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Joker defaces entire Empire Magazine June 6th, 2008

Empire Mag­a­zine are run­ning a Batman/Joker dual edi­tion of their pub­li­ca­tion, the Bat­man fronted ver­sion is as nor­mal, with the caped cru­sader don­ning the front, and all pages as nor­mal. The excit­ing bit comes in the form of The Jok­er­ized ver­sion, where the Joker has taken it upon him­self to not only deface the Bat­man arti­cle, but also the entire issue!

Batman version of Empire Magazine Joker version of Empire Magazine

Seems like NYC is under­go­ing sim­i­lar treat­ment…

Large Dark Knight Ad

(via Desedo)

Batman’s got milk, why don’t you? May 28th, 2008

Body By Milk has added a new “got milk?” ad, with Bat­man sport­ing the ‘stache. Check out their web­site for details on a con­test whereby you can be inserted in to an actual Bat­man comic. There’s also a nice wid­get, as well as a wall­pa­per and buddy icon of the ad.

And here is the ad:

New Christian Bale pictures as Batman January 30th, 2008

And so the Dark Knight news con­tin­ues in absence of Heath Ledger, that melan­choly feel­ing con­tin­ues to linger. It is going to be a lit­tle weird in these next few months, as pro­mo­tion gears up again and we get more viral mar­ket­ing cam­paigns — prob­a­bly with the same Joker stance.

Com­ing Soon have posted three new shots of Bat­man in an assort­ment of poses:

Batman on police car

A pos­si­ble new poster here, looks a lit­tle green and fake but that may just be the qual­ity of the image itself. I pre­fer the other posters that we have seen.

Bruce Wayne aside the new Bat-suit (every­thing always has to be new and improved!)

3 New Dark Knight Images December 8th, 2007

These three pro­mo­tional shots (one of which we have seen before, but clouded with cover page texts) come via Comics2Film. I par­tic­u­larly love the last image, which at first glance appears to be unre­lated, until you notice the mask.

High Resolution Dark Knight Poster and Joker December 5th, 2007

We all like to see high res­o­lu­tion pic­tures, today I have two of them for you. The first is a whop­ping 300dpi 100mb ver­sion of the teaser poster. To illus­trate the detail of a pic­ture like this, here’s a fully sized extract:

Dark Knight Poster High Resolution Preview

The more astute will have noticed a link to this file on Why So Seri­ous. It appears to the bot­tom right of the nor­mal sized picture:

Down­load 100mb poster image


(beware, 100mb down­load may take a while!)
If this link suf­fers under the traf­fic, etc, here is a handy mir­ror site: Alter­nate Download

Next up we have the medium-to-high res­o­lu­tion ver­sion of that Empire mag­a­zine cover thanks to David:

High Resolution Preview

Down­load (only 420kb this time)

New Joker and Bale Images November 30th, 2007

Along with Empire, Wiz­ard have a super hero themed issue which dons a glo­ri­ous front cover pic­ture of Heath Ledger as The Joker:

Click to em’biggen.

Joker on Wizard Cover

The Empire arti­cle itself also con­tains a new Bat­man pic­ture of Bruce Wayne admir­ing the new bat-suit. For those inter­ested in read­ing the arti­cle, but are unable to pur­chase a copy of the British pub­li­ca­tion, a typed out ver­sion can be found on SHH, Empire Arti­cle. This is an extract from the Empire inter­view with Chris Nolan:

“The way Bat­man Begins ended was intended not so much as sequel bait,” Nolan insists, “but to cre­ate a level of excite­ment at the end of the movie. Ulti­mately, the sequel hap­pened because we got caught up in that process of imag­in­ing how you would see the Joker go through the prism of what we did in the first film.”

And how is the Joker seen through that prism? “Inde­scrib­able, really, Not to sound eva­sive — it actu­ally is quite dif­fi­cult to explain, but all I can really say is Heath’s not doing any par­tic­u­lar thing, he’s inhab­it­ing the char­ac­ter in very much the way I’d hoped from a psy­cho­log­i­cal per­spec­tive. He really cre­ated some­thing that I think is going to be quite terrifying.”

TDK Batsuit

Joker revealed on Empire’s Cover November 27th, 2007

The Empire mag­a­zine, with its soon to be Joker world exclu­sive, now has its cover online for the world to see:

A higher res­o­lu­tion, grad­u­ally revealed ver­sion of this pic­ture is on show at He Is Com­ing.

He Is Coming November 26th, 2007

It doesn’t take much to guess who’s socks these are. Empire Online are cur­rently run­ning some hype of their own, grad­u­ally reveal­ing, card by card, a pic­ture of The Joker under the title “He is com­ing… All will be revealed”.

He Is Coming

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