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EXTREME SPOILERS — Two Face and The Joker July 8th, 2008

I wish I hadn’t seen these. The French site, Lyri​cis​.fr have posted screen caps from The Dark Knight show­ing Two Face and The Joker in scenes that are VERY spoi­lerific. I warn you — look­ing at these images may be too much, they are also very graphic.

I have lis­tened to your warn­ing and want to see this anyway

Is this Two Face? May 6th, 2008

A fairly large and detailed image has begun cir­cu­la­tion around the inter­net, claim­ing to be Two Face, as we shall see him in The Dark Knight. This image has the poten­tial to be spoi­lerific and it is also quite graphic, hence it is included after the break…

EDIT: Image removed — looks like WB are doing the rounds and tak­ing down the images as and when they find them — must be legit­i­mate then!

You can still find it here: AICN | The Blem­ish | Amber Street | Kens­ing­ton Victoria

Analy­sis: The detail on this is astound­ing — enough to sug­gest that it is not a fake. It also looks like some sort of noise pho­to­shop fil­ter has been applied over the top — much like the leaked joker pic­tures we saw last month.

The pic­ture orig­i­nated from Comic Book Resource.

High Resolution Shots & Two Face Image May 4th, 2008

Here are an incred­i­bly fine selec­tion of high-resolution, in-focus images from the most recent Dark Knight trailer. They fea­ture close ups of The Joker, Bat­man, Bruce Wayne, Har­vey Dent and Rachel Dawes and most impor­tantly — that quick glimpse of Two-Face! They are all at the res­o­lu­tion of 1920x817 pix­els — per­fect for a widescreen wall­pa­per. The Two Face image is the very last one (and a smaller ver­sion is included after the break — hid­den to save on spoilers!)

You may also be inter­ested in our first round of images, from the pre­vi­ous trailer.

Two Face in The Dark Knight - first look

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