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Bat pod

Bat pod on tour, with images July 6th, 2008

Greg was in Cincin­nati this week­end to see the Bat pod on tour as it does its part in the pre-release pro­mo­tional cam­paign for The Dark Knight. You can find some pic­tures below, even its trailer looks fantastic!

On the other hand, dis­grun­tled fan Travis gives us some words of warn­ing before we head out and see the Pod on tour:

Yes just wanted to let every­one know that it was dis­ap­point­ing. Yes today I got off work at 4pm and picked up my lit­tle brother so we could go them at the Show­case Cin­ema de Lux & IMAX in Spring­dale, Ohio. We got there just a cou­ple min­utes after 5pm and they were gone. The man­agers said that the Tum­bler wasn’t even there and they decided to leave just before 5, even though they were sched­uled to be there till 530. It was such bull­crap!!!! My brother and I (along with a whole lot of other fans) were so dis­ap­pointed. Its nice to know how they (WB) treat their fans. Thanks WB. So just thought I would let every­one out there know you bet­ter get there real early if you want to see them.

New Batpod shots from ShoWest March 12th, 2008

Com­ing­Soon have posted some high res­o­lu­tion pho­tos of The Dark Knight’s Bat­pod, from the ShoW­est Las Vegas convention:

New Dark Knight Image — The Batpod December 11th, 2007

Warner Broth­ers have today released a slew of pro­mo­tional images for a num­ber of their upcom­ing films. Two of these were Dark Knight related, the first is Bat­man atop the Bat-pod. The sec­ond was that shot of the Joker which donned the front cover of the recent Empire mag­a­zine. Now in high res­o­lu­tion with­out the “Empire” text.

High Resolution Batpod Images June 19th, 2007

As expected, what with the release of a high res­o­lu­tion bat­suit pic­ture, we can get some juicy up close pic­tures of the infa­mous bat-cycle mon­ster. Click the images for the full high res­o­lu­tion ver­sions, each is about 1mb in size. Enjoy.

Bat Pod High Resolution Close

Batman riding Bat pod up close

And here’s an ALL NEW image from The Slug:

And we’ve got another good shot from the show via AICN:

The Batpod (or bat-cycle) is here! June 18th, 2007

Bat pod / cycle

This is it, the new con­trap­tion ‘cre­ated’ by Lucius Fox, the vehi­cle rumored to be unveiled this week. It is the Bat­pod, or bat-cycle, whichever you pre­fer. It offi­cially goes on view tomor­row at the 2007 New York Licens­ing show.

It is a mon­ster, and not only is it rid­able, it is fast. The wheels are 508 mm in diam­e­ter and it boasts machine guns, can­nons and a grap­pling hook. There is no han­dle­bar, instead you steer with your shoul­ders that lock into two shields. To ride this you need to lie belly down, on the ‘tank’, which can rise and lower itself in order to fit through the small­est of gaps.

Bat pod 2

There are six of these beau­ties in total and their cost is unknown. They were designed by the man behind the Bat­man Begins Bat­mo­bile, Nathan Crow­ley and built by Chris Cor­bould. It will be rid­den by French stunt­man Jean-Pierre Goy, who has been test­ing the bikes at an undis­closed secret loca­tion in Eng­land over the past month.

I think we all can’t wait to see this thing in action!