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New Arcee and Constructicon toy images February 3rd, 2009

52toys (via his post at TFW2005) have posted new images of the blue motor­bike toy — pre­sumed to be Arcee, show­ing how it trans­forms step by step, with some images designed to match the sil­hou­ette seen in the trailer (behind the Audi). He also com­ments that the toy, once trans­formed, can­not eas­ily stand upright by itself.

Mean­while TFW2005 forum mem­ber Gen­Zhao has done a sim­i­lar thing with the Con­struc­ti­con, cre­at­ing poses that match those seen in the trailer. He is sell­ing this toy on ebay.

Con­struc­ti­con Toy Images

Arcee Toy Images