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Transformers 2 Trailer, Download in HD February 1st, 2009

Update 3: Final Trans­form­ers 2 Trailer released in HD (30th April 2009)
See also our in depth analy­sis of the trailer with high qual­ity screen­shots of all the key scenes, robots and Megan Fox.

Update 2: New Trans­form­ers 2 trailer leaked early (29th April 2009)

Update: A lot of peo­ple are reach­ing this page look­ing for the high def­i­n­i­tion ver­sion of the Trans­form­ers 2 trailer, thus I present to you two handy links:

Watch full Trans­form­ers 2 trailer in 1080p

(or 720p)

Orig­i­nal Post

The Super­bowl Trans­form­ers 2 teaser trailer, a lit­tle early:

Down­load the Super­bowl Trans­form­ers 2 Teaser Trailer

Sum­mary of the trailer

- Rav­age is the beast like crea­ture, match­ing leaked con­cept designs

–A very large trans­former emerg­ing through a bridge as Opti­mus Prime jumps on his head, match­ing the leaked Terex RH400 toy’s head and arms, rolling along on one giant wheel (EDIT: Two wheels, thanks Jef­frey). Looks like ONE of the con­struc­ti­cons that makes up the even big­ger Dev­as­ta­tor. He is also the char­ac­ter destroy­ing the heli­copters at Beth­le­hem Steel works.

View the toy images, View Beth­le­hem Film­ing Report and Images. The explod­ing bridge scenes were filmed in Long Beach — View video footage (and more footage, includ­ing an aer­ial angle).

- Opti­mus Prime gets smacked in the face by an unknown entity

- The Audi R8 robot comes crash­ing through a win­dow before turn­ing into its vehi­cle alt mode and dri­ving away

- As the Audi R8 dri­ves away you can see more Trans­form­ers com­ing into the screen in the top right, there is a hint of pink on the first one and it seems to be almost skat­ing, I am guess­ing this is Arcee, a third char­ac­ter is also seen briefly behind her. Screen­shots fur­ther down. The R8 has pre­vi­ously been seen with Arcee fol­low­ing in the Wal­mart footage, this is prob­a­bly an exten­sion of that scene.

- Shia gets con­fronted by what appears to be Starscream and then is held down by a large claw — the trailer implies this is also Starscream but the claw is very sim­i­lar to the one on the redesigned Mega­tron (Seen here). The claw also bears some strange mark­ings, sim­i­lar to those on the Voy­ager class toy pack­ages.


Key Screen­shots


Audi R8 Robot Mode

Audi R8 Toy pictures


See the char­ac­ter in the top right? Click the image for a big­ger view.

Opti­mus Prime


More likely to be just one of the con­struc­ti­cons that make up the even big­ger Devastator.

Toy Images | More Toy Images | Toy Details

Shia Con­fronted by Starscream

Looks like this was also filmed in Beth­le­hem, matches this scenery.

Shia pinned down by a large claw, pos­si­bly Megatron’s

Note the sym­bols in the background:

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The Twins robot modes revealed (Trans­form­ers 2 — Movie Chronicles) February 1st, 2009

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Jen­nifer February 1st, 2009

Nice pics. I am look­ing for­ward to see­ing this flick when it’s on the big screen. For more fun, check out http://​www​.squidoo​.com/​t​r​a​n​s​f​o​r​m​e​rs2 — you can watch the trailer again and there’s also a cool vid show­ing Mac v. PC trans­form­ers. Quite fun!

auto­bot February 1st, 2009

1st!! cant wait.

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Jef­frey February 1st, 2009

I am sorry to say but that Con­struc­ti­con has 2 wheels…at the end bat­tle with O.P. there is a wheel touch­ing the ground and a wheel behind him. Even the toy of him has 2 wheels so he is kinda like a motorcycle.…

Greet­ings from Hol­land ;)

BetaS­word February 1st, 2009

Wow, that Con­struc­ti­con Alone is really huge and dev­as­tat­ing, but still, IT ISN’T DEVASTATOR!

And if DEVASTATOR really appears, then the Auto­bots will get in real Trou­ble, which can only be helped with heav­i­est Artillery, that the Amer­i­can Mil­i­tary can make use of(and let’s hope, that we don’t need a Nuke for him).

an2ni February 1st, 2009

i heard that the full trailer will be released on feb 13???? hope to get to see more bad ass robots! can’t wait for revenge of the fallen!

Al February 1st, 2009

The shot where Prime gets punched looks like Cybertron in the back­ground… Would be nice to see more action shot of Cybertron!

