains some spoil­ers as to one character’s des­tiny — how­ever it also intro­duces Side­swipe, show­ing his trans­for­ma­tion from the Corvette and his slip and slide tech­nique in full. Embed­ding on the video is dis­abled, but you can catch it in HD on YouTube.

Even more Transformers 2 TV Spots, “Ancient Power”, “Everything”, “Bumblebee” June 17th, 2009

Ancient Power

I’d con­sider this one a bit spoi­ler­ish. Side­swipe attack­ing Side­ways quite viciously, “they’ve been here a long time”, Mega­tron on the pyramids.


Lit­tle new snip­pet of The Fallen in this one. “Don’t freak out!”


Lots more of Devastator’s transformation.

Three more Transformers 2 TV Spots — HD Kitchen Bots June 16th, 2009

Space Moms

This is a high qual­ity HD ver­sion of the TV Spot we put up ear­lier today. Being in HD we can get a good look at some of the kitchen-bots that come alive when there’s an acci­dent with the AllSpark.


Evolved shows a bit more of the small ball bear­ing bots and Ravage.

Save the world

“They’re search­ing for Sam!”

New Transformers 2 TV Spot with Kitchen Bots June 15th, 2009

A new TV spot for Revenge of the Fallen is air­ing, this one fea­tures the mini kitchen robots we’ve heard about (such as a trans­form­ing toaster) and seem­ingly Bumblebee’s response. The video embed­ded below actu­ally includes another TV spot at the start, this is “Fate” and one we have already seen.

Three more Transformers 2 TV Spots, some Arcee & Ironhide. June 12th, 2009

The two videos we showed you just now are named “Drums” and “Stomp”. Next up are three new Revenge of the Fallen TV spots, pre­sum­ably aimed at kids given their titles and nature.

Let’s roll kids

Team Kids

Lots of new snip­pets in this one:

I’ve also noticed that the pyra­mids are start­ing to look a bit more weird, more arti­facts rotat­ing around them and a gap­ing hole at the top:

Adven­ture Kids

Two new Transformers 2 TV Spots (updated) June 12th, 2009

We’ve got two more TV spots for you, I think these are num­bers 9 and 10, named “Drums” and “Stomp”. Updated with higher qual­ity videos.


Many flashes of new action moments in this TV spot. Includ­ing Prime and his swords, Starscream land­ing at a con­struc­tion yard, a bit more of the Mega­tron vs Prime fisticuffs and an explo­sion with Long Haul in the dis­tance and a wheel fly­ing off him.


Opti­mus Prime fires a mis­sile in slow motion:

Two more Transformers 2 TV Spots — “Wanted” and “Mystery” June 3rd, 2009


A good sound­track runs through this TV spot, which fea­tures a lot of Devastator


Talks of diplo­macy and a lit­tle bit of new footage:

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