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Tons of images (Skids, Ice Cream Truck, Jolt) and Set report from White Sands February 3rd, 2009

EDIT: Images removed at the request of Para­mount Pictures

In a post to the LS2 forums, mem­ber -=boM=- spoke about his expe­ri­ences as an extra at White Sands, New Mex­ico in Trans­form­ers 2. To prove he was there he has also pro­vided a large col­lec­tion of set images that show Side­swipe, Skids, Bum­ble­bee, Iron­hide, Opti­mus, Jolt, Ratchet, Shia and Megan Fox on set, tanks, sol­diers, build­ing ruins, a camel, anti air­craft mis­sile vehi­cles, etc. — I have included these after the break and they come via TForm­ers, the report comes via TLAMB.

The fol­low­ing report con­tains spoil­ers, be warned:

“Can’t wait…i’m in it as an extra. I am a Navy Seal doing a bat­tle scene against the Decep­ti­cons. I filmed out at White Sands and on Hol­lo­mans flight line. Filmed for 4 days and had a blast. Tons of pics on my Facebook.”


I had to chase a bunch of vil­lagers out of the area because the Decep­ti­cons were attack­ing, then had to pro­tect Opti­mus Prime’s body. There were a shit­load of us out there.

The food and cater­ing was awe­some. A lot of down­time. Just like a deployment.

I did an inter­view for the DVD. We will see if that is on it too. The asked me a bunch of ques­tions about the mil­i­tary. The auto­bots are behind me on top of a sand dune. I did a GM plug. They liked that.

Micheal Bay loves the mil­i­tary. I got to speak with him very briefly. He gets so angry on set at the actors but doesn’t dare yell or demean the mil­i­tary. It was a trip. He said some­thing to me like do you want a job as a DA (Direc­tors Assis­tant), I said hell yeah. He was get­ting pissed at his DA. His DA was like trust me you dont want this job.

I have two closeup shots if they do decide to put them in the movie. One was walk­ing with the cam­era on the tracks going along with me but at a slower pace. The cam­era was right on the side of my face fol­low­ing me but at a slower rate. There were two oth­ers behind me. The other close up was while I was defend­ing from a cor­ner of a build­ing on one knee. The boom cam­era went from the ground to over head of us all. I was up front in the scene. The cam­era came up to my face then began to ascend over the area. It was pretty cool.

Another scene was Opti­mus get­ting dropped off by a chi­nook. I had to run up to the area then stop as Opti­mus was get­ting dropped.

Another was with Josh and Tyrese when they argue with The Pres­i­dent on the flight­line. I am in the background.

As much time as I spent film­ing (9–10 hours a day for 4 days) I hope I am seen at least once. Hell I’ll be happy to be on teh DVD.

One of the images also reveals Megan Fox and pos­si­bly Josh Duhamel sit­ting next to a fallen man in a pool of blood, he’s not in mil­i­tary dress and in other images looks like Shia.
TLAMB enter­tain the idea that Revenge of ‘The Fallen’ may per­tain to the fallen Opti­mus Prime, Re: ‘pro­tect Opti­mus Prime’s body’, although they con­clude that this is unlikely, ‘Revenge’ is not very Opti­mus like.

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tom February 4th, 2009

This guy is an ass and never should have posted this stuff. Idiot, try­ing to show off. I hope Dream­works and Para­mount pros­e­cute to the fullest. Moron!