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Kids coloring book reveals big TF2 plot spoilers March 17th, 2009

SPOILERS ARE IN THIS POST. Post­ing scans of kids col­or­ing books doesn’t seem like a suit­able past time, so I don’t intend to do it too often. But today there are some scans of the new Revenge of the Fallen col­or­ing book that have hit the inter­web. Within it there are the usual robots that can be col­ored in but, more inter­est­ingly, a much sim­pli­fied sto­ry­line for the sequel — includ­ing the pre­sumed finale.

Spoil­ers after the break…

- The All Spark turns kitchen appli­ances into men­ac­ing robots
– Mikaela (Megan Fox) chases Wheels to stop him steel­ing the All Spark
– Sam can­not stop writ­ing strange hiero­glyphic sym­bols
– Sam is kid­napped by the Decep­ti­cons — as seen in the trailer, as rumored, this appears to be Megatron’s claw
– Opti­mus Prime res­cues Sam
– Sound­wave hacks into the mil­i­tary satel­lite to steal secrets
– “There is no com­mand but mine” under the title of Decep­ti­con Reunion, as Mega­tron is res­ur­rected, pos­si­bly tak­ing over from Starscream
– Bum­ble­bee crashes into Sam’s house, sav­ing the fam­ily but destroy­ing their home

The big bits:
– Dev­as­ta­tor appears on top of a pyra­mid, sur­rounded by tanks
– Agent Sim­mons (Tur­turro) needs to get the co-ordinates of Dev­as­ta­tor to take him out
– The top of the pyra­mid also has a strange struc­ture on it — “The Decep­ti­cons have found their ancient machine and they’ve pointed it right at the sun what will hap­pen if they turn it on?” “DESTROY IT” is the answer.
– The Fallen, Mega­tron, Decep­ti­cons et al fight against the humans and auto­bots atop one of the pyra­mids.
– Jet­fire takes on Mega­tron with Bumblebee’s help whilst Opti­mus Prime attacks The Fallen, unknow­ingly from the side.

This infor­ma­tion is inline with the French set report from Egypt, which included Tur­turro run­ning from Decepticons.

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Jor­dan April 11th, 2009

Will this col­or­ing book be held in Arkansas?!?Because i’m the #1 fan of transformers!!!!

Stah­wScrme April 13th, 2009

Wow those are major spoilors.

u loser April 29th, 2009

wow. can u say STAGED BY SOMEONE WITH NO LIFE? jeez some peo­ple . ur pathetic

dev­as­ta­tor December 29th, 2009

Jor­dan you r not the #1 t-formers fan i am my (fake) name is dev­as­ta­tor!! i like the pages its just like the movie i own it.

Brougham March 11th, 2010

Use­ful info. I will surely check back soon.

Anto­niak March 11th, 2010

Use­ful info. I will eurely check badk soon.;

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