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Pasquale’s Bistro June 24th, 2008

Bryan has sent in a new viral web­site, the bistro of the fella that was inter­viewed in Gotham Tonight #2:

Pasquale’s Bistro

Updates on GCN June 20th, 2008

The Com­cast Gotham Cable News net­work has updated with a sec­tion ded­i­cated to Bat­man Sight­ings — con­tent sub­mit­ted by cit­i­zens of Gotham [fans] where they have wit­nessed or seen signs of the caped cru­sader, how­ever dubious.

There is also a pre­view of the next Gotham Tonight episode, show­ing a snip­pet of Aaron Eck­hart as Har­vey Dent, talk­ing about Bruce Wayne.

Why So Serious — Laugh Til It Hurts June 19th, 2008

Looks like the Joker is up to his mis­chief again. Bruce, a proud owner of a Joker phone, has just got a text from humanresources@​whysoserious.​com, reading:

Wel­come to Short-Attention-Span-Theater: Lash Guilt Thru Unit (-un)”

Which works out as “Laugh Til It Hurts” and takes us to the new flash game:


New Acme Secu­rity Sys­tems page found:


And a flash of The Joker towards the end of the video…

Thanks Bruce!

Citizens for Batman — Nycticeius Underground June 16th, 2008

The code has been cracked and the forums found — the Nyc­ti­ceius Under­ground!

The words were:


Login with user­name: nyc­ti­ceious, pass­word: mer­ritt

Why We Fight:

I’ve been patrolling my neigh­bor­hood for sev­eral weeks now. I’ve seen crime hap­pen in front of me. It’s obvi­ous City Hall doesn’t care, so why should we? I think that’s an impor­tant ques­tion to answer before we set out to DO SOMETHING about crime in Gotham. The answer might be dif­fer­ent for each of us. For me, I want to fight because I lost my sis­ter to vio­lent crime. She was attacked and bru­tally assaulted when she was leav­ing a group of friends at a restau­rant early one Sun­day night. Some­one was wait­ing for her by her car. She screamed and yelled “fire,” but no one came to help. Unlike many vic­tims, she went to the police, but they didn’t do any­thing. They gave her the runaround for months until she found her own peace. I fight for my sis­ter. I fight so bad things don’t hap­pen again to any­one. I fight because the police won’t. I fight to take back the city I used to be proud to call home.

Free Pizza at Gotham City Pizzeria! June 16th, 2008

UPDATE: Puz­zle solved, forum found

Gotham City Pizze­ria has updated for its 16th June spe­cial pro­mo­tion. There is now a map of the US with loca­tions marked out in green and red — green means that there are free piz­zas to be grabbed, red means they’ve all been taken. The “order your free pizza” link takes you to a domi­nos page with a store loca­tor. 245 piz­zas avail­able in total!

Chat here as the game unfolds

The Site

Gotham City Pizzeria - Free Pizza

The Pizza boxes

The Pack­ages

Pic­tures thanks to CerealKiller:

The Letter involving Citizens for Batman

The author­i­ties are after us, so we had to be a lit­tle secre­tive about our hide-out. Here is a lit­tle some­thing to point you in the right direction:


You need to share this infor­ma­tion with other con­cerned Gotham cit­i­zens like your­self. I’m sure you can fig­ure out how.

When you put the pieces together, join us — and help us fight back against the ene­mies of Gotham City.

Never give up,


Pic­ture thanks to Pennyworth

This pack­age comes with a dif­fer­ent let­ter and a username.

Words so far

/euderma — This is a species of bat


User­names so far

nyc­ti­ceius — species of bat

Pass­words so far


This URL leads to a blank page: http://​www​.cit​i​zens​for​bat​man​.org/​m​i​d​n​i​g​ht/. Maybe it will have con­tent at midnight?

