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The Jonah Hill story June 17th, 2008

IESB have posted some back­story to the attach­ment and unat­tach­ment of Super­bad star, Jonah Hill:

You know how Jonah Hill was attached to TRANSFORMERS 2, and then was sud­denly and with­out expla­na­tion un-attached? Appar­ently, Jonah was more or less offered the part in the room, but then had to go into Bay’s office to read the script — because it’s so super top secret and the plot is so extra-specially com­plex, you know.

Jonah sits down, opens the script. The char­ac­ter of the chubby side­kick is named “Jonah.” How per­fect. Jonah reads 20 pages of the script, puts it down, and silently walks out of the room. Wants no part of it. Next thing you know, his reps call Bay, he’s off the project.

I’m think­ing this may be because the chubby side­kick char­ac­ter was just too stereo­typ­i­cal with a whole host of ter­ri­ble one lin­ers and very lit­tle depth. Last thing you want to do is get typecast.