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Frank Welker to voice Soundwave? March 10th, 2009

A dis­cus­sion over at Michael Bay’s forums, “Shoot for the edit” started after an inter­view between Frank Welker and TFW2005 was posted by a fan, along with a plea to the direc­tor, specifically:

TFW: Have you been approached at all for any fur­ther work with the fran­chise, either with the movie (Sound­wave?) or another incar­na­tion, such as Trans­form­ers: Ani­mated?
Welker: Well it is a lit­tle too early to be spe­cific but I will say yes and no. No, I have not been approached by the movie folks but yes I am still involved in the franchise…more on that later.

Michael, I can under­stand your choice in terms of Mega­tron, and I know you’re prob­a­bly ready to mur­der the next guy who brings up the topic of orig­i­nal voice actors…but please, please allow Frank a shot at Soundwave’s voice. I’m risk­ing get­ting banned by Nel­son (again) just to ask. His par­tic­i­pa­tion in the fran­chise really does mean that much to a load of fans out there.

I swear this is the last time I will ever bring this sub­ject up until the movie’s release.

To which Michael Bay responded positively:

I think I’m going to pur­sue Frank on Sound­wave.

For those not in the know, Frank Welker voiced both Mega­tron and Sound­wave in the orig­i­nal ani­mated series, he also reprized his role as Mega­tron for the recent video game.

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orphan008 March 10th, 2009

Its obvi­ous that this movie series is more geared to a younger, newer and wider audi­ence than fans of the orig­i­nal ani­mated series. I’m think­ing its their way to make more money, that’s great, but I think it dilutes the essence of the Trans­form­ers series. Besides a few trans­form­ers, they have been regard­less of the orig­i­nal color-schemes which is pathetic I think.

D-Man March 16th, 2009

@ orphan008:
You’re joking…right?

Transformer1 June 19th, 2009

the voice of side­swipe is from brook­lyn ny named steven i new to the scene of this but its gonna be a hot movie