With guess work I have built up the sec­ond part of the URL by going through var­i­ous species of bat, I hit lucky with Nyc­talus. Then, alter­nat­ing species and nor­mal words I have got this far:


GCN Updated — Batman Sightings, Gotham Tonight show June 16th, 2008

Gotham Cable News has updated, there is now a link to the Gotham City Pizze­ria (remem­ber today’s pro­mo­tion!), a sub­mit your sight­ings of Bat­man arti­cle and sub­mis­sion page and most impor­tantly, the high res­o­lu­tion, high qual­ity 8 minute “Gotham Tonight” video which orig­i­nally aired on friday.

Gotham Tonight Screen­shots:

Have You Spot­ted Bat­man in Your Neigh­bor­hood (Sub­mit Pic­tures):

We want your Bat­man pics. We just can’t cover the entire city with GCN pho­tog­ra­phers, so we’re ask­ing for cit­i­zens to sub­mit their pho­tos. Click here for sub­mis­sion page.

When­ever news breaks, GCN is there. We’ve cov­ered all the news you care about — from traf­fic tie-ups to police chases to scan­dal at City Hall.

One news tar­get is prov­ing elu­sive — Bat­man. Every­one is talk­ing about him — the cops, the crim­i­nals, even the kids on the play­ground seem to know all about this myth­i­cal hero.

But the infa­mous cru­sader seems to be quite camera-shy. In fact, GCN news oper­a­tives have not yet snapped one usable shot of this con­tro­ver­sial Gotham figure.

That’s why we need to ask you, the cit­i­zens of Gotham for help. Keep a look­out for the famil­iar dark sil­hou­ette of Bat­man. Remem­ber to carry a cam­era — dig­i­tal, film, cell-phone, or video — on your per­son at all time.

As Gotham City has learned, you can never know when Bat­man will decide to emerge from wher­ever he lurks between interventions.

We’ll post the best ones here on GCN. So get your flash­lights out and start cir­cling the block, because Bat­man is out there — you just have to find him.

Thanks Bruce and Keith!

Joker picture messages sent out, Gotham City Pizzeria June 13th, 2008

The Joker is tex­ting his cohorts, Bruce has sent us in the con­tent of his message:

I just got a text mes­sage on the Joker Phone that has a pic­ture that says “Memo­r­ial”. With the text, Group 2: Share this piece where *any* clown can find it.

Oth­ers have reported sim­i­lar mes­sages with images:

Group 1 images

Matador Mask55Mexican TrainMap

Some have sug­gested that Mex­i­can Train is a type of Domi­noes game.

Group 2 images

Group 3 images

All the first images relate to a type of Domino game.
All the sec­ond images are spelt with the same let­ters, as does the word “Com­mer­cial“
The frac­tions add up to 6/16

This all sug­gests: “Domi­nos Com­mer­i­cal on 16th June” — not sure what impor­tance that holds.

EDIT: GCN has updated — full Gotham Tonight show will be avail­able there on Mon­day, which is the 16th! Looks like that is the date to watch for.

Gotham City Pizze­ria, “pow­ered by Domi­nos pizza”


Harvey Dent wins in a landslide June 13th, 2008

I Believe in Har­vey Dent has updated, to announce that Har­vey Dent is vic­to­ri­ous in his cam­paign to become Gotham City’s dis­trict attor­ney. Was it likely any­one else would win?

Har­vey Dent wishes to thank all of the peo­ple of Gotham who helped turn a grass­roots move­ment into a resound­ing suc­cess on Elec­tion Day.

Har­vey Dent’s land­slide vic­tory means great things for the city of Gotham. Because of your belief in Har­vey Dent, Gotham now has a Dis­trict Attor­ney who will make war on crime and corruption.

The real work, how­ever, is just begin­ning. Har­vey Dent now moves on to City Hall, where every cor­rupt force will try to tie his hands and weaken the people’s will to destroy orga­nized crime and snuff out cor­rup­tion. The move­ment to take back Gotham still needs your help.

We hope you con­tinue your sup­port of Har­vey Dent. More than ever, he’s going to need every cit­i­zen on his side to ensure vic­tory over the destruc­tive forces that are wreak­ing havoc on our city.

Thanks Keith!

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