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Bat pod on tour, with images July 6th, 2008

Greg was in Cincin­nati this week­end to see the Bat pod on tour as it does its part in the pre-release pro­mo­tional cam­paign for The Dark Knight. You can find some pic­tures below, even its trailer looks fantastic!

On the other hand, dis­grun­tled fan Travis gives us some words of warn­ing before we head out and see the Pod on tour:

Yes just wanted to let every­one know that it was dis­ap­point­ing. Yes today I got off work at 4pm and picked up my lit­tle brother so we could go them at the Show­case Cin­ema de Lux & IMAX in Spring­dale, Ohio. We got there just a cou­ple min­utes after 5pm and they were gone. The man­agers said that the Tum­bler wasn’t even there and they decided to leave just before 5, even though they were sched­uled to be there till 530. It was such bull­crap!!!! My brother and I (along with a whole lot of other fans) were so dis­ap­pointed. Its nice to know how they (WB) treat their fans. Thanks WB. So just thought I would let every­one out there know you bet­ter get there real early if you want to see them.

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HoffaMan July 6th, 2008

Another thing to con­sider with this tour: the Tum­bler might not be there. One of the tour reps at Kings Island (Cincin­nati) said the Tum­bler won’t go to all loca­tions. In my case, I was told the Tum­bler would only show in Cleve­land (some­thing about the logis­tics of cer­tain loca­tions). So you might want to call ahead and see if both vehi­cles are there before you head out.

And, not that I’m bit­ter, but Cincy got hosed on the Dentmobile’s lat­est trip too. The weather was bad and the traf­fic was ter­ri­ble, but I’m wait­ing for Cincy to get some­thing really good from this amaz­ing cam­paign. Maybe one last Why So Seri­ous event?

Sean July 6th, 2008

Who do you call?

Y.A.N July 6th, 2008

We in Min­neapo­lis got screwed by the Dent­mo­bile as well >:(

AppleGeeks 3.0 July 16th, 2008

[…] 1. Heath Ledger IS the Joker. He totally nailed it! 2. The make-up for Two-Face was PERFECT. 3. I WANT A F*CKIN BAT POD! […]

Malan March 10th, 2010

Well­done! Thank you very much. Keep it up.