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Shia, Fox and Rodriguez running January 7th, 2009

Philly­Film­Girl has posted a new videos show­ing shots of Shia LaBoeuf, Megan Fox and Ramon Rodriguez run­ning away from some­thing, then fol­lowed by a calm but pac­ing Isabel Lucas as ‘Alice’, a pos­si­ble ‘shell’ for the Rav­age transformer.

First Official TF2 Pics ‘n’ scoops, Devastator confirmed January 4th, 2009

As hinted by Nel­son on Michael Bay’s Shoot for the Edit blog, Empire and USA Today do indeed have the first offi­cial pic­tures from Trans­form­ers 2 along with some juicy scoops and rumor con­fir­ma­tions — SPOILERS herein: Dev­as­ta­tor con­firmed. Dev­as­ta­tor made up of mul­ti­ple robots con­firmed. Sound­wave con­firmed. Jet­fire crossover confirmed.

USA Today

Arti­cle 1: LaBoeuf, Fox Really under fire in Trans­form­ers 2

Juicy spoil­ers and plot synopsis…

This time, the story finds Sam and Mikaela under attack by the evil Decep­ti­cons because of some­thing Sam has learned about the ori­gins of the Trans­form­ers and their ancient his­tory on Earth.

To acquire this knowl­edge, the invad­ing Decep­ti­cons need to cap­ture Sam instead of kill him. Mean­while, the U.S. mil­i­tary and an inter­na­tional coali­tion has united with the good-guy Auto­bots to fight back the vil­lains’ attack.

Some of the most impor­tant new­com­ers are in the robot cast: Decep­ti­cons Sound­wave, a fear­some com­mu­ni­ca­tions expert, and Dev­as­ta­tor, whose arms and legs are built out of other Trans­form­ers. And on the Auto­bots’ side is Jet­fire, a vil­lain whose age and broken-down phys­i­cal­ity leads him to help the Auto­bots [see scratched out decep­ti­con logo on Jet­fire].

Arti­cle 2: ‘Trans­form­ers’ breaks out the big guns for sequel

The U.S. Depart­ment of Defense gave its offi­cial stamp of approval to the Michael Bay-directed film, not only allow­ing pro­duc­tion amid the pris­tine dunes of the Army’s New Mex­ico mis­sile range, but also let­ting film­mak­ers fol­low jets and fighter planes through the sky from nearby Hol­lo­man Air Force Base. More scenes were shot on the Navy’s air­craft car­rier USS John C. Sten­nis, and Marines fill the ranks of the strike team bat­tling the invad­ing Transformers.

Among the equip­ment the movie is using in this desert sequence alone: two A-10 Thun­der­bolt II “Warthog” tank-killing jets; six F-16 Fight­ing Fal­cons; 10 armored Humvees; the Army’s Golden Knights para­chute team; two Abrams tanks; two Bradley tanks; two missile-launcher vehi­cles; two armored per­son­nel car­ri­ers; and a quarter-mile of the mis­sile test­ing range, cleared of unex­ploded ord­nance and built into an Egypt­ian town and tem­ple. (Signs warn not to cross a perime­ter just over the gyp­sum dunes, because live bombs could be hid­den in the sand.)

The final bat­tle the mil­i­tary is help­ing Bay cre­ate is sup­posed to be an enor­mous fire­fight in Egypt, but much of it is being shot in the White Sands dunes in a town built over the roughly quarter-mile cleared span.


Spoil­ers from the Empire arti­cle pro­vided cour­tesy of Alien­bot:

- Bay and LaBeouf con­firm the Fallen is a sep­a­rate char­ac­ter.
– Egypt­ian hiero­glyph­ics …turn out to be depic­tions of Trans­form­ers who vis­ited Earth.
– Bay claims Mega­tron is not com­ing back and the tank is just a new toy.
– Around 40 robots.
– Bud­get is $200 mil­lion.
– Ramon Rodriguez is the one hold­ing on for dear life to a pole while cars are flung.
– Dev­as­ta­tor appears at the pyra­mid, he’s prob­a­bly 50 feet tall because that’s the height of the cam­era crane they used on location.

