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Voyager Grindor (Blackout repaint) in box May 28th, 2009

Here it comes, a mam­moth Revenge of the Fallen updates to post — I apol­o­gize for the delay in posts, I’m away in Prague at the moment. Here we go, in chrono­log­i­cal order:

Voy­ager Grindor

The Black­out repaint is now named ‘Grindor’ and once again comes with Scorpinok:

GRINDOR is a born sol­dier. He is both a highly tal­ented fighter, and an instinc­tive strate­gist. Every moment of a bat­tle is laid out in his head before the first shot is even fired. He is so tal­ented at antic­i­pat­ing his enemy’s moves that he is almost never sur­prised. When­ever he can, he ensures him­self a place at the direct cen­ter of a fight so that he can bring his pow­er­ful weapons to bear on the AUTOBOTS around him, destroy­ing as many as he can as quickly as possible.

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Alex July 5th, 2009

hooooly lord, it’s black­out… But wait a sec didn’t he get shot in the privy in the first movie? I thought he was dead! oh well