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Set Report from Alamogordo September 23rd, 2008

This anony­mous set report from Alam­ogordo comes via TLAMB and reveals details of the film­ing and details of the scenes shot.

Don’t know if you are con­cerned, but they are in fact film­ing here in Alam­ogordo, NM. They’ve been here for some­time now.

Sep­tem­ber 12th — They were film­ing on base from 12:00pm — 10:30pm. They used a large mil­i­tary plane, like a C17. It was parked and they had many of the mil­i­tary extras walk­ing to and from the plane. Some­times load­ing onto the back of the plane and then deplan­ing afterwards.

Josh and Tyrese were there as well. I saw them stand­ing at the end of the stair­well, the land­ing of the C-17. The mil­i­tary extras were walk­ing and in some takes they were running.

Tyrese was try­ing to keep the mood light as I wit­nessed him doing some kind of “chicken dance”. I hear through the grapevine that he was pretty silly that day. I hon­estly think it’s to pre­vent him­self from going crazy from bore­dom. As you prob­a­bly know, there are many, many, many takes just for one shot! And then they want to do the same shot from another angle. So you’re talk­ing, 10 takes each at least! Need­less to say, that could take all night, and some­times it does! There were a few times while every­one waited as they set up the shots, Tyrese would say out loud, “Are we ready yet? What’s the hold up? C’mon lets go!” They were out­side doing this scene all night! The walk­ing scene was done at least 20 times. Rid­ing humvees around the plane was shot in the day and later in the night.

The humvees had gun­ners on top, about 4 of those rid­ing around and around the plane. They were def­i­nitely film­ing a fight scene.

I really don’t want to go into too much detail for fear some­one I know that is work­ing with Dream­Works will get into a lot of trou­ble. I would love to tell you the story line of which I’m sure you’d be sur­prise, but I truly do not want to spoil it for any true Trans­former fan.

They start shoot­ing tomor­row (22nd Sept) at White Sands for the entire week. Unfor­tu­nately I won’t be able to watch any film­ing while they are out there. Only the extras and crew are allowed. I hear they will be shoot­ing here in Alam­ogordo, whether it be on base or at White Sands, they will be here till early October.

Here is what I’ve observed so far at Hol­lo­man. They had men and women and very few chil­dren dressed in Mus­lim cos­tumes. The peo­ple looked very authen­tic I saw them early one morn­ing walk­ing to the trail­ers. Bum­ble­bee was on base; how­ever he was shielded from pry­ing eyes as they cov­ered him up with a car cover. Not a great job because his rear and sides were pok­ing out of the cover and one could tell it was Bumblebee.

Some of the extras are Air Force guys por­tray­ing Army guys and some extra Army guys are por­tray­ing Air Force guys. I hear “some” of the Air Force guys were look­ing “tighter” in dress and hair­cut. The cast­ing dept. thought they looked more of what some­one in Army would look like? I know some Army guys won’t like to hear that, but it’s true.

Some where on base in a hangar, holds Iron­hide, Opti­mus Prime, some of the “pimped” out humvees the pri­mary cast will be dri­ving. (Most likely Tyrese and Josh) The Corvette was there as well, it is sil­ver in color. The peo­ple who were there at the time didn’t want any pho­tos taken of the Corvette, they were adamant about that. Appar­ently GM would have a cow if that photo got out. Now I hear they are going to let [us] take pho­tos of these vehi­cles tomorrow.

Also, the Can Am Spy­der will be in the film too, but they’ve got it all decked out with a more futur­is­tic look to it.

Anony­mous in Alamogordo

ET Video Blogs from Transformers 2 set September 23rd, 2008

ET’s Mark Steines and The Insider’s Vic­to­ria Recano are on set in White Sands, New Mex­ico and Hol­lo­man air force base — to cap­ture an exclu­sive sneak pre­view of Trans­form­ers 2 “with real live F16s” — six of them. Below is a snip­pet video before we get the real thing tomorrow…

More action! More excite­ment! More Trans­form­ers! ‘Trans­form­ers: Revenge of the Fallen’ explodes into the­aters June 26 ’09, and only ET’s Mark Steines is blog­ging exclu­sively from his pri­vate jet ride to direc­tor Michael Bay’s top-secret set in New Mex­ico — where he’ll give you an unprece­dented first look behind the scenes of the upcom­ing sum­mer blockbuster!

Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel are reunited once again with the cast of the orig­i­nal block­buster, which saw mankind caught in the mid­dle of bat­tling Auto­bots and Decep­ti­cons from another galaxy. Up until now, the ‘Trans­form­ers’ sequel set has been off-limits, but only ET got com­plete access to the closed set on Hol­lo­man Air Force Base and White Sands Mis­sile Range in New Mexico.