Note the hand injury in this image — prov­ing it has been worked into the movie.

Pos­si­ble Fallen images

With Fallen now cited as a sep­a­rate char­ac­ter in ‘Revenge of the Fallen’, it’s a good time to point out some mys­te­ri­ous shots found on Lin­ing up TV, which claims to have on set images of The Fallen. Behind an old pic­ture? Doesn’t seem to fit inline with the Egypt­ian plot arc we are see­ing, I’ll clas­sify as fake for now.

Transformers 2 On the US Navy carrier Stennis November 7th, 2008

Seib­ertron are report­ing, despite the state­ment on Michael Bay’s blog that film­ing had wrapped, that TF2 has been film­ing aboard the USS John C. Sten­nis air­craft car­rier over Novem­ber 1st and 2nd.

Pic­tures from the set

These images show Shia LaBoeuf with ‘bat­tle dam­age’, Michael Bay film­ing shoot­ing a cat­a­pult launch, Josh Duhamel and Tyrese.

Set Report

Skalor’s Post­card
Greet­ings from San Diego! Just got back today from deploy­ment at sea on board the U.S. Navy car­rier Sten­nis and thought I’d fill every­one in on what I expe­ri­enced this past week with the ROTF cast and crew. It’s true, film­ing did take place this past week, all shoot­ing was com­pleted in a two day span, Sat­ur­day the 1st with the IMAX folks film­ing flight oper­a­tions, and Sun­day the 2nd with Michael Bay in action around the ship. Rumors flew around for weeks about what exactly was going to hap­pen with the movie so it was really cool to see it all go down.

Sat­ur­day after­noon two trans­port planes arrived, the first car­ry­ing Shia Labeouf on the first and on the sec­ond were Michael Bay, Tyrese Gib­son, Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel. They arrived in cos­tume (at least Tyrese and Josh did) and began work­ing almost imme­di­ately. From what I saw, all of the film­ing with the cast was done in “closed” sets. The rest of the film­ing on the flight deck seemed to be flight oper­a­tions, of which I was there and will hope­fully make the final cut. We were told to just act nat­ural and con­tinue our jobs as nor­mal, which is easy to do when you’ve actu­ally got work to do. I did how­ever try really hard to get into one shot in which I just walked back and forth for about 20 min­utes. :P

The whole expe­ri­ence was a lot of fun and every­one in the cast and crew were really cool. Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox were really hard to find on the ship, I think they were work­ing just about their whole time there. I’m not sure which part of the movie was filmed there but it is prob­a­bly some­where toward the end, (Shia had “beat-up” make up on, and Duhamel and Tyrese were in dress uni­forms). Over­all it was an awe­some time.

Sorry if I didn’t give you any good spoil­ers or any­thing like that, but I think the sus­pense is more fun any­way. By the way, the crew work­ing on this movie have been bust­ing their asses to make a good film, that much I can attest to.

This should put to rest any of the rumors that they’ve com­pleted film­ing for now, although this may have been the last of the film­ing (I didn’t ask). […]

Boneyard Bumblebee Video October 15th, 2008

YouTube user TSMD has posted a video from the Bone­yard depict­ing the Trax, Beat and Camaro under­cover before switch­ing to some shots of Bum­ble­bee dri­ving around to please the fans.

Boneyard Set Report October 15th, 2008

An Anony­mous source has sent Seib­ertron a set report from the Bone­yard along with a few images of the vehi­cles in stor­age show­ing the Chevy Volt and Chevy Centennial.

