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Official Toy Pictures of Bumblebee and Soundwave January 28th, 2009

Empire have the scoop on the first Offi­cial Revenge of the Fallen toy pic­tures to be released. The arti­cle men­tions that Sound­wave trans­forms into a super­sonic jet rather than the tra­di­tional cas­sette player — how­ever this alt-mode could also be the ‘Cybertron­ian Satel­lite’ as pre­vi­ously rumored.



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Triple Changer Sound­wave (Trans­form­ers 2 — Movie Chronicles) January 31st, 2009

[…] The front pack­ag­ing of the Deluxe Sound­wave toy has been released via Action Fig­ure, com­plete with a CG ren­der­ing of Soundwave’s face and a note that the toy will be a ‘triple changer’, basi­cally hav­ing two alt modes. This falls in line with the rumors: […]