Meriadoc78 February 1st, 2009

Thank!!! Pow­er­full!!! DEVASTATOR God!!!

Moeror February 1st, 2009

In the part with the Audii trans­form­ing, itlooks like there are 3 dif­fer­ent smaller robots chas­ing him. You can see one up in the air and as the car moves for­wardu can see another come up in the air and u can see another closer to the ground too.

Heddy February 2nd, 2009

the sil­ver car with a sup­posed arcee on top is Auto­bot Side­swipe. dev­as­ta­tor is defi­anlty in the movie but its hard to tell with the teaser

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math123 February 2nd, 2009

can’t wait…

orphan008 February 2nd, 2009

The teaser is exactly that! I can’t wait to see a full trailer. But, that HUGE trans­former bust­ing down the bridge bet­ter not be Dev­as­ta­tor. I’m going to be highly dis­ap­pointed if it is. :-/

Sorry guys, but when it comes to Dev­as­ta­tor I have to revert to the awe­some­ness of the early G’s cartoons.

orphan008 February 2nd, 2009

Oh yeah, love the scene of Opti­mus get­ting his face smashed. Woot!

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Ablaba February 2nd, 2009

Holy crap dev­as­ta­tor looks awe­some! But it’s only half of him I think. The guy says he thinks the claw pin­ning Sam down is Mega­tron, I don’t think he saw the actual footage oth­er­wise he’d know it’s Starscream!!! That sil­ver car isn’t an Auto­bot, it’s the Audi decep­ti­con. You can see the logo when he’s fin­ished trans­form­ing if you look close. The smaller bot fol­low­ing him might be Arcee or the Chevy Volt.

dudeguy February 2nd, 2009

It’s ok to have a comment.

BetaS­word February 2nd, 2009

dudeguy: it’s ok to have a Com­ment (as long as you’re not flaming)

Ablabla: For your Infor­ma­tion, that’s only the Con­struc­ti­con, just re-read that Page to remem­ber:–01/high-quality-constructicon-toy-images/
And there’s the Robot-Mode, the Trailer shows:–01/constructicon-toy-surfaces/
look at the 4th Picture

So, PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT IT’S DEVASTATOR, because he’s actu­ally not even intro­duced with the Superbowl-Teaser.

But I’m actu­ally won­der­ing how the Autobot’s could bring even this Giant down, look­ing at this enor­mous size.
If the true Dev­as­ta­tor shows up, then it might become a Moment where even Prime could saythe Movie1-Line:“We’re so dead”.

How­ever, see­ing such an over­sized Enemy should increase the pos­si­bil­ity for a Jet-Mode or Super-Mode for Opti­mus Prime.

I can’t wait to see the next Trailer and the Movie itself, gotta buy me the Steelbook-Edition of this too.

littleman794 February 4th, 2009

that is not shia being con­fronted by starscream…

have a closer look:


does that look like shia? no, didn’t think so…looks older…see that mug?

littleman794 February 7th, 2009

this is wierd i just posted 2 com­ments and they won’t show..

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dawn March 1st, 2009


Nic­hole March 16th, 2009

You know that I’m girl right. What­ever I just love it! but I just want find out if Arcee and Bum­ble­bee is on date in this movie’s end????????

Lisasme April 24th, 2009

The bot with the wheel is not Dev­as­ta­tor. As far as I know, it is Demol­ishor, who forms the torso of Dev­as­ta­tor. And yeah, he’s a big guy…

trans­form­ers 1st generation May 20th, 2009

cant waiting!!!terrible movie.…i will the first to watch the movies.…
i like big car robot…so cool man…

con­nor June 12th, 2009

thank god for demol­ishor .hes a bigen

CONNOR June 13th, 2009


CONNOR June 13th, 2009

in the new trans­fomers game arcee is bum­blbees enemy

RizaL June 20th, 2009

I can not wait for watch­ing this film,
it’s the same movie.

Anik June 24th, 2009

i wanna fuck the actresses

abbas July 4th, 2009

ok demo

con­nor July 9th, 2009

i hate anik/i love megon fox . i love you baby

OzoM February 1st, 2010

see trans­form­ers here

opti­muz prime February 26th, 2010

woohoo this movie is so cool

khaled May 9th, 2010


anony­mous September 7th, 2010

already watched Trans­form­ers 3??
more than cool ≧▽≦

Bessenyei András November 24th, 2010

Nagyon jó a Trans­form­ers filmek és a mostani 3. része is jólesz.
Imá­dom a Transformerst.