Dear Seib​ertron​.com,

Me again — I have some follow-up infor­ma­tion con­cern­ing the “Bum­ble­bee Sighted” arti­cle that you pre­vi­ously posted. I vis­ited the 309th AMARG again today for their last day of film­ing; and let me tell you, it was busy. Lots of new pho­tos, includ­ing a bumper shot of ‘Side­swipe’ and a lit­tle snip­pet of a pic­ture of what I believe to be the blue Chevy Volt (how­ever, dur­ing the time I was present this vehi­cle was never actu­ally taken off the trailer; nei­ther was Side­swipe to my knowl­edge). No pic­tures of Shia or Megan; but, as I was informed by plenty of sol­diers (con­cern­ing Fox, any­ways); the two were def­i­nitely on set. I apol­o­gize for some of the pic­tures that came out some­what small and rounded; I actu­ally had to snap those cer­tain shots through a pair of binoc­u­lars. Iron­i­cally enough, the pic­tures I took of Bum­ble­bee (yel­low 2009 con­cept Camaro) and the red and green Chevy Trax & Beat (the ‘Twins’, I think?) were actu­ally on my way off the set. Lucky me!

Some­thing else I don’t know if you would be inter­ested in or not — but I’ll add it on here any­ways, just in case. The scene that I wit­nessed them film­ing con­sisted of a long, large sheet of metal (maybe a cover up for some­thing of some sort?) being stood up by the side of one of the planes in The Bone­yard, and lots of loud gib­ber­ish shout­ing com­ing from what I believe to be one of the trans­form­ers. Keep in mind this scene was watched from about 200 meters away — but why I think its impor­tant is because of the loud, boom­ing voice we heard from over 200 meters away. We couldn’t make out what he was say­ing; but what we could iden­tify was that it was male, and very Decep­ti­con sound­ing — mean­ing a very deep, bari­tone sort of sound to it but with a sharp, man­i­festly evil edge. In my own opin­ion (and those of all of the sol­diers that accom­pa­nied me on the “tour”) this was the voice of Mega­tron — def­i­nitely evil, def­i­nitely loud. Then again, it could have been that ‘Jet­fire’ char­ac­ter that I’ve heard a lit­tle bit about — the plane where the sound orig­i­nated from wasn’t the exact air­craft he’s been described as, but then again I wasn’t up close and per­sonal with it so it’s a tough one to call. Alas, I wouldn’t be sur­prised if this mys­te­ri­ous voice did belong to Mega­tron — had a sort of, feel to it, you know?
Some­thing like, “Damn, that guy is pissed.“
Mega­tron or not, whoever’s voice that belonged to def­i­nitely wanted some sort of Revenge

Well, that’s all the news I have so far. If I hear or (hope­fully) see any­thing else con­cern­ing Trans­form­ers: Revenge of the Fallen; I’ll be sure to update you guys!


Chevy Volt at White Sands — an Autobot? September 25th, 2008

Dee has sent TLAMB this shot of the Chevy Corvette and Volt in White Sands, taken on a cell phone. After the scenes on Queensway bridge and sub­se­quent offi­cial state­ments, it was thought that the Volt was not an auto­bot — how­ever, if this was the case, why paint it in such a bril­liant purple/blue and trans­port it to White Sands, which is the movie equiv­a­lent of Egypt!?

Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Ironhide at White Sands September 25th, 2008

TLAMB’s Anony­mous source that pro­vided a set report has returned with the promised pic­tures of Bum­ble­bee, Ratchet, Opti­mus Prime and Iron­hide. None of the new auto­bots were on show however.

The set report:
– The core cast is at the loca­tion, Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gib­son
– Today they shot a fight scene at a desert set sim­i­lar to one from the first movie.
– Extras on set com­prised of var­i­ous needs includ­ing a “Strike Force” and Jor­dan­ian sol­diers.
– Heard rumor that Julie White and Kevin Dunn (Sam’s par­ents) where also on the White Sands set.
– Addi­tion­ally heard that TF2 may film in Rui­doso which is about 30 min­utes from Alam­ogordo. Rui­doso is in the moun­tains sur­rounded by a dense forest.

ET and The Insider’s Transformers 2 Set Visit September 25th, 2008

A ter­ri­ble fea­ture made only to exploit the pop­u­lar­ity of Trans­form­ers, in the end reveal­ing very lit­tle whilst lit­ter­ing our heads with movie buzz­words, attempt­ing to cre­ate hype with­out deliv­er­ing the dirt. Watch those F16s… over and over again, be sure to mute that pre­sen­ter though.

The Insider
were also there for more of the same. What’s with the music play­ing ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Ter­ri­ble television.

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