Stay tuned to ET for our all-‘Transformers’ Tuesday!

Josh Duhamel on Set September 21st, 2008

Spoil­erTV have posted some pic­tures of Josh Duhamel on the set of Trans­form­ers 2:

Two new Walmart videos September 18th, 2008

As part of Walmart’s (pass­word: AllSpark62609) Trans­form­ers DVD pro­mo­tion they have released two new videos — the first shows some behind the scenes laughs and jest­ing between Shia and Megan Fox on a sunny day, the sec­ond is Megan Fox’s audi­tion tape from the first movie.

A Day in the Shade

Aud­tion Tapes

Videos of Ice Cream Truck split in two September 11th, 2008

A set of 11 videos from the Beth­le­hem Steel works set have been posted by YouTube user RodrigoNJ, in an obscure ver­ti­cal for­mat they show heli­copters fly­ing in to the loca­tion, film­ing, Michael Bay and most impor­tantly, the two halves of the ice Cream truck split up, dri­ving and spin­ning around independently!

This was pre­vi­ously reported on via the leaked Call Sheet, but never confirmed:

The scene break­downs also reveal that the Ice­cream truck is a new robot — split­ting in two (”twins”) around chil­dren whilst leav­ing them treats (com­edy is back, excellent!).

Pole or a Robot — New video from PhillyFilmGirl September 11th, 2008

Philly­Film­Girl is back with her next video; this time the dis­cus­sion revolves around whether or not a pole is a place­holder for a robot dur­ing prepa­ra­tion for a night­time ally shoot in what will be Paris:

Video of Major Plot Point and Spoilers in TF2 September 8th, 2008

Philly­Film­Girl is back again with her next video of a Trans­form­ers 2 scene. Spoil­ers below!. This comes via TLAMB:

This scene shows Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBoeuf) on the phone to Mikaela explain­ing about his grandfather’s quest to the arc­tic, how he saw Mega­tron and how weird things hap­pened to him (“see­ing crazy sym­bols”) — things that have since begun hap­pen­ing to Sam — read­ing a 930 page book in 30 seconds.

The video very help­fully has subtitles:

Since post­ing this video, Philly­Film­Girl has also filled in some of the plot details that she has dis­cov­ered con­cern­ing Sam’s light­ning fast book read­ing skills:

–he gets some sort of a box, he touches it, it zaps him
–all of a sud­den in class (which is a large lec­ture hall) he goes crazy say­ing whats wrong in the book and draw­ing sym­bols all over his notes and on the board
–i myself have held and seen the astron­omy book, its pretty big
–he calls mikaela freaked out, thats where the video comes in
–from there, he tells her on the phone in another loca­tion, ‘dont touch the box’ so i guess thats what did it to him
–then he draws a lot of sym­bols and i guess it leads him to the final bat­tle and draw­ing sym­bols
he also meets another girl, alice who turns out to be evil and is try­ing to get all up on him at a party, bum­ble­bee crashes the party and here is the con­ver­sa­tion sam has with a frat brother
“hey fresh­men!” frat bro
“yea?” sam
“is that ur car parked there?“
“what car?“
“the yel­low one on the bushes“
“oh my friend just went to get u a tighter shirt“
“there is no tighter shirt i checked and you dont have any friends…say how about if i park my foot up ur ass!“
“what size shoe are you?“
sam then stum­bles on some bushes out­side the party, gets in the car with alice (that girl i men­tioned)
bum­ble­bee doesnt like her (hence that video with the spin­ning stop we saw), she gets out with goo on her because of bum­ble­bee
then later alice is seen in a court­yard all meni­a­cle look­ing after some sort of explo­sion and the trio are run­ning from her

oh yea, he gets a new roo­mate at col­lege and his name is leo — leo knows or fig­ures out about trans­form­ers and they basi­cally kill that new saturn…i think it gets split in two and placed up high on a ledge in a warehouse/factory place, and theres explo­sions
thats some of what i know hap­pens, hope that helps, this is all the truth

the par­ents are in france…something bad hap­pens there they all observe a tv in a open air mar­ket and peo­ple are cry­ing (an old woman is even wear­ing a biret), a build­ing col­lapses, and peo­ple are flee­ing from it and then we see a trans­former in france hunt­ing down the par­ents or pro­tect­ing them, i dont know

shia gets stran­gled by mega­tron too…we will see megatron’s hand stran­gle him

New explosion from Shoreline Drive, Long Beach September 4th, 2008

TLAMB have pointed out a new video show­ing a chain reac­tion of explo­sions that is dif­fer­ent to those we have seen so